Robbie Performs for ... Himself

3/28/2007 12:16 PM PDT
As he left Hyde last night, Robbie Williams wasn't quite ready for the music to end, so he provided some tunes of his own. The Brit pop star and his mates belted out a wacky rendition of California Dreamin' while leavin' the hotspot, putting on a not-so-private show for themselves.

Also out on the town: Nick Lachey sans Vanessa, Playboy Playmate Rachel Hunter, Cisco Adler, Metallica drummer Laars, "The Hills" star Audrina, Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton, and TMZ's favorite porny trainwreck duo Mary Carey and Rena Riffel.

Catch the Tuesday night extravaganza in this sorta international edition of Star Catcher.