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Anna's Cause of Death Revealed

3/26/2007 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After performing an autopsy, it became clear that Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental overdose of medication.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner for Broward County, just announced the 39-year-old former Playboy Playmate was taking a number of drugs, including methadone and anti-anxiety drugs, among others.

Anna did not take methadone the day she died, said Perper, but there was evidence she had taken it several days earlier.

Dr. Perper concluded that it was combined drug intoxication, including anxiety and depression medication, Valium, Ativan and antihistamines, that contributed to Smiths' death. She had also taken chloral hydrate, a strong sedative, which was a major component in her death.


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Star and Enquirer were right about COD

No one will be held responsible for the 2 deaths

Howard keeps Dannielynn and makes a fortune off it all

Virgie keeps fighting for th REAL truth

Howard leaves the Bahamas

Daniel and ANS are left behind

Just like HKS planned

HKS then sues all Stern Bashers after filing suits and TMZ MUST hand over all these blog sites and email confirmation ISP addresses
And makes shitloads more money

2777 days ago

daily watcher    

you all are idiots. She was injecting B12 Vitamins people and Human growth hormone which a lot of celebs do to keep skin looking young. She wasnt injecting anything else. Why dont you people listen to what is said in official news confrences. You people just cant let go that you THINK HKS is a killer. Grow up, listen to the official reports and move on. There were 3 other people with her while HKS was gone, HE DID NOT DO IT PEOPLE. ask the other 3 what they were doing. Maybe they were not watching her like they were supposed to. and her friend/physciatrist is the one that prescribed most of the meds. You want to blame someone blame her, she is the enabler. Your sick minds have to put the blame on a man who may not be "good looking" or may not have carisma enough for you. Grow up!

2777 days ago


Howard and Larry should get joint custody. Grama should have supervised visitation till the child is 15. Anna put Howard's name on the Birth Certificate whether he is the Father or not. She wanted it that way. No one killed Anna . She had the Elvis Syndrome. Got to go. From Michele ,near the Johnson Space Center.

2777 days ago


Once the name Cyril Wecht was involved in this it was always going to be Accidental Overdose with no being held accountable
Check your history on these two MEs

Virgie should have held her own autopsy man for a cop she sure wasnt real smart

2777 days ago


Deeply angry in Canada, I am with you!!! I cannot believe this. You people have made up your mind here, and with no just! Anna was an adult, and no matter what ANYONE, including these people on TV every single day trying to accuse an innocent person who is the only person who is not out there trying to make a quick buck and put in their 2 cents, because Anna blew them off. It is a disgrace! The # 2 cause of Accidental death is Accidentel Overdose! And yet, you just want to blame someone. The only guilt Howard has is not forcing her to go to the hospital, and that is his own personal guilt, and regret. I am sure he is suffering more than anyone could imagine, yet, instead of having compassion for him, you are trying to kick him when he is down! I really feel bad for him.

2777 days ago


A few questions..Police report says Taz finds Anna "blue" and unresponsive at 12:30, she calls Moe, she starts cpr immed., he says he then calls 911??? WHY THEN was 911 not called till 1:38???They did CPR on a "blue" person for 70 mins BEFORE calling 911???? I dont buy it.

Perper said she was up and HAPPY in the morning ACCORDING TO STERN, 1. Then why would she take sleep meds in the morning? AND 2. HOWQ could she be "HAPPY" with an abcess on her ass? I know people who had abcesses ...they HAVE to be drained to relieve presurre AND she was on NO pain meds foe this?

Perper said she was happy at Christmas..WE SAW HOW HAPPY SHE WAS!Yet, Stern, on the stand in Florida , said she was DEPRESSED since Danny died and "died when Danny died"????

AND the WACKYEST part of ALL? She doesn't appear to have ANTIDEPPRESSANTS in her Tox. Report!

STERN testified in Florida that Anna had NOT used Meth in the last 5 months...YET Meth was used 2 to 3 days prior to her death

The Nanny Statement that Anna previously attempted Suicide with Liquid Sleep aid and spoke of wanting to die raises questions about her State of mind.Why was someone with THIS state of mind having access to such dangerous meds. AND how when on such meds can one make ANY reasoned decision?

