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Britney Rushes to Hospital

3/25/2007 11:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Britney Spears was admitted to Century City Hospital just a few hours ago, for some emergency work on one of her teeth.

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ that Spears checked in because she was experiencing significant pain in one of her molars. She was seen leaving the hospital less than one hour later.

In a statement to That Other Blog, Spears' rep Larry Rudolph said that stories on other Internet sites claiming that Spears is in a tailspin are WRONG -- "They're all wrong, she just went to the dentist. She had a toothache, I have no more details."


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Cindy K    

ERNurse you must work in a very small emergency room if in 12 years you have never seen one single patient with insurance visit your emergency room with tooth pain. I also happen to work at a hospital and we see patients in our ER with toothpain ... sometimes depending on the time/day their dentist sent them in or they don't have a primary care dentist ,etc. I myself was seen in the ER on a weekend because of severe tooth pain and couldn't get a hold of my dentist so I went to the ER and guess what ... I have insurance and I'm not a drug seeker. But I guess if you live in a town of population 15 perhaps all you have seen is people w/o insurance and drug seekers. Plus depending on how busy they are in the ER they aren't going to allow a celebrity like her just sit in the waiting (I'm not saying that it's fair) but some one you know working in an ER they aren't just going to have her sit there anymore then they would make an inmate need ER services sit in the waiting room.

2738 days ago


This is breaking news???????? What a frigging joke........

2738 days ago

Paps are Pigs    

No wonder there is a crises in our emergency medical care system. All these people running to the ER for toothpain. Plueez. What ever happened to calling your dentist? They call in rx for pain to the pharmacy until patients can be seen in the office. What about Motrin? Dentist always mentions strong dose of ibuprofen as one of the best meds for tooth ache. Britney, with her resources and her previous dental work, could definitely contact her dentist and have this handled outside of a hospital setting. He'd probably agree to see her after hours if this was a true dental emergency.

2738 days ago


Good luck, Brit. I'm rooting for you! ;-)

2738 days ago


Sounds to me like someone has a painkiller problem....

2738 days ago


Cindy K, what kind of dentist isn't available to his patients on weekends? My goodness, you can't walk outside without falling over a computer or cell phone. I KNOW the stories that drug seekers tell, they are all the same, and they do tend to learn them from each other in rehab. I find it hard to believe someone with the clout of Ms. Spears doesn't have a private dentist on call for her. Not to mention having Mama Spears breathing fire over her shoulders. I am not saying we didn't take orders from dentists/orthodontists etc for their patients, but I have yet to see anything emergent walk through the doors of our ER. "Emergency" means life threatening, dear, not "I want my way, and I want it now." And cosmetic denistry does not imply emergency. Unless she had a tooth protruding from her gums into her brain, I would have a hard time falling for the old emergency line. And by the way, we are a Level I regional trauma/burn center for a city with the population of half a million; not the podunk band-aid station you were implying.

Nothing against Britney...I wish her the best, and my heart breaks for her children and her mother. But if the spin doctors really want to come up with a believable excuse, they should hone up their skills and stop thinking that everyone is stupid enough to fall for their transparent stories.

Let me guess: the next emergency trip will be for back pain? kidney stone? I've seen them all.

2738 days ago


28 days in rehab just isn't enough. Doesn't this little girl know that "normal" people either suffer in pain until morning when they call their dentist or if you are BS your dentist will open his office you at any time. In addition to alcohol, drink, drugs, this little girl is addicted to attention. TMZ....back off. We aren't interested in this train wreck any longer!!

2738 days ago


Anybody that actually admits to liking britney spears has severe issues #1, #2 the girl cant even hold her own child w/o the kid almost dropping to the ground, #3 she all about the drugs now, wonder why she had to make a quick trip to the dentist, easy access to narcotics, and #4 the girl cannot sing, dance, be a decent mom and certainly is the farthest thing from a role model. Christina Aguielera, finally a girl that has potential and makes b spears sound like a frickin cat being attacked.

2738 days ago


Why are we all Wasting away moments writing about b spears? Its minutes we will never ever get back, she likes her narcotics, whoo-hoo, breaking news.

2738 days ago


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2726 days ago
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