Trump B**ch-slaps Vince McMahon

3/28/2007 4:44 PM PDT
The Battle of the Billionaires is only four days away, but Donald Trump just couldn't wait to give Vince McMahon a taste of realtor fist.

At a press conference today for the April 1 edition of Wrestlemania 23, Trump took the podium and bashed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, saying, "We used to be [friends] but I don't like him one damn bit lately and I mean that." The Donald and The Chairman then chose their proxies for Sunday's fight -- both will have a WWE superstar fight for them -- with the loser being forced to shave all his hair off. This would be a blessing for The Donald.

The execs were about to shake hands when Trump faked him out, and instead slapped McMahon's face. The uber-tanned chairman then took a pummeling from Trump's security and proxy Bobby Lashley. McMahon then ran off in shame.