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Sanjaya Hunger Striker Powers On

3/26/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya Malaker"J," the MySpacer who wants Sanjaya Malakar off "American Idol," is nine days into her hunger strike and feeling the effects.

She had planned to post a video entry to update fans on her condition, but instead wrote a blog Sunday night that read, "I know I promised you guys a YouTube video, but I am just feeling too tired and weak to do it tonight. I don't even know how I'm typing this right now."

The night before, she cautioned readers not to attempt a hunger strike of their own: "I got a few messages from people that say that [sic] want to join in the strike, I must reiterate over again that I do not recommend this. It's really not fun."

Perhaps it's time that "J" admits defeat and has a cheeseburger.


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LMAO!! this whole thing is hilarious...get an effing life lady, seriously, is this all that u have? Who the hell cares who wins or loses American Idol other than the contestants and the franchise making all the money off the show. If I gave a crap I'd actually vote for him so that u would continue to starve, maybe a near death experience would scare some sense into you. What a freakshow!

2675 days ago


Most of you hate the show so why do you care who wins? The truly talented singers will get record contracts, so what does it matter? There are only three above average singers this year, so I say let Sanjaya stick around for awhile.

2675 days ago


Hasn't that chickey poo starved herself to death yet? Would be one way to eliminate one more stupid person taking up space!

2675 days ago


This girl is obviously lying. She would have been very ill by now. The other night she posted about going to having had gone concert, which would not have been possible by that point if she was truly starving herself. Aside from hunger and fatigue, she'd have had major diarrhea and vomiting within the first few days of her strike.

2675 days ago


No one really gives a damn whether or not that crazy bitch starves herself to death or not..I am sure she can live off her stored fat since she has enough of it.

Do yourself a favor cupcake, eat a sandwich, step away from the computer and TV, and get a life....your 15 seconds are up.

2675 days ago


How about this guy who is on a BATHING STRIKE for Sanjaya. People have way to much time on their hands.

2675 days ago


Tell J to get a life and put her efforts to better use. Go on a hunger strike for Cancer Research, AIDS Research, HealthCare in the US...

2675 days ago


Tell J to get a life and put her efforts to better use. Go on a hunger strike for Cancer Research, AIDS Research, HealthCare in the US...

2675 days ago


Tell J to get a life and put her efforts to better use. Go on a hunger strike for Cancer Research, AIDS Research, HealthCare in the US...

2675 days ago


What the heck is this twit talking about.... 9 days into a hunger strike and she's feeling tired and exhausted?? See a doctor ya dumb ass! A lot of people routinely do 7 day food withdrawals as detox and have no problems.... she's got mental problems

2675 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.........................................Yawn, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........................................

2675 days ago


If he gets voted off, I hope Simon says 'tank you berry much, please come again soon.'

2675 days ago

Robin Jo    

What a COMPUTER-SLOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why starve yourself because of a TV show? Does she think anyone really cares if she never eats again???? HELLO-----------> does anyone remember there is a war going on????

*******I must say that Sanjaya is a goon and I do hope he gets voted off. Don't think I'm going to drop my cheesburger though!!************

2675 days ago


Ummm...I keep reading post here and there that say sanjaya ought to simply bow out to better talent, as if that is what is fair. Well, actually, it isn't. He entered a contest just like the rest of them did. We had Chicken little last year and the idol producers have still not learned that they need to revamp the rules if they wish to keep this type of thing from recurring. The rules have not changed since Sanjaya was first approved by the judges to continue in this contest, and their approval is what brought him into the bigger part of this contest. If an ugly girl or guy wins a beauty pagent because the pageant is set up so that the winner is chosen by the viewers then that person has every right to win. Perhaps the voters would see an inner beaty that transforms their usual perception of beauty. No one should bow out of a contest just because they are winning. Sometimes th elittle guy wins. nice guys don't always finish last. If you wree in vegas and decided to play around with your life's savings against the millionaires and billionaires, do you think it would be fair for you to ejected from playing just because your cash pittance doesn't rival that of the other players? Snajay has every right to stay. Saying otherwise because he has been consistently voted for, no matter who is voting, is a mockery of what America stands for. Our votes represent us, and if people cannot stand to see these results, perhaps they ought to take a look in the mirror. This contest is based on whoever wishes to utilize their power to vote, and if anyone thinks that and Howard stern are pulling too many tricks, then stop talking and battle back, with your own votes.

2675 days ago


I saw that chicks myspace she is a big fat pig. I have no doubt in my mind she is lying her ass off about not eating.

2675 days ago
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