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It's Dr. Perper Time

3/25/2007 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithDr. Joshua Perper will reveal the cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death on Monday. With reports swirling that an infection contributed to her death, TMZ has learned about a photograph of an earlier infection that could explain a lot.

The photo that is making the rounds shows Anna, eight months pregnant, with an infection on her leg. Sources tell TMZ that it was caused by an injection.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine are reporting that Anna had a "raging blood infection" which was caused by an unsterilized needle, and that it "contributed to her death." The magazines say, however, that the direct cause of death was an overdose of sleeping medication.

TMZ first reported that during his investigation, Dr. Perper asked people who knew Anna about self-injections of Demerol and whether she sterilized the skin area first with alcohol.

Dr. Perper will announce his finding at 10:30 AM ET. TMZ will cover it as it happens.


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Suzzanne Jones    

Infection with NO overdose.

2768 days ago

where is the justice    

Wasn't it Howard that stated that he should be called first before calling 911? He should take full blame for not seeing that she got to the hospital !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to know who gave her the shot (with the unsterile needle) that produced the infection. That person is guilty also.!!!!!!!! Actually they should arrest them all because they all let Anna down.
At Anna's funeral Howard stated that Anna and Howard both new the TRUTH and maybe tomorrow we all will. I think Howard looks and hopefully feels a little guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2768 days ago


Valerie -

lol Relax! It was a "thinking out loud" thought. It's what this particular blog is all about. The question was posed - What do we think was the cause of death?

However, again, one loses all credibility when one resorts to attacks and cussing.


2768 days ago

Pam The REAL Pam    

If the Photo and Video hadn't been taken out by Ford Shelly you can bet your house that Howard would have sold it and everything else to ET.

2768 days ago


#54 you better be careful of how you speak of the dead and
hope and pray that never happens to one of your loved ones.
Iraq is important to the lost soldiers and as a country we
all grieve. The only difference is that the soldiers are
aware that there is a possibilty that they will died due
to protecting our country.
There are drug addicted people who come from ever
walk of life and need the assistance of fortunate
people who have not experience the fall of drugs.
Judges, doctors, teachers, and even presidents
have fallen to this addiction. It happens to the best
of us, that does not make it right for one to be judged,
but helped. Evil surrounds us everyday and some people
can survive and some cannot, that is what makes the world
go round. Try responding with mature feedback and I
am sure you will with this comment.

2768 days ago

Tiger Lillie    

Has everyone forgotten that ANS was a gold digging floozy? She obviously used drugs. She obviously slept around. She obviously didn't deserve and failed both of her children. What comes around goes around. I believe the word is KARMA.

2768 days ago


Murder by forced overdose, conveniently ruled accidental overdose to cover HK$'s ass. The ME may be able to determine cause of death being an overdose but he has no right to rule it "accidental" that is not scientific. Ruling it accidental will call into play a conflict of interest with the ME, HK$ and Dr. Death.

2768 days ago


ANS death certificate will read Primary cause Sepsis, Secondary Polypharmacy. She had a drug habit even before she met HKS, her diaries that were just sold say she used drugs back in the early 1990's. Anna was a Doctor shopper just like most addicts are. HKS may have been an enabler as many people who love addicts are. If anyone should have charges against them it is the Drug Dealers with the medical License. They know better. To me the so called Doctors that prescribed her all the drugs, are worse than the street level dealer, because they are educated to know better. There are many Drug Dealing Doctors out there and they should be held accountable. Not just get a slap on the wrist, but put in prison with all the street level dealers .

2768 days ago


I agree with no. 22 overdose but Daniel was murdered

2768 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Well if Anna was shooting something in her legs (I am assuming that would be through the back of the leg behind the knee where there is a nice big juicy artery) someone was probably helping her with the injection. Hey Coward, any idea who that would be?

2768 days ago


Perper asked "people" if Anna sterilized needles before giving herself injections of Demerol? How the hell can he trust what "people" say? Surely he's not a fool.

2768 days ago

Larry baby you go!    




2768 days ago

Give me a break!    

Percygirl ...............Very good post and right on target! Howard would have been a millionaire if she were alive too..................if and when the Marshall case ever gets settled, he was rightfully entitled to 6 matter what! He is entitled to that for working for 11 years exclusively for her, as she asked ALL of her employees to do and that was their contigency years ago!!!!

these people were worth way more to him alive than dead, why nobody can see that is beyond me!

2768 days ago


Injections in the butt are given by someone else. The fatal dose was either administerd by HKS or Dr. E.

2768 days ago


You lost credibility when you accuse the dead of having HIV when there's not a single bit a evidence supporting that. You're just a chatty Cathy with not enough brain power to know wtf you're doing or saying. Stick with the facts if you're gonna post.......gawd!

2768 days ago
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