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Sanjaya Hunger Striker Powers On

3/26/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya Malaker"J," the MySpacer who wants Sanjaya Malakar off "American Idol," is nine days into her hunger strike and feeling the effects.

She had planned to post a video entry to update fans on her condition, but instead wrote a blog Sunday night that read, "I know I promised you guys a YouTube video, but I am just feeling too tired and weak to do it tonight. I don't even know how I'm typing this right now."

The night before, she cautioned readers not to attempt a hunger strike of their own: "I got a few messages from people that say that [sic] want to join in the strike, I must reiterate over again that I do not recommend this. It's really not fun."

Perhaps it's time that "J" admits defeat and has a cheeseburger.


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Dave B.    

This is so freakin ridiculous!!!!!! Why is it that a nation at war still has people whining about something as trivial as American Idol? When are people ever going to realize that ALL TELEVISION IS SCRIPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, America I hate to bust your bubble but there is ABSOLUTELEY NOTHING ON T.V. IS NOT SCRIPTED, beleive me Im an actor in L.A. and from Fear Factor to Wife Swap to Survivor they are all freakin scripted! The Sanjaya saga is mereley yet another way to cause a buzz about the show.....IT IS NOT WORTH STARVING YOURSELF FOR!!! This is mereley the latest way of the shows producers making money. We as the American people Know Sanjaya lacks talent but people like Howard Stern, who wanna buck the system and expose this sham for exactly what it is, have decided to ( through publicizing himself) and the HOLLYWOOD system, by voting in the worst and encouraging others to do so as well. Please America, wake up! IF YOU ARE GOING TO PROTEST SOMETHING, HOW ABOUT UNFAIR INCOME TAX, THE WAR IN IRAQ OR AIDS. LETS PROTEST SOMETHING REAL. COME ON LETS BE REAL.....EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON T.V. IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2663 days ago


Sanjaya isnt that bad.He,s just as good as any of the rest of them.What kind of a person would stop eating just because a child is trying to make something of himself. Go ahead and starve ,,,who cares. You need to be locked up.

2663 days ago


That girl need to go and get some help. It is not that serious!!!!
Yes, Sanjaya can not sing but he is a cutey to a lot of youngs and boys out there.
It nothing to hold a hunger strike. When it is time for him to go he will go, but right now girls and boys love him.

2663 days ago


Fasting til she stops. End the stupidity. Work for a cause.

w w w . m y s p a c e . c o m / starvationforstupidity

2663 days ago


This girl is a complete idiot. First, absolutely no one cares if she eats or not. Second, she needs to lose AT LEAST 50 pounds, so this will be a good start for her! What a shallow life she must have to actually go on a HUNGER STRIKE over a silly telivision program. Her parents must be very proud...By the looks of her, I would just bet she is sneaking a few whoppers in a few times a day. I hope she realizes how stupid, fat, idiotic, and boring she is to the rest of the world. Perhaps she should get a volunteer position or hobby that takes her mind and fat ass of of the tv/couch.
My personal advice is, don't eat, lose weight and do something productive. You remind me of a spoiled attention seeking 2 year old.

2663 days ago


Personally, I think its time for a new fresh face of youth for our teeny boppers. Those who are on the show who do sing exceptionally well, will make it (Jennifer Hudson, remember) and if someone is ignorant enough to think that going on a hunger strike will get them what they want, so be it. It cannot be about Sanjaya, it must be a strong need for attention. Well, she's gotten it, and its time someone tells her the danger of hunger strikes to her body. Sanjaya will live on, in spite of all of this, and she's willing to risk her life. UNIMAGINABLE!
I would be more impressed if she did it until the troops came home, in front of the White House!

