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Was Griffin's Crash a Hoax?

3/27/2007 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comTMZ is just askin' ... what's wrong with this picture?

Eddie Griffin's ultra-expensive crash in a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo has been all over television and the Internet today, but could the pricey wipeout really be a brilliant marketing ploy?

In the video obtained by CBS2 News in Los Angeles, it shows the car slamming into a concrete barricade. But, to quote Dr. Henry Lee from the O.J. Simpson case, "Something wrong."

Roll the video and take a close look at the guy standing next to the concrete barrier. He doesn't even flinch as the car comes near. Also, it's pretty interesting that after the crash, Griffin joked it up, saying, "Undercover Brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive."

This isn't the first time that one of Daniel Sadek's high-priced cars have been wrecked. During production of his movie, "Redline," two of the producer/real estate investor's expensive Porsche Carrera GTs were totaled during filming. One of the collisions was designed as a stunt. The other was an accident.

Eddie Griffin's publicist, Lori Jonas, told TMZ, "It was not a hoax. Eddie was racing for a charity to promote his upcoming film, "Redline." He got in an accident. He is suffering from neck and shoulder pain as a result of the accident. It was in no way a hoax."


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The first thing I thought after watching the clip the first time was that it was a publicity stunt.

Yes, the car is worth 1.5 million but I guess you could see it as an investment. People go see the movie after this stunt, they make triple the 1.5 and could buy someone else's Enzo if he wanted it that bad.

Can't fool me.

2765 days ago


I sure won't buy one of those cars, they don't handle at all and for that price they should stick like glue to the ground! What's with the guy standing there, I think it was a marketing ploy for the movie and that car was a "kit car" replica. If you look close it looks like a knock off version. HOAX!

2765 days ago


It was a hoax...a car built as well as a Ferrari would NOT have crumpled like a tin can going only 35 mph....there are theories it wasn't even really a Ferrari....did anyone else notice how the owner didn't even know how much one is worth????? Come on

2765 days ago

Daniel Sadek is a fake    

I used to work with Daniel back when he was a highline car salesmen. People forget that he is also the owner of QuickLoan Funding which is right now going bankrupt from all the lawsuits for predatory lending... guess where he made all of his money to pay for those cars...from ripping people off.

2765 days ago


That is like the 4th Enzo crash video I've seen in the last year, they must be wrecking those things left and right.

2765 days ago


I agree with Amy. The car appears to be a custom replica, not a real Enzo. It's worth a fraction of the genuine Enzo but the press publicity is priceless.

2765 days ago


Kevin this is about Eddie not you and your pretend money,job ,life. It's pathetic how you compare yourself to him. Go away now- Wannabe.

2765 days ago

Dong Butt    

It's a real Enzo. There are no 'replicas' that look that real. Look at the wheels, Enzo wheels. Find me some 'replica' Enzo wheels that require only one lug nut. Also, Enzos are designed to split in half if something hits them on the side, see the other incidents where they hit poles sideways. They are super cars, but not invincible. Also, that's going to take a LOT more than 150K to fix. About it crumpling like a tin can... THE CAR WAS STILL ROLLING after the wreck. Show me some SUV, or car that can roll after a front end 35 MPH collision. They are built with very stiff frames, which is why the car launches up when it hits the barrier instead of crumpling (although you have no idea what you're talking about, it did not crumple). STOP TALKING ABOUT WHETHER IT WAS REAL, OR CONTAINED A REAL CAR UNLESS YOU HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT!

2765 days ago

Longing for old times    

Hoax?-Who Cares?
Real? Who Cares?
New movie? Who Cares?
Celebrity who’s in the news for not killing spouse, dying of drug overdose, DUI, Sex with minors, Shaving head, etc……….
Refreshing for a change!!!!!!

2765 days ago


I'm really getting tired of people with too much money destroying beautiful things. That Enzo was a limited edition car. Plain and simple the driver couldn't handle it. Check out the direction the front wheels were turned when it hit the barrier. That type of car should not be sold to the public. They have no real appreciation of it. To waste such a beautiful work just shows how shallow humanity has become. Hey.... It's only money... RIGHT ?!?!?! There's not an American alive that can appreciate that car. I've seen to many destroyed by filthy rich Americans that buy them for status and then they destroy them..... Hey and I'm an American that's sick of this wasteful crap !!! Why don't these filthy money grubbers buy a yacht get on and sink it.... One less clown to deal with if you ask me.

2765 days ago


I was at the event. Let me ask you, did you know that Eddie wasn't wearing a helmet? Do you think that they would wreck a million dollar car, with a celebrity that wasn't wearing a helmet before the event ever started? Give me a break! This was a pure accident, and as for the camera man, we were all amazed that he didn't even flintch a muscle, he seemed oblivious.

2765 days ago


This is a promotional goldmine! What is a 1.2 million dollar car in a movies budget? Films regularly spend more than that in production overruns. I don't know what the budget was for this movie, but I bet there are a lot of movie goers that will check out this less than superstar dressed movie to see that Posche take it on the chin. The guy behind the barrier is obviously part of the media or movie production enterage'. I have seen the video from numerous angles, including a camera man behind the spectator that in fact shows him STEP back slightly after the car impacted the barrier. It appears that he is concerned about the flying debris (very unpredictable) coming at him, but never drops or lowers the video camera in his hand. Having served in the military and been in dangerous situations, this is not "normal" behavior of someone who feels they are in jeopardy. People will do a lot of crazy things for the big green monster. Standing behind a concrete barricade with a car (regardless of model), not really moving at that great of a speed, might seem relatively safe. The track appears limited in size and no really straight aways to gain real speed. Heck you can bump a freakin' Altima at 5 mph and do $3000 damage to it. Good job movie media team. I still have no desire to go see it, plenty of movies out there with awesome high speed chase and crashes, and expensive cars lost to the cause....................

2765 days ago


in regards to the enzo crash, that car to me was completely fake in my opinion. theres no way a quarter million dollar car will lose control like that at that slow of speed. Maybe at 180 mph it will do that but not at 30 or 40 mph like shown, those cars are setup to drive at extremely fast speeds and be able to handle the cornering with ease and not skid out because they have traction control and the weight ratio. To me that was nothing more that a kit car , ( a Pontiac fiero frame $500 with a $4000 body kit on the car making it look like a super car). a feiro would definitely loose control like that.

2764 days ago


Eddie griffin stated that the reason for the crash was that a "cone" had gotten stuck under the wheel. Which made, per Griffin, him not able to turn. I have seen the video and there is no cone that went under the tires. There is one that he hits but the fron bumper pushed it away. Something is wrong!!!

2764 days ago


In the first place, if this is a set up course to drive around some cones, why would you line the outside of the course with concrete barriers? The crash does look odd, but the bottom line is that the car is not totaled, and can be repaired. Remember the Enzo that was broken in half not that long ago in California? That car has been repaired, for about $300,00 but if the car is worth 1.5 mil, it makes some sense.

2764 days ago
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