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E-Gads!! -- Judge Seidlin's E-Mails Under Scrutiny

3/25/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Larry Seidlin, who decided where Anna Nicole's body would be buried, is now having his own body of evidence reviewed.

TMZ has learned Chief Judge Dale Ross of the Broward Courts has received a public records request for all e-mails sent to and from Judge Seidlin's office computer during the Anna Nicole Smith hearing.

Although we're not sure, typically these requests come from media organizations. Florida has a "sunshine law" that favors the disclosure of public information. One reason the computer might prove interesting is if the colorful judge was communicating with the media to strike an on-air deal after the hearing was complete, though we do not know that to be the case.

As far as we know, the Chief Judge has not ruled on the request.


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Why is everyone getting all bent out of shape.... AGAIN???

It doesn't say he DID do it, or did ANYTHING!! If you READ the article TMZ wrote (ahem), what it SAYS is that through a PUBLIC FORUM, perhaps news media, "someone" is requesting any records through the Freedom of Information Act, probably in hopes of trying to FIND a story, a selacious story.

Conspiracy theorists.... Please..... relax. WAIT until there is actually something to start ragging about!!!!!

2776 days ago

Free speech    

Yes, harley girl:

Seidlin made new precedent, when the law was pretty clear. I agree, that the system works when those appointed are honorable, but the law should assume otherwise (because we just can't be sure of future motivations), and should not be putting these private decisions in the hands of Court appointed-non relatives. In particular, when there IS a relative available (either Vergie, or the natural father of DannyLynn) It's not like the judge had to create a Next of Kin, which is essentially what he did. Yes, everyone should be nervous about a decision like this.

In my opinion, the one way Milstein COULD have handled this properly, instead of taking the limelight (and later, the Trustee fee...hmmmmm) would have been to demanded a paternity test--which Seidlin alluded to a million times in the trial (but no takers on the Stern side) to ascertain definitively, the father of the child. But he didn't. IMO, Milstein proved an opportunist, when he could have easily determined the REAL Guardian for DannyLynn. Why didn't he? Could it be that it would have diminished his role? His volunteering to admister the $4 million Trust makes me question his motivation for doing so.

Here's a bit of a conflict: Seidlin has the AUTHORITY to appoint a Guardian, but the same court, down the hall, can't domesticate (enforce) a California paternity order? because they say they don't have the authority to do so?

This story could NOT get any crazier, but I betcha it will.

2776 days ago


#62 Monika......Her psychiatrist was busy writing perscriptions for ANS drug habits. Not the kind of Doctor I would want. And you are right about the Judge exposing lots of dirty laundry that can be used. You got to give him that.

2776 days ago

Free speech    

This story makes the emails relevant.

February 26, 2007
CBS News Reaches Out To The Anna Nicole Judge
Posted by Brian Montopoli

(AP Photo/Lou Touman, Pool)The South Florida Sun-Sentinel obtained a letter from "Saturday Early Show" senior producer Michael Rosen to Broward Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin, who presided over the Anna Nicole Smith case. In the letter, Rosen expresses interest in having Seidlin join the "Saturday Early Show."

"I have been extremely impressed by your compassion in the Anna Nicole case and I would love to discuss with you the idea of being our judge on a new segment, `Morning Justice,'" wrote Rosen. "It would be a semi-regular segment in which you would resolve the ethical and legal questions of our viewers who send in the issues troubling them."

Seidlin has reportedly been pushing for his own TV show – according to, he has even made a demo tape of his cases. His wife told ABC News that people regularly say he should have a show.

CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen has regularly derided Seidlin's work on the bench. "His performance over the past week was so bad, so unseemly, and so inappropriate that the Florida bar ought to immediately launch an investigation into whether he is truly fit to determine the rights and liberties of others," wrote Cohen in a blog post.

He added: "This fool has just had his five minutes of fame. He has had the opportunity to engage in stream-of-consciousness judgeship-- either that or a carefully orchestrated nervous breakdown-- with the whole world watching. Now I hope he gets what's coming to him."

It's safe to say that a job with CBS News is not what Cohen had in mind.

I contacted CBS News Vice President of Morning Broadcasts Steve Friedman, who oversees the "Early Show," to comment on the show's interest in Seidlin. "We make no comments on job offers we may or may not have made," he told me. Seidlin's theatrical style, which has included weeping in court, has certainly made for compelling television – perhaps even more compelling than Jerry Springer. Seidlin has denied that he let the case become a circus, but Cohen is far from the only observer to have derided the judge's performance.

"This may be the most ridiculous legal proceeding I have ever watched," said CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. "This judge is one of the least competent judges I have ever seen. He is letting this thing meander all over creation, mostly because he seems to enjoy being on television."

