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Chief: No Illegal Drugs, No Foul Play, Stern Not Charged

3/26/2007 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comCharlie Tiger, Chief of the Seminole Police Department, just announced there was no evidence of illegal drugs on the day Anna Nicole Smith died and there was no evidence of foul play.

Tiger says the cause of Anna Nicole's death was an accidental overdose.

Chief Tiger adds Howard Stern will not be prosecuted. As TMZ first reported, Stern's computer was checked and there was no evidence of anything untoward.


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260. Has anyone thought about this?

Maybe she had to die.

She knew too much. The Inquest into Daniel's death were only days away. She knew Howard gave Daniel the drugs.
He got scared, because WHAT IF SHE IMPLICATED HIM?

Posted at 12:45AM on Mar 27th 2007 by Gabby

If your son died suddenly, and you thought your partner had something to do with it....would you wait for an inquest to say something????????????
Yes Anna Nicole was on heavy doses of meds, but there were many times where she was clear enough that she could have and would have said something to someone, anyone.
There were alot of ppl around her. If Anna Nicole thought that Howard had something to do with Daniels death, Howard would have been GONE...booted out of the house, and Anna Nicole would have told everyone. Anna Nicole did not think Howard killed Daniel.

Posted at 6:56AM on Mar 27th 2007 by ME

totally agree...

2770 days ago


Go to and read the "investigative report" from the police. THEY DID NOTHING! Why would they question her father who hasn't seen her in years and not pertinent people in the case? Kapoor and the American doctors were not questioned-- the ones who shipped the crap to her. What a cover-up! I pray to God there are so many suits against Howard and his crime ring that he doesn't have a minutes peace and ends up penniless and at Riker's Island!

2770 days ago

Kathy M. Young    

All you people who are defending the parasite Howie, gimme a break... or didn't you NOTICE that over Howard's dead body, or better yet, everybody elses', will he surrender his victim, the baby- who belongs to ANOTHER MAN who is noticeably THINNER and more sickly looking due to all this unnecessary stress laid on him by HOWIE who should have just given up the baby's DNA sample and ENDED THE MATTER, SPARING EVERYBODY INCLUDING THE TAXPAYER/all of us? Over Larry Birkhead's dead body NEXT, will Howie surrender his little kidnap victim and her potential FORTUNE.

BUT remember when Howie was put on the spot, concerning the DNA of the Baby? And he said he wanted the dna thing to go down, through the courts, in an orderly fashion, and didn't want to do it privately to avoid legal complications?

BUTTTTT Now according to MSNBC, he is appealing the DNA sample of the Baby (below, quoted) hello??? Now is his chance to KEEP HIS WORD and do the RIGHT THING via. the Courts as he said, but for some reason, HE DOESN'T THINK HE HAS TO DO WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO, because he HAS NO HONOR and is a greedy thug. Believe me, this guy is a SNEAK, and turns into a THUG when he wants what he wants and all his victims know this of a certainty, except the little baby, YET. And according to Ben Thompson whom she trusted far more than Stern evidently enough, she wanted to get rid of Howie. It is quite obvious in the Clown film, she didn't love Howard, and it was also evident that is when she decided to tell Ben Thompson she didn't trust Howard and to make sure Howard didn't get her pictures, to sell. In my experience, anyone who lies once, lies all the time, and has no credibility: Howard K. Stern thus HAS NO CREDIBILITY. And this quote below may prove this to the simple...

Updated: 12:55 p.m. AKT March 21, 2007
NASSAU, Bahamas - Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime lawyer and companion is appealing a judge’s directive for a DNA swab test on the former Playboy Playmate’s 6-month-old daughter, the subject of a custody battle in the Bahamas, legal sources said Wednesday.
But Court TV reported the mouth swab test had already been done and would be sent to a laboratory in Ohio.
The legal sources, who asked not to be identified, said lawyers for Howard K. Stern were drawing up papers to block Judge Stephen Isaacs’ directive Tuesday that a swab be taken from Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern./end quote.

So like I said, this THIS BABY HAS NO PROTECTION from the IMPOSTOR who kidnapped her, likely slew her brother, and is most definitely culpable in the all-too-convenient death of her mother. To heck with you complacent supporters of thee most obvious LIARS & THUGS, I hope you get the same sort of Justice Due, which you deliver to innocent babies!

