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Sanjaya Covers Katharine McPhee

3/23/2007 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems like Haley Scarnato isn't the only "American Idol" wannabe borrowing things from Katharine McPhee!
Sanjaya catches McPheever
An artist by the name of Fastu has given Season Six wavy brunette shrieker, Sanjaya Malakar, a case of the McPheever, super-imposing him onto Kat's crotchety Flashdance-inspired album cover -- and the results are absolutely hair-raising!

For once, it's not Sanjaya's singing that will have you laughing out loud.


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leave this poor boy alone!!!! i'm sure if he was a part of your family you'd be appalled at what you're even posting!!! ya fucktards!!!!

2736 days ago


OMG! It looks like the Prince may give up today!

2736 days ago


Just to add validity. The kat stuff and this of course belongs to one of our own illustrious "choppers" ,Uncle Fastu. here at VFTW.

2736 days ago


I think that is just mean and obnoxious to do to him.

2736 days ago

Fed Up with Octo Mom    

Cruel not really that funny. I think the media and public should give this poor kid a break. I think he's great. In fact I voted for him everytime while other people were dissing him. I'm not a preteen either I'm an adult. No lie and I'm not saying this to stir up hate responses from people on here. And if he's gay SO WHAT! If he makes it far enough and lands a record deal and I like some of his songs I would buy his cd. If you don't like that you can bite me. Last time I checked this was America and there is something called Freedom of Speech.

2736 days ago


Oh please, it's freaking funny. He's a GIRL. Cut the damn hair
and act like a guy. He has no talent and should not still be on Idol.

2736 days ago


Contestants who go on American Idol should expect to be ridiculed??? Why??

He's gay AND retarded? Your post says so much about you. Seek help.

Why should he cut his hair? Maybe John Mayer needs to cut his curly locks? Maybe Kid Rock needs to cut his hair (or shampoo it once a month).

So many angry, troubled people on this site. Don't tell me to buzz off. I am fascinated.

2736 days ago

Fed Up with Octo Mom    

Give the guy a break this cruel. Personally I like the kid. I'd buy his cd if he got far enough to get record deal and if the songs were good. I liked Taylor Hicks too but I don't like any of his songs he came out with so I haven't purchased his cd. I'm not a preteen I'm an adult. It's the preteens and teenagers that will be the buying these cds anyway. Not posting this to get a rise from anyone. You don't like it? Bite me! This is America.

2736 days ago


Thats gross!!!

2736 days ago


ROTFLMFAO. Thats about sums it all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2736 days ago


Okay, that is a dude, right?

2736 days ago


This is not funny. Let us not forget this is a 17-year-old kid who has feelings. If you think this is funny, then that is just sad. Maybe you should take time from laughing and look into the mirror at yourself. I do not care for his performance. However, I do give him a lot of credit. He continues to get on that stage every week, doing the best he can do. It is up to America when he goes.

2735 days ago


Sanjaya, is the worst singer EVER on American Idol to make it to Hollywood. I guess that little girl crying on last week's show is about the mentality of people who vote for him. She was so embarrassing to me if I had been her Mother I would have snached her out of the audience. American Idol is going down the tubes if this continues.

2735 days ago


Just because someone has style and knows how to dress does not mean they are gay..


2734 days ago


This is not funny at all... don't understand why everyone is so thrilled to pick on the kid. This is homophobic and nothing more. Shame on TMZ and the people that think making fun him is OK. Remember, it's the same moronic judges that are now criticizing him that thought he was one of the top 12 signers this year and moved him on.

2734 days ago
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