2662 days ago


With everything going on in this world, you choose to starve because you don't like someone's talent...Get real...I think Sanjara is another "in-the-making" Johnnie Mathis...His singing is smoothe, effortless, and a good change from all the drama on TV

2662 days ago


I have this funny feeling that Sanjaya just may take it all the way. You are wasting your time with this hunger strike. Let me ask you a few is Sanjaya's role on American Idol REALLY affecting your daily life? Are you going to go into a comma if he wins?

My second you think announcing a hunger strike in oppostion of front of the world is really going to do anything? From what I've seen, for the most part you've inspired more people to vote FOR him.

You want to stop Sanjaya, then don't buy his album when it hits the stores. How about not watching the show? Shows usually get the boot if enough people don't tune in. If he by chance gets a record deal....turn your radio station

It wouldn't surprise me that the people behind the scenes of the show are fixing it to where he stays on the show themselves. Controversey + the general American public=Rating boost and cash. The producers are laughing all the way to the bank because of him, at your expense.

If you choose to continue this hunger strike, I pray you do not do any permanet damage. Be blessed.

2662 days ago


All I've got to say is that if Sanjaya stays on till the end, we will no longer watch any future shows. Infact I haven't talked to anyone who hasn't said the same. This is totally insane that this totally no talent young person continues to be on this show. Perhaps the judges, the producers of the show should figure out this is probably losing many viewers. This is suppose to be a talent show. It is becoming the big joke and undermines the whole concept. Come on people who run the show, put your thinking hats on and come up with something, anything to stop this ridiculus trend. And a note to the three judges, next time be more aware of who your sending on to the finals. One more thing if your still reading this, Simon is the only judge who actually tells the singers exactly the truth. Paula loves everyone, Randy is so busy holding up his fingers and dawging, I don't have much use for his opinion Wake up American Idol before there won't be American Idol any more.

2662 days ago


A hunger strike, that's crazy. I admit this kid should have been voted off because he can't sing and he's crony. But it's not that serious....

2662 days ago


Sanjaya Malakar is the sleeper idol. Even randy heard it. He can sing. He just has not let it out fully. With a little coaching Sanjaya Malakar may be the next teen sensation. Sanjaya Malakar is going to be a record producers dream and big payday.

2662 days ago


Sanjaya.... It's a shame you are letting people use you. As well as making you the laughing stock of American Idol.

To American Idol..... IT"S CALLED AMERICAN IDOL and ALL CALLS SHOULD COME FROM THE USA ONLY. I clearly understand this is the best FREE media IDOL could have ever wished for. Remember this is about talent. If by chance Sanjaya does win, his album will not sell or have the success previous IDOLs have had.

For the person on a hunger strike... You are stupid and immature. GROW UP!!!!

2662 days ago


what i don't get is why people are such haters on AI. i thought of some reasons: maybe they or someone close to them auditioned and got rejected, maybe because it gets so much attention, maybe because it's on FOX, which is the devil. but for people to say it sucks is just plain hatin. who's won that's bad? i admit, taylor ain't my can of enviga, but he can sing.
anyone who says that any of the winners or top 4 finalists aren't great vocalists are obviously jealous, just hatin, or tone deaf. it's like sayin janet's not hot! she be might all surgery, but i'd smash. so get over it people. the show's a little cheesy, and i'm sure they're gonna tighten the selection process after this joke of a contestant sanjaya who needs to be on the broadway version of Jungle Book, but to say the show doesn't pump out extremely talented people is just an untrue statement. get it together y'all.

2662 days ago


if he sanjaya win or what ever his name is, they should cancel the show because your suppose to vote for the best singer not because thier indian or whatever.

2662 days ago

Funny one    

Sanjaya should have been gone. Its sad to watch REAL talent being voted off and he is still there. They are making fun of the name American Idol. I bet they are online in Iraq voting for him to make us look foolish. Step down Sanjaya. I would never buy any of your music,,,not even for a joke. If Melinda doesn't win as she darn well should win, I will never watch Idol again. Please step down Michael Jackson cousin and let the real talent do their thing.

2662 days ago
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