2770 days ago


#262: While I have not read everyones posts, yours is on the money. Finally, some real good analysis. The very same questions, I have asked myself. While, I will not go over everything that you pointed out, my feeling is that Dr. Perper acted as though he and HK$ were buddies by taking everything that was told to him to be fact. And, yes, HK$ had a lot of time to think things through and he wasn't going to put anything on the computer that would be suspect. Also, by constantly showing ANS in a drugged state, people (as they have already stated) would be justified in the saying look: ANS was her own person and she was in control. We know different, though, right? Also, and I have said this many times, if HK$ was implicated, that would mean that the are concerns like Dannielynn, the estates, will, etc. would be met with more obstacles. Dannielynn comes to mind first off. So, as I said earlier, $445 million and the rights to ANS estatess is enough money to grease many a palm. In other words, there's enough to go around. Certainly, HK$ is guilty morally as are others who played a big part in her life: Doctors, Lawyer, Servant and God knows who else. This outcome boggles the mind of many, but who knows many HK$ has access to Bahamian Voodoo to see that all of his needs will be met, as I believe that he would pull out all the stops to make sure that he comes out on top. I also want to say that, when others in support of him say that "he has suffered in the media," well, he started the circus by not agreeing to provide the DNA and be his other devious acts. I am also holding my breath with the DNA because you never know what's going on behind the scenes to make someone say HK$ is the biological father. I also cannot believe that many are dismissing the videos and the fact that he does not have a job, and all the ill behavior on his part which should come into play when you consider paternity and the custody issue. And, I don't just say these things just to convict HK$ for the sake of doing so, I simply believe from what I have read and heard that his character is questionable. So, it will be interesting to see how the other issues surrounding this case pans out. UN FREAKIN BELIEVABLE!!!!

2770 days ago


I also think that the Seminole police and some of the investigators, even Dr. Wecht are tired in their delivery and handling of this case. I think that the money trail will reveal a lot also. IMO money is definitely being passed under the table. And even if money is not being spent at this time, I believe that it will happen eventually.

2770 days ago



2770 days ago


So if a Drug dealer sell a illegal drug, and his customer dies, That person is charged and Jailed. But if you give a person drugs and it is legal, than its not an over dose. An investigation should be against the Fla. Police Dept, Anna's so- call Nurse and her Doctor Friend. There is a double Standard in this Country, and it shoud be exposed.....

2770 days ago


Just announced on CourtTV. HKS's lawyers are asking for a delay in the inquest due to prior committments! Now they are booting out the reporters and asking to change the rules for jury selection! Delay, delay, delay!!

2770 days ago


Accidental Overdose for manner of death??? I don't think so!!!! Wake up you investigators. Howard K. Stern was alone with Anna Nicole Smith when she took the Chloral Hydrate medication 2-3 hrs. before her death. He is seen exiting the elevator at the time that Moe and his wife Taz are arriving in the lobby after picking up guests at the airport at approximately 12 noon. He gave strict orders to never leave Anna Nicole alone due to her frequent falls when drugged and seizure episodes ( which I suspect was also caused by too many drugs). There is vomit residue in the bathroom sink--did you analyze what was in the vomit residue for toxicology?? Did you analyze her hair and nails to see how long she was taking some of these drugs?? Did you check the vehicles Stern and Moe were using, the garbage dumpsters and receptacles in the hotel for any drug containers/syringes thrown away??? There was blood and a yellow substance found on the bed sheets of Anna Nicole. Did you analyze that?? If she had a hemorrhagic abscess to the left buttock from a intramuscular syringe administration, did you ask Howie where the used the syringes were and analyze the substance contained in them??? Did you ever get a court order to check ANNA's computers taken from the Bahamas house by Ford Shelley? Anna told him on Feb 5th to get her belongings and computers out of the house if "something happens to her." She obviously suspected that Howie was going to do her in and that is why she wanted someone to get those things out of the Bahamas home for proof to prosecute Howard K. Stern and Dr. Eroshevich. How can any MD get away with no criminal prosecution in ordering and obtaining and administering powerful pain meds, sedatives under fake names?? This woman should have her MD license revoked permanently and put in jail. Howard K. Stern was alone with Daniel when he died and alone with Anna Nicole during the time frame that the Chloral Hydrate was taken. His entire motive was money--hers. Dr. Eroshevich's motive was money--Anna's. She put her medical practice on hold for 6 months--just to "care" for Anna??? Maybe she was planning on not needing that practice to earn a living anymore. Ever think of that?? No devoted MD puts their practice on hold for 6 months to do private duty nursing. That's what they have nurses for. However, Howie needed a live in legal drug supplier and she was it. On the subject of Daniel, her son--Dr. Eroshevich saw Daniel the day before he left for the Bahamas. She revealed in an interview on Entertainment tonight that Daniel told her what antidepressant medication she was taking. Why was there another antidepressant medication in Daniel's system along with his prescribed antidepressant med. and the methadone?? Maybe she let Howard K. Stern know about it and told him to give him another antidepressant medication along with the methadone to make sure there would be a mixture of antidepressant drugs in his system in case he forgot to take his own prescribed medication prior to Howard K. Stern putting the methadone in his beverage. Why did Dr. Eroshevich's husband, Wesley Irvine, wire transfer $7,500.00 each to Stern and Eroshevich on the same day?? Where did that money come from?? Maybe a safety deposit box in Dr. Eroshevich's and Wesley Irvine's name?? Did you talk to Jack Harding the private investigator that Daniel was going to hire to investigate Howard K. Stern and other people living with Anna? Well, let's see. Daniel is eliminated and then Anna. So all that's left is Howie and Dr. Eroshevich who are in cahoots with one another. Process of elimination to prevent being prosecuted. I hope the Bahamian investigators find premeditative murder of Daniel and put this all together. Because the manner of death for Anna Nicole is WRONG as determined! You totally believe what Howard K. Stern tells you and Dr. Eroshevich, but don't interview all the others who witnessed Howie giving Anna drugs and injecting her. Forging her checks when she is drugged. Keeping her so drugged when that MD should have done her job as a physician and get the woman in detox and rehab. You can't take drugs unless someone is getting them for you--DUH!! She didn't drive, she didn't have an MD license to prescribe her own drugs and it is impossible for a right handed person to inject herself in the Left Buttock , and she would not have been able to get these drugs prescribed from a reputable, ethical MD. I am an RN and if I had been caring for Anna Nicole and found out her Dr. Eroshevich was prescribing all these medications and huge dosages of them, I would have refused to give them to her and reported that MD pronto for medical malpractice, negligence and incompetency. I also would have notified the local Sheriff's dept. of the situation to have it investigated. THAT IS WHY THERE WAS ONLY HOWARD K. STERN AND DR. EROSHEVICH OBTAINING AND GIVING ALL THESE MEDICATIONS. They didn't want any people with a medical backround reporting