I am not a legal expert, and am not qualified to judge Seidlin's competence. But I find it troubling that the "Saturday Early Show" would reach out to a judge whose performance has been so roundly criticized by legal observers. There is something terribly unjust, when it comes right down to it, about rewarding the most blustery of justices instead of the most qualified. I have no doubt that Seidlin would make for good television if he gets the "Saturday Early Show" gig. But there's got to be more to the equation than that.

2776 days ago



2776 days ago


good grief.

Everyone has to stir the pot.
I believe Seidlin's tears were real and genuine and even though he's kooky, he did a good job.
Personally I'm sick of Anna Nicole... and if I had the opportunity to capitalize on her death, I would jump in with both feet. This ordeal is just getting ridiculous though... media has to go digging now just to keep the hype alive and peoples interest piqued for their own ratings aka money. Quite disgusting now

2776 days ago


I think all this is going to come down about the same time. Stern giving up the baby, because he has to, getting evicted, and going to jail all about the same time. I hope in that order. The police are just getting all their eggs in one basket, to make sure this all happens in the right sequence. Everyone bad mouthing Virgie, and she can't even pay her lawyer. You'd think Stern could loan her a little of the 3 Million he made off of "HER" daughter's dead body, or off of "HER" grandson's dead body. Give Virgie a break, at least she's what is keeping them on Stern's backside and hopefully put him away, where he belongs.

2776 days ago


When a guardian ad litum is appointed by the court, that guardian ad litum is responsible for doing an investigation, on his own, to determine what is in the best interest of the person he has been appointed to protect. This attorney did not do that. He did not investigate the conditions of the home, or who the true parent is, or wether that child would most likely be staying in the Bahamas to grow up, or if anyone was involved with this child's mother's death. All of this information was necessary to determine if the child would even be able to visit her mother's grave whenever she wanted to.

Even when the judge decided he would not address the paternity issue so Stern would appear in court, the guardian ad litum should have petitioned the court to do so, so that the best interest of the child could be deternined. He is then to report back to the court so that the court can make the decisions that is in front of it. He did ask some good questions about the money trail, but he did not do what he was supposed to do. That was to protect the childs best interest while the court makes the decision.

He should not have allowed the judge to put the decision on him as to where the burial should take place, unless he was willing to do the investigation prior to making the decision himself. At the time that he agreed to make that decision, he was responsible to do the investigation, since he had not done it prior to the end of the hearing. It was NOT his responsibility to make sure Anna's wishes were followed, or that her funeral took place quickly so that it could be an open casket. It WAS his responsibility to make sure he was making the correct decision based on how it would affect the child.

2776 days ago

A Simple Plan    

The court case was appalling and disgraceful in my
humble opinion. Seidlin made a mockery of the trial with his
unproffessional behavour and constant interupting furthermore he was
biased towards the Stern camp and Milstien it was so obvious it was arrogantly & , confidently biased against Annas kin/family.

Annas family did not have a chance with this Judge Seidlin and Milstein.

I thought some of his questions were intrusive in relation to Annas
mother and absolutely not relevent to the funeral arrangements. It
was all just a show a sad pathetic circus and Seildin was the
ringmaster ........

I thought it was ludicrous that the coroner Perper
should telephone a court on public TV telling the family of Anna that
her body was decomposing in the morge etc etc therefore putting
pressure to get her buried as quicky as possible. Incredible

Perhaps in hindsight a second private autopsy would of been a assett to the family of Anna N Smith.

The transcipt of the court case should be given over to a higher authority than Seildlin to see if laws were broken etc etc in the hearing

Furthermore anyone who had a case before Judge Korda should also get another opinion

I thought his demeanor and behavour absolutely atrocious and very very very unprofessional.

This man is in power to Judge incredible

2776 days ago


Well, well, well. I see all the couch detectives are up and speculating in full force AGAIN. Sucks not to have a life. It's been a long winter, huh? Holed up in your one room shacks.

2776 days ago


What happened to privacy?

2776 days ago

the voice of experience    

I wish everyone would just leave the poor judge alone. I think he did the best he could to look out for the interest of Dannielynne.

2776 days ago


Most people think that Anna was dead that Wednesday night. It is funny that her best friend and a Doctor at that left that day. She was with her for 6 Months. It is odd that she died on are about the same time as the Doctor leaving. If she died that night everyone could cover their ass. A Doctor would also have a person go to the Hospital with that high of a Temperture. No to mention she should of known what the bump on her ass was. To many questions.Not no good answers.

2776 days ago

Just me??    


2776 days ago


The reason people say things that are negitive is because we are dealing with a bunch of bad boys. Everythime there is money involved there is evil. All these punks are bad except Larry. I hope nobody get any of the Marshall money. Anna was dating other guys when her husband was dying. It is in the diary. What a bunch of loser. Get the baby away from Howard.

2776 days ago
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