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Slim-Fast on Anna's Death Nightstand

3/26/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithSeminole detectives found Slim-Fast on Anna Nicole Smith's night table in the Hard Rock Hotel room where she died.

According to a scene investigation report released by the Broward County Medical Examiner, Smith, a spokesman for the weight loss supplement TRIMSPA, had nicorette gum, Tamiflu and several cans of soda on her night table next to the diet drink.

In the document, there is no mention of TRIMSPA products being anywhere in the room.


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well of couse Trimspa didn't help her lose all that weight..but hey why not just say it does to get a paycheck..after all how many men did she fathered her baby ? larry, stern , g.ben thompson..& g.ben like trimspa was here gold mine.

2738 days ago


why did it take an hour to call for paramedics? CPR didtn work why wait an hour?
this is fr a professional? This behavior isnt acceptable by any standards. And when was Howard notified? Yanno he didnt love her enough... She would have been in that ER whether she wanted to or not.. 105 temp is nothing to play with. he is an idiot. But damn I wouldnt want taht lady to be MY nurse.. < shiver >

2738 days ago

jen newman    

to #13: All I meant is that the only person that can really say what has been going on is someone who has actually lived with them and saw it all. Don't you read, IDIOT! I bet you like the books with lots of pictures, huh? No wonder you like shiksas!!!

2738 days ago


B-12 is taken in the butt it's for energy and immune support. Why would she bother if she's not eating well and taking drugs? Maybe it wasn't B-12.

2738 days ago

my opinion    

22. 2 I know said that she saved three days before she died. I still am not satisfied about someone not paying for giving drugs to Anna. It has really bothered me and I know I have no control but it still bothers me.

Posted at 7:50PM on Mar 26th 2007 by Utah

I hear your heart cry.......

2738 days ago


Could Howard K. Stern be charged for defrauding Trimspa? Anyone know?? He was with her every second and he knew she was using these other drugs to lose weight.

2738 days ago


#22 Utah

I am with you. This whole thing has bothered me from day one. I just have to have faith that the truth will come out - it just might take a while. BTW do you know when and where Anna stated she and HKS were going to get married and have more children. I never remember her saying that

2738 days ago


Did people really think that TRimspa made her loose all that weight? To loose 70 pounds on any over the counter weight loss med is unheard of. Over the counter meds will usually give you around 30 pounds give or take weight loss, and not only that after a a while they become useless, because your body builds up tolerance. I'm sure Anna used Topamax to loose weight, then she had to eat, so she probably drank Slim fast. I'm sure know that it's confirmed that Anna did use Slimfast, I wonder how Trimspa is taking that know? It was against her contract to use any other dietary means to loose weight. Alex Goen was in denial about the contents in the pictures of Anna's fridge. I guess everything we have heard so far in the media has been very accurate, along all the things reported with the Shelly's

2738 days ago


#24 You are right - HKS was with her every minute of every day, except the day she died, the timeline of when Daniel died and when he did the interview on Larry King right after Daniels death.

2738 days ago


Dr. Perper had a great point today.. to bad it was on the top of his head! LOL

2738 days ago


lmao I am sure that Bonnie will say anything GOOD about Howard... Isnt it jsut funny how they are riding the talk shows , " E " and whatever else.. Sounds like Sterns family is hiding somethingand unless his sister "Bonnie" was there sharing their lives and bed then its all 2nd hand . And yes alot of this doesnt sound right. Sounds very fishy.... Im concerned for DannieLynn . My heart goes out to her.
Howard Stern lost his meal ticket when Anna Nicole died . I think that is all she was to him. Anyone can be a player if its to gain money and fame. Howard Stern is a GoldDigger and Anna was his vitim now its DannieLynn..

2738 days ago

Sammy the Bull    

I can't help but wonder if the entire investigation into ANS cause of death was based on the testimony and cooperation of HKS, the Good Doctor and HKS lawyer. Did they take testimony from anyone else, perhaps someone else who may have challenged the testimony of "The Gang" Suspect....Suspect....I wonder if HKS and the Good Doctor would volunteer for a Polgraph Test. I Think Not.....

2738 days ago


I love it Dr Pecker on Nancy Grace just said the needle was clean but her ass was dirty !

2738 days ago

Grow up Howie and face the're duhn.    

Anna Nicole was upset over Carmen Electra being the new face of the diet pill, NV (see article below) and said that she was doing Trimspa and didn't understand why Carmen who doesn't need to lose weight was the face of a new diet pill. Excuse me? I knew that Anna didn't look that way from doing Tripspa. I said that if Trimspa made you look that good without any surgeries, it would be flying off the shelf so fast, they couldn't make enough to keep up with the demand.

As if Anna Nicole Smith didn't have enough to worry about!

On top of the continuing investigation into the death of her son Daniel, 20, last September, TrimSpa spokesperson Anna Nicole Smith, 39, is obviously very concerned about competition from sexy Carmen Electra in the world of weight loss.

On her personal Web site, (where she recently removed her tribute to Daniel), Anna Nicole now features a bizarre, new video in which she disses Carmen, 34, spokesperson for the NV weight loss pill.

"When I heard that Carmen Electra is taking a diet product... I don't understand it," Anna Nicole says in the video, shot before she gave birth to daughter Dannielynn on Sept. 7. "You all see me very pregnant, very big. I do these diet products. I do TrimSpa. And you all will see me lose the weight again. I just think it's...a diet product? She was never fat...a diet product? I don't understand why. I swear, it's crazy. A skinny person versus a fat person who's done it over and over. Try TrimSpa. 'Bye!"

A source close to the situation tells Star that there was a bigger reason behind the snide remarks. "Anna thinks Carmen dissed her when she reached out to Carmen to take on the role of an alien in Anna's flop movie, Illegal Aliens. Carmen shied away from it — she probably knew it would be a 'D' movie. But Carmen was really nice, and left Anna a message, saying that her schedule was really full, and she unfortunately could not do it.

"Anna was mad, and took the first shot she could to diss Carmen."

Carmen's rep tells Star about Anna Nicole's offer to star in a movie together, "Carmen was very flattered, but due to scheduling conflicts, she was unable to do it." And as far as the diet pills, Carmen's rep says, "She does it for maintenance, not weight loss."


2738 days ago


I totally agree with #10.

2738 days ago
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