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It's Dr. Perper Time

3/25/2007 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithDr. Joshua Perper will reveal the cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death on Monday. With reports swirling that an infection contributed to her death, TMZ has learned about a photograph of an earlier infection that could explain a lot.

The photo that is making the rounds shows Anna, eight months pregnant, with an infection on her leg. Sources tell TMZ that it was caused by an injection.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine are reporting that Anna had a "raging blood infection" which was caused by an unsterilized needle, and that it "contributed to her death." The magazines say, however, that the direct cause of death was an overdose of sleeping medication.

TMZ first reported that during his investigation, Dr. Perper asked people who knew Anna about self-injections of Demerol and whether she sterilized the skin area first with alcohol.

Dr. Perper will announce his finding at 10:30 AM ET. TMZ will cover it as it happens.


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I suspect it will be died from injection and accidental overdsose, Yet most people believe it was murder and if that is true they will never be able to prove it because she was an addict.

2718 days ago

Give me a break!    

Dirty O Quinn, hired that PI that just happen to come out of the woodwork too............hmmm, isn't it pretty peculiar that he was no where around months after Daniel passed on, but he is around now AFTER Anna Nicole is dead?

Makes no sense. He doesn't offer anything new either, just repeats EVERYTHING that has been on TV and nothing new. Changes his story and can cover his ass by saying he was never really hired by Daniel..........this is in case people ask for the files, etc. THERE ARE is a crock. Has Virgie's attorney written all over it!!!!!!!!!!

2718 days ago


I guess you can go so far as to say everybody that had anything to do with her realty show is to blame for her death too.Huh???? As well as her "new found" fans,that watched the show.
He ass was publically HIGH...where was the public's outcry then?
ANS killed ANS ....she was a druggie...
I'm sure she was depressed over her son's death, (even though she filmed a "mock" wedding). Her ass was dong drugs long before her son's death,and if she was soooo distraght over Daniel....WHY was she filmed jumping off a boat with HKS, days after his death?
Some of these people with their "poor Anna's" are just plain gullible and simple minded. That bytch was a junkie, that met the fate of most junkie's.

2718 days ago


Damn it , I hate the enquirer and it's sister Star magazine. I wouldn't waste a dime on either one.

2718 days ago


KE and HKS should definitely be charged with manslaughter...or a corners inquest held and all the evidence presented...they should have used their senses or God forbid their medical training and taken her to the hospital. If they are charged with nothing they have their conscience to live with. This woman would still be alive...someone injected her, someone had to have seen the nasty infection on her hinny, someone ordered the drugs, someone picked them HKS and KE were her doctor in the room and helped facilitate an overdose. Yes, she was an adult but so was John Belushi and Catherine Smith went to jail for giving him a highball. These folks are slimeballs to the highest extent. The whole mess is so tragic and this child needs to be rescued. Virgie, Larry or the Prince are certainly better then HKS who photos dead folks to make money or the clown video. Yes, HKS you have some answering to do!!!!!

2718 days ago


this is so sick hope they test everyone she had contact with sounds very contagious she was a very sick person didn't even know it or did she, and the lover, that stupid asshole would make her suffer like that, what kind of moron is he and her so called loving friends she was wrong to live a drugged life knowing she was pregnant . but she didn't deserve that treatment from her friends if they loved her so much . she trusted those bastards with her life all of them. i don't think anna wanted to kill her self she had a lot of help with thatshe lost her son but still had a daughter to raise doesn't make sense .

2718 days ago

common sense    

who has been administering drugs to ans for years? according to the larry king interview, howard admitted to not knowing anything about how drugs work, then why are administering them?

2718 days ago



Really. Perper and Stern are related? Now where did you learn this?
I don't recall ever reading anything about that ???????

Please, Karma....... share. Could ya??


2718 days ago

Give me a break!    

Easy for us all to say WHAT he should have done, or what WE would do, but unless we are in that situation, we can't say what we would do.

2718 days ago


the private eyes card was found by the police either in his wallet or how would virgies lawyer get it put in daniels belongings 3 months ago..the police came to california to interview him

2718 days ago


Maybe this has nothing to do with the picture shown but as far as Anna Nicole and everyone blaming Howard K Stern for everything in her life. Who really knows what happened. She obviously chose to be with him. I do not think she was the type to be led around if anything I think she led him around. He did everything for her. Also why was Larry Birkhead even a part of the trial for releasing her body and planning the funeral. I am sure I do not want all my old boyfriends deciding what to do with me. She is not here to defend herself or Howard. I may be really wrong , but I think he really loved her, and I heard she was going to marry Howard, why would he want her dead. If its money like everyone thinks she was worth more alive to him than dead, and he wouldnt have all these problems. I wont condemn the man til proven that he was sooooo bad.

2718 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

Anna loved her drugs. She wouldn't let anyone take them away for her.

She overdosed and so did her son. A accident in both cases, because they were junkies.

2718 days ago

Attention Ho    

maxine Re: post # 56
if u don't care why are u here? There's a little red x in the top right corner...use it!

2718 days ago


I know in my heart she was very depressed over son. He was her whole life. however hkstern had to do it who else would want the 1/2 billion heiress out of the way now that he's the next in line????????

2718 days ago


LMAO Valerie......that's a way to shut down a dumbass trap.

2718 days ago
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