All other drugs MAY have been in "theraputic doses" on their OWN ...BUT to mix it ALL together? There is NOTHING theraputic to THAT! Whoever provided these drug needs to be proscecuted to the fullest extent of the Law. If these were So Called Street Drugs, someone would be paying! Not as Socially Acceptable to go after a "Doctor"

It don't SMELL good!

2777 days ago


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
I simply DO NOT believe this! I did not care for Anna Nicole, but I do not believe she would not have at least left a suicide note. Accident - no way. That woman knew how much of what it took to get 'high' and so on.
Just can't get over it!!!
DRF in La.

2777 days ago

Team Birkhead    

Dr. Perper has a mistake on page 15 of the autopsy, He said daniel died then ans had the baby 3 days later when it was the other way around.. :)

2777 days ago

Beverly Kidwell    

This whole report is so full of holes it looks like swiss cheese. Anyone who buys it it is a fool. So it is OK to bring illegal drugs to someone, it is OK to watch them take them while pregnant, it is OK to take videos of the person when they are high as a kite? I guess when they finish with Daniel, he will have accidently overdosed himself with medicine obtained in the Bahamas. I don't think you can get through all airlines from CA. to the Bahamas with drugs. If you can, I know why this country is in bad shape. Howard's lawyers made me sick, they don't give a damn about him, all they see is he is getting closer to the money and THEY WILL GET PAID. Virgie Arthur is being sued by her Attorneys for I believe $45,000.00 which she doesn't have. God Help that poor baby.

2777 days ago


poster # 83 angie from melrose park i was thinking the same thing i caught that as well..... my dad overdosed on amitriptyline when i was 6 i am now 37 his death certificate said he took the pills at approx 8.00 pm and died approx 9.30 pm and an autopsy was done ... so i was wondering the same as you how do you overdose on meds sleep for hours wake up and then go back to sleep and die ?

2777 days ago


What a Joke todays press conference! First of all we all knew it was drug related one way or another! I want to know where is the proof, real proof that she took it on her own! These so called people loved her! HA love, no they only loved her money! Isent it nice how Howard the devil in a tie is around her 24/7 until she dies? Are these police stupid or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2777 days ago

Beverly Kidwell    

I think it is time for Dr. Perper to retire.I am sure he has enough money.

2777 days ago

Angie from Melrose Park    

Listen to Dr. Perper's report again, Anna last took her meds Wednesday night after dinner there was no mention of her taking any meds on Thursday the day of her death.

How can it take over 12 hours for the Chloral Hydrate to kill her???????????????

If she took tooooooooo much Chloral hydrate Wednesday night rather than her usual dosage of 2 tablespoons how could it have taken soooooooo long for it to act especially if it is absorbed in her body within 4 minutes, why didn't she die during the night on Wednesday ???????????

I feel there are still tooooooooooo many unanswered questions even though they have closed the case.

Any thoughts from others out there???? Possible cover-up????/

2777 days ago


It' s no easy feat to be right -handed and self-administer a hypodermic into the left posterior cheek. Just go through the motion and see, unless you go behind the back and do it. Maybe Anna was ambidextrous and managed it with the left hand. I would have called the nurse to do it- she was paid enough. . Why did the nurse not notice the absess-or better still, why was the nurse not administering Anna's meds, especially after the fever she had been running the night before? And why use chloral hydrate- a very old-fashioned sleeping preparation when much newer and less dangerous things are available? Did she want to emulate Monroe's demise? Ot may have been accidental, but those around her as good as killed her by not taking better care of Anna when she was so obviously unable to care care of herself. Death by neglect. In her state on that Thursday morning- someone ought to have stayed with her. The yacht might have waited until Friday!

2777 days ago


I have drug addicts in my family, so I know nothing can be done unless she would have voluntarily gone to rehab. As for Howard, I don't think he could of done anything. She was paying the bills and if he told her to stop taking drugs, she would have fired him. She went to Bahamas to get away from Larry Birkhead. Had Howard sign the birth certificate so Birkhead would have no say over baby. Remember Birkhead tried to stop her from taking drugs. Probably threatened to take baby away from Anna. Trying to stop a drug user is almost impossible especially if they have money. It is common practice for legal drug abusers to be seen by several doctors. Just my opinion.

2777 days ago
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