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It's Dr. Perper Time

3/25/2007 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithDr. Joshua Perper will reveal the cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death on Monday. With reports swirling that an infection contributed to her death, TMZ has learned about a photograph of an earlier infection that could explain a lot.

The photo that is making the rounds shows Anna, eight months pregnant, with an infection on her leg. Sources tell TMZ that it was caused by an injection.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine are reporting that Anna had a "raging blood infection" which was caused by an unsterilized needle, and that it "contributed to her death." The magazines say, however, that the direct cause of death was an overdose of sleeping medication.

TMZ first reported that during his investigation, Dr. Perper asked people who knew Anna about self-injections of Demerol and whether she sterilized the skin area first with alcohol.

Dr. Perper will announce his finding at 10:30 AM ET. TMZ will cover it as it happens.


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What photo of a "leg infection"???

Oh my god...... I suddenly got a sickening feeling. I wonder, if she had "infected sites on her body, could it really have been Kaposi's Sarcoma?? And when she supposedly suffered from pneumonia, was it really pneumocystis pneumonia!! Holy Crap!!!!

2736 days ago


#11 I agree with you------------------------for a so called doctor -------------nurse and Emt

and a dirty needle was used ------------something is VERY VERY WRONG11111111111111111111!

2736 days ago


So many people failed this addicted woman on so many levels. There is no reason at all she should be dead. For that matter Daniel shouldn't be dead either. There's not even a 60 year old person if you add the two ages together.

Even when Anna was in the hospital trying to "detox". According to LB during the "who gets the body" fiasco trial, HKS brought a duffle bag into the hospital room with medications in it. He (Larry) should have reported this to the hospital staff if he saw HKS giving this to Anna since that would interfere with what the hospital people were doing. Also, there could have been interactions with what she was receiving intravenously while she was hospitalized. My guess is that he didn't do it because he feared that this would end the relationship between him and Anna. He was probably correct about that but it still didn't make it right not to report this. As for HKS, what kind of loving person gives dope to a person who is trying to detox? Even if they ask for it?

2736 days ago


#16 I agree NOBODY who said they cared about her helped her. It is the fault of ALL OF THEM.
I just hope they do investigate all of it! Doctors (pushers) to friends (blood suckers)

2736 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

I can guess it's an overdose that will be ruled accidental. She was still grieving for Daniel.

2736 days ago

to little    

Accidental drug overdose is not a valid cause of death.. It would be suicide if thats the case.. Taking enough methadone to kill 8 people isnt accidental,,, So it will be a overdose and it will be murder or undetermined... Leaving the door open for criminal charges....

2736 days ago


utter neglect!!

2736 days ago

Give me a break!    

Me too Ashley............too much speculation and rumors, not enough evidence....but everyone has to make up sick stories and blame the one person that is the easiest target, we all know who that is.

Nobody is blaming Anna Nicole for being a user before she ever met Howard... He is taking the fall for many, many things and I hope these same individuals aren't ever on my jury..........if I ever needed one!

2736 days ago


KARMA 's coming to get you COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2736 days ago


Over-dose, infection, murder. That motley crew she surrounded herself are to blame.
ANS lay in a hotel room from Monday until Thursday, they had something to hide.
Poor ANS never stood a chance in her moment of need. I hope Big Moe, his wife
Dr. Kris and HKS rot in hell.

2736 days ago


WHY put this picture of her ! Stop already!

2736 days ago


Same reason ,same person present at death of two young people. Give me a break.It was all planned out.

2736 days ago



The "Manner of Death", I suspect, will be "Accidental".

The "Cause of Death", I suspect, will be" prescription drug overdose".

2736 days ago


Most definately an overdose possibly caused by HKS we all know Anna was a walking drug store and should have been in a solid long term rehab programe, but of course that wouldn't have suited howies plans now would it. WTF is wrong with all these so called friends and hangers on enabling her, if I had have been one of them I would have dragged her into rehab kicking and screaming if I had too. pathetic loser the lot of them, I really hope Larry gets Dannielynn soon when are the DNA results comming back?

2736 days ago


Afterall, SOMEONE had to inject her. She was in NO CONDITION to give herself the injection.
I believe the OFFICIAL- DOUBLE- MURDER investigation will be announced shortly after Perper's announcement.

2736 days ago
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