"Undercover Brother" Crashes $1.5 Million Ferrari

3/27/2007 1:21 AM PDT
Comedian Eddie Griffin saw his life (and his bank account) flash before his eyes Monday after he smashed a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo into a concrete wall during a charity event at Irwindale Speedway, leaving the ultra-expensive sports car a smoking pile of twisted metal.

The high-speed collision, captured on tape by KCBS in Los Angeles took place during rehearsals for a charity event called "Race for a Cause." Griffin, who starred in "Undercover Brother" and "Norbit," left the crash scene in an ambulance, although he did not suffer any serious injuries and seemed to be in good spirits.

The luxury automobiles used in the charity event were part of a promotion for the film "Redline," a movie about the high-end world of high-performance sports cars.