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Holy Molar!!! Britney Back at Hospital

3/28/2007 8:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has gone back to the hospital.

TMZ has confirmed Spears went to Century City Hospital this afternoon. As we reported, last Sunday she went to the same hospital after experiencing significant pain in one of her molars.

Larry Rudolph, Spears' manager, tells That Other Blog that today's visit was tooth-related.

The same tooth that sent Spears to the hospital Sunday hasn't gotten any better.

Spears' SUV has just left the hospital and is headed back to her home.


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That explains things!    

Now...THE WORD ON THE STREET IS ...The Pop Prince/ss has a debilitating back problem [a result of spinal taps @ child birth], aggravated by the most recent choreography sessions at Millenium Studios in NoHo and overall stress. She's unable to bounce-back as she'd hoped.

Futuristically, expect to see very little dancing and more prancing/hype in her performances.

You see that Cat SHAFT is a BAD MUTHER>>>>SHUT YO" MOUTH!!!!!!

2743 days ago

Ya Think    

Seems to me like she's really trying to get some drugs. Hope she doesn't get it or we'll have another Anna Nicole Syndrome.

2743 days ago


Interesting...maybe the pain is all in her head just to get a new RX for more painkillers...wouldn't be the first time addicts have done that...

2743 days ago


I went to the dentist today...with molar pain...I really, really did! Where's the papparazi? Oh wait...I forgot...I' 55 years old!

2743 days ago


You can help Britney here...

2743 days ago


You say that she is a media hound and craves the attention blah blah blah but the paparazzi follows her around like a dog no matter where she goes. When she goes to church or to the hospital or wherever. Oh and of course in all cases she MUST be up to something evil and sinister, it cannot be a simple prayer or problem tooth. NOOOOOOOOO Gimme a break man !

How can she avoid the media when they are in her face whenever she steps out the door?
then you try and twist it around to let us believe that SHE wants you there. Yes i can tell from her hiding away that she loves it that you follow her every waking moment.

Arent the lies against all you learn as a journalist?

Isnt there some other more important real news to report like the sailors captured by the Iranians?

One other thing - substance addiction is a real disease and victims should not be laughed at or scorned any more than someone with cancer or MS or any other disease.

I think the media has a responsibilty here but would rather make fun of and make a buck $ instead.

2743 days ago



2743 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..."I do my part "dissing" the Ol'Brit....But, my Hospital IS where my Dentist is also....
I hated to do this, but just maybe..............
Does anyone know which Hospital it was? It would be easy to check if there IS a Dental office there...........

2743 days ago


i hope your ok britney take care of that tooth

2743 days ago

Lying about the low    

FYI...there is not only a hospital there but MANY doctor's offices in the OTHER building. Just because someone passes the hospital or parks in the garage doesn't mean that they didn't see 1 of a FEW HUNDRED doctor's in their offices.

2743 days ago


Maaaaybeeee if she went to a DENTIST instead of the ER, her tooth problem would get fixed!!! I've never been to an ER that had a dentist present or even on call. There are emergency DENISTS with 24-hour emergency numbers. Perhaps she should try one of them, instead of these photo-op trips to the hospital for....what EXACTLY?!?

2743 days ago


LOS ANGELES (March 28, 2007) -- For the second time in under a week, Britney Spears has paid a visit to the dentist.

Access Hollywood has learned Spears just left Dr. Bill Dorfman's office at Century City Hospital.

Dorfman, who is a "dentist to the stars," treated the pop singer for an undisclosed oral hygiene issue on Sunday.

The pop singer's visit was to polish off her pearlies. A source close to the singer told Access she had the Zoom whitening system used on her teeth.

source: Access Hollywood

So there is a dentist at this hospital. I was assuming something else.

2743 days ago


How bout try a dentist!

2743 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

You don't go to an e.r. for teeth, she just wants the pain meds. Dumb ugly bitch.

2743 days ago

chin chin    

What are you complaining about Britney!?

I can't feel sorry for you.....At least you don't have to wake-up to this face EVERY SINGLE GAWD AWFUL DAY!!!!!........

2743 days ago
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