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Legal Woes

For Anna Nicole's Mom

3/24/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's estranged mother Virgie Arthur is in hot water over alleged unpaid legal bills. She's been summoned to the Bahamas once more because her former attorney Jamal Davis claims she hasn't coughed up the money she owes him.

Davis, who says he helped Arthur obtain an order to keep Dannielynn in the Bahamas while paternity is being determined, told Entertainment Tonight, "We represented her to the best of our abilities. We managed to avoid the child being removed from the Bahamas up until the point of time that we stopped representing her and we haven't received payment for our time and devotion spent on this matter."

"We're just exercising our right as any creditor would do to recover our fees. It's unfortunate we have to take this route," he said.

In other Anna news, on Monday the results of her autopsy will be released.

Troubled Tara's Reign Ends

After a tumultuous reign, former boozer beauty queen Tara Conner passed her Miss USA crown on to Miss Tennessee, Rachel Smith, last night. Conner was almost prematurely dethroned in December, after allegations of wild partying and heavy drinking emerged. It was only after a heartfelt plea to pageant boss Donald Trump and a stint in rehab that Conner was allowed to keep her crown.

Now that it's all over, she told People magazine that, "the reign of Tara was miraculous. Literally, because I got sober during it, and that's the most important thing."

The Donald, too, seems satisfied. "We're very happy with Tara, very proud, and hopefully she will have set the example for many people that have problems with drugs and alcohol."

Conner offered her successor some advice. "Be yourself and put your own flavor on the title" -- just as long as that flavor isn't whiskey, vodka or beer.

Winehouse Whines About Lohan

Brit singer and new tabloid princess Amy Winehouse is making frenemies with Lindsay Lohan. Lohan was recently seen purchasing a Winehouse CD, and Winehouse, whose star is rising thanks to a song called "Rehab," recently told Giant magazine that she's worried about Lohan. "I want to coddle that girl. I really want to hug her," she said. She then goes on to poke a little fun at Lohan, adding that "I saw pictures of her coming out of the doctor's [office], and she's crying. She's holding papers in her hand, like, 'Oh, it's a note from my liver saying, "Dear Lindsay, I've gone to Vegas!" Winehouse is no teetotaler herself -- she has quite a rep for putting in booze-fueled performances, and in recent weeks she's canceled several concerts, allegedly for alcohol-related reasons. Maybe Winehouse should stick to singing, and leave the stand-up schtick to the pros.

Party Favors...Eva Offers Support to Jesse...DiCaprio and Winslet to Reunite

Elfin Eva Longoria threw support to her rehabbing "Desperate Housewives" castmate and on-screen boy toy Jesse Metcalfe. Longoria called Metcalfe, who is battling alcoholism, "the most put-together young actor you'll ever meet," adding that "he wants to be responsible and do the right thing. That's a brave thing and I support him 100 percent." ... Titanic stars Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will reunite on the big screen in a film adaptation of the Richard Yates novel "Revolutionary Road." Winslet's hubby Sam Mendes will direct.


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What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Dear # 69 -

Daniel's burial was not delayed due to Anna not being able to pay..... there was the original autopsy and then a 2nd opinion one.

Also....... I'm not saying anyone in this horrible tragedy is innocent. There are so many people who ultimately contributed to this and I mean by looking the other way or enabling. If you have never had an addict in your family or as a truly don't understand that the drug is #1 over everyone and everything. It's a strong and destructive addiction.

I hope Dannielynn is given the best chance for a peaceful and happy life.

I hope that justice is done if a crime is found to have been committed (by facts not rumor).

I hope the Doctors who prescribed the medication are closely looked at.

I hope this story will serve as a reminder to others as to the power and destructiveness of drugs and alcohol.

Rest in peace Anna & Daniel and God bless you Dannielynn.

2772 days ago


4. The lawyers in the Bahamas charged $45,000 for their simple services of "keeping the baby in the Bahamas"--I think they are criminals!! And why the summons---it just happened in the last month? Chill already.

Posted at 9:57AM on Mar 24th 2007 by Denese

She broke every chair of theirs she sat in. It all adds up.

2772 days ago


No Surprise at all!! Virgie has only been out to get this baby as a final Aha! to her daughter.
As for Patience, Understanding and Compassion from the Lawyer?!!!!
Where was the Patience, Understanding and Compassion for Anna when Virgie and Larry were slamming her with filth out of their mouths on T.V. and in e-mails after she had just lost Daniel?!!
Larry had NONE of those attributes for Anna and just pushed and pushed. They all got what they wanted! Anna out of the way! Well, what goes around, comes around for both of them as well!

2772 days ago

show me the $$    

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my husband was from the south. I thought it was weird when they took a camera to the funeral home to photograph granny laid out in the coffin. Then his nephew died, and here came the camera. Then he died a couple years ago. Yep, here came the camera....I never saw the photos, I didn't want to. I even saw a sepia toned photo once of my husband's grandfather who died back in the 1930's all laid out.