2770 days ago

Judy Fedd    

All the issues brought forward, Daniel's distrust of HKS, fear of him and for his Mom, the warnings to ANS, the security HKS had keeping Anna from getting help, while the dr and HKS looked on, both doing what Daniel and Virgie had feared. The importance given to HKS and the WITNESSES by the medical examiner in Florida, all a joke. Seems the first person describing the finding of Anna, was the dr, not the wife of Big Moe. Check news reports made immediately following the notice of her death. Also on the day she was found the reporting of the pic of the contents of the refrigerator were from the hotel in Fla, not as Howard's new attorney said today on Court TV, from the house the next day. Too many lies and misinformation that they (HKS and his representatives) seem to spout at every opportunity. No justice.

2770 days ago

Judy Fedd    

Linda, you have stated the facts so clearly. My respect for you and agreement with all that you stated should be investigated. Florida justice is as much a joke as the Bahamas justice system. My prayers for the baby.
Money rules, even when the facts are so clear.

2770 days ago

Kathy M. Young    

Those so called authorities have a problem with commitment, TO THE TRUTH, as so well illustrated above by Linda the RN, at least! This really does exhibit a breakdown in our Medical Patient's Rights policies and Procedures, which patients rights are basically nonexistent in America, sea to shining sea. I know, I have seen it in action, and couldn't do anything about it, same old wall we are witnessing here in THIS case. The truth doesn't matter to these people, they just want to go home, pay their bills and mortgages with taxpayers money, and could care less about patient's rights. And Anna was a patient, under the care of negligent and maybe murderous incompetants, and there was NOBODY TO TELL IN ORDER TO SAVE HER from those idiots and thugs. But thankyou Linda, I really appreciate seeing someone who IS competent and really does care about your patients, your patients are rare and lucky folks! God bless you!

2770 days ago

Kathy M. Young    

Delay delay delay delay delay, that is what Lawyers do, and in this case, THEY are probably hoping Virgie and Larry will go bankrupt and die first from exhaustion, before they see Justice and Closure for Dannielynn.

I see all this grief and chaos, and I smell alot of money and a psychopath or two (Stern?+Eros?) with their many pathological red herrings. It wouldn't surprise me if Mr. $tern and Ms Ero$ both worked for Marshall's Big Oil firm, as this sort of neglect of Justice's scruitiny and incredibly obvious coverup of the whole rotten situation, is indeed worthy of Big Oil: why else all the mischief, Howard has NO HOPE for getting all that dough and he knows it. So, cut his losses, and betray his clients? He certainly is betraying Dannielynn, robbing her of the right to know and love her real birthparent! He knows we know he knows he is not the dad, and his cohorts lie for him too, there, no respect for Life & Truth, but they will fail, because there is a hero in the bunch that nobody has noticed, and he will bring all the moneygrubbers down! Glory to God, the righteous will always overcome the evil, and the truth will always overcome the lies. Amen!

2770 days ago

phyliss Cunningham    

i honestly think that Howard is a psyco. Think about this..he was not there either time she or her son died. intersting. He could have just said "take this" and i will be back. she was so out of it that she woul have taken anything adnher son was so tired that she wuld have thought howard was giving him an asprin or someting ...... also maybe on a sick note...the father is neither of them. maybe the father is really her son's child. so howard found out and killed the son, then killed her. so this way he has total control. interesting thought! in this sick world you really NEVER KNOW!

2768 days ago


PLEASE VIEW -- these nannies both gave statements to the police. And will testify at Daniel's inquest.

2748 days ago
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