Fly Girls: Gisele Works It, Scarlett & J-Hud Hide

3/28/2007 12:47 PM PDT
Gisele Bundchen's not afraid of cameras when she travels -- perhaps she can give Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Hudson some paparazzi pointers!

Photogs caught Tom Brady's supermodel girlfriend at a Madrid airport, hiding behind black sunglasses, but otherwise keeping her head up as she flew past photogs faster than you can say, "Is she preggers?"

Meanwhile, stateside, two other fab flying femmes fatales tried hard to hide their mugs from airport flashes. Scarlett Johansson wrapped up her face in a scarf -- on a 70-degree day in NYC -- and blocked her face with a fedora, while travelin' Jennifer Hudson covered up with a hoody, sunglasses and baseball cap.