I thought it was creepy, maybe some people just don't see anything wrong with it. I don't want to remember people that way. When my mother died, a friend who had moved here from a southern state asked me if I wanted pictures at the funeral home. I politely told her NO thanks. Maybe it's a southern thing. I just know that people do it. Now doing it right after they die might be a bit much, but I can't help thinking of my own experience when I hear that they may have photographed Daniel.

2772 days ago



Anyone who has followed Anna since even before all this current stuff would see that Howard was not a good influence on Anna. He was on her like glue and knew exactly what she was doing and she was so out of it most of the time that she needed him to get drugs for her. He shouldn't have done it. He was a terrible enabler. You can't be stuck like glue to a stoned person and act like your hands are clean and you had nothing to do with it.

I don't think he killed Anna. I think alot of people killed Anna, including herself. All the people around her who enabled her killed Anna slowly. Those who didn't seek medical care for someone who so obviously could not care for herself helped kill her. It wasn't as if her condition started with the death of her son. It has been bad for many years. All of which we can see Howard standing right beside her supposedly taking care of her. Sure she was moody and could seem in control at times, but she couldn't do all those drugs on her own. She needed someone to prescribe them, to pick them up and to give them to her. She wasn't sneaking down to the pharmacy to pick them up.

As far as Larry trademarking that saying? Good for him!

It would obviously be a perfect title for something and why should someone else use it like it was their own? I could just see that title being used for some lame
TV movie of the week. I wouldn't want that personal saying that meant
something to me being used by someone else.

I'm sure that someone warned him that it might happen and suggested he do this.
That saying was written on his website after Anna died as a tribute,
I wouldn't want anyone else to use it.

At least he hasn't pimped himself out to some entertainment show since Daniel died.

2772 days ago

wrong tmz    



If I had no money I would do whatever I could to give my son a proper burial, I wouldnt just toss him in the ocean like you would prefer.......

2772 days ago

wrong tmz    



If I had no money I would do whatever I could to give my son a proper burial, I wouldnt just toss him in the ocean like you would prefer.......

2772 days ago

Disappointed and Disgusted    

To all of you self righteous hks supporters....

Have you ever had a LOVED one.... addicted to drugs?

Have you ever buried a LOVED one because of drugs?

I HAVE.................

2772 days ago



I didnt say daneils burial was delayed because she couldnt pay....WHAT i said was that its very disturbing and morally wrong that she decided to plan a marraige ceromany with coward when she should of been planning a burial for her son. Its called respect for the mother like daughter!

2772 days ago


79. it's worhless triying to enter a mind of a druged out whore who used people to get a head in life--just look at the mess she left behind--nothing is HER fault--

Posted at 11:39AM on Mar 24th 2007 by sasha

Can I try?

Sasha, tell me about your childhood. When did you first do druges? How many heads did you try to get?

2772 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Dear # 84 -

Thank you for addressing me in such a polite fashion, as it's appreciated.

I agree that Anna surrounded herself with enablers. I also think the public doesn't know the whole story, as there was much more private time behind close doors. Anna's entire existence wasn't being high. She was described by friends as being funny, giving, caring and generous. She was also looking for love. Howard was her best friend and after being hurt by many who let her down, her inner circle said she trusted only a few people.

So many people are coming out saying Howard is a killer based on rumor and tabloid gossip. How sad if he is at home mourning the death of his best friend and his soon to be wife with so many saying he's a killer. I can only image how very fragile he is right now, as anyone would be under the circumstances, grieving, fear and stress. He is a human being and stayed with Anna even when she didn't treat him well in public at times. He didn't desert her. If he's guilty, then he will have to live with that & it will come out in time. For now........there is so much rumor and 1/2 truths. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until the 'facts' are in.

2772 days ago

wrong tmz    


Yes, I have. Within the last year. I know that there is NOTHING you can do to stop someone! I know I tried but there was NOTHING I could do! I know that people could blame me or anyone in my family, but it wouldnt change anything. I know that I LOVED that person with everything I had to give, and it didnt work! They are gone and I sat in the hospital while they died and there was NOTHING I could do! It was HORRIBLE! I couldnt imagine what I would have done if someone blamed be for it! Probably died! Something that Anna wanted to do when her son died and her money blamed her on TV for it! Something Howard probably wants to do now because of the MORONS blaming him for her death!

2772 days ago

show me the $$    

I wonder how much ET paid them for exclusive rights to show Howard's home movie of Anna's C-section. That was only 3 days before Daniel died. I couldn't believe that was on Entertainment Tonight. I don't care how broke I was, I wouldn't have gone along with that one. I hope we don't see her on the toilet, I bet he's got movies of that too, and it's about the only thing we haven't seen yet.

2772 days ago


I heard reported that the reason Daniel's burial was delayed was due to ANS waiting for her permanent residency status in the Bahamas. One is not able to bury someone there unless you have residency.

2772 days ago

wrong tmz    

Mother not Money haha I automatically write "money" when I think of Virgie.... since that is all she is after......

2772 days ago
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