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Weiland Wife:

'I Was Unstable and Just Lost It'

3/28/2007 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The WeilandsMary Weiland, temperamental wife of rock star Scott Weiland, claims her bipolar disorder is mostly to blame for the couple's bloody fight at the Graciela Hotel in Burbank last weekend.

In a statement to TMZ, Weiland says, "The weekend's difficulties were brought on by a reaction to an imbalance in medications used to treat my bipolar disorder... Scott was simply trying to help calm me down. I want to make it very clear that he did not hurt me in any way. For lack of a better expression, I was unstable and just lost it." Well, that clears things up!

Mary goes on to say that the Graciela has been paid for damage to the room. She also states that their children did not witness "any of these events." Mary adds that she has "a loving husband, drug-free for 3-1/2 years now, who is able to care for me during this challenging time."


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Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Uh, yeah. Alright, if I were married to a totally tweeked out once-famous now-over rock and roll singer, I would be unstable as well. Ya think it might, just maybe, have something to do with their lifestyle?
Oh, and tell me again, why should I care about these people? Mmm, that's right, there is no reason to!

2764 days ago


mix up in medications. Friggin loser people think you gotta treat every little friggin mental thing with a drug. Grow up and get tough. You think those who fought in WWII, the greatest generation, had to resort to that crap every time they felt down. Grow up ya sissies!

2764 days ago


Drugs make you look great. He sucks. So has every band he has been in. Thanks to him. Hey STP fans, what do you like best about their music? That he keeps repeating a line in the song over and over until you are sick of it by the end of the song?

2764 days ago


#6 (Jaybee??)... shut up... if he's such a freakin loser why're you bothering to post... what's the matter? Didn't your dealer drop by your house today?

2764 days ago

jane smith    

Shut up!

2764 days ago


yeah yeah yeah as if one could be unstable on Sunday and "magically stable" on Wednesday. I happen to have bipolar and I know it's impossible to lose it THAT MUCH and "gain it" back so fast. She should stop using bipolar as an excuse!!!!!

2764 days ago


Stone Temple Pilots was way better than Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco.

2764 days ago


This man is HOT! Too bad he has a psycho wife... I'd do him in a New York minute!

2764 days ago


Being someone that suffers from Bipolar Disorder, I can completely understand what she is saying. It is nice to see someone come forward and admit that it was not his fault. I am medication intolerant so I have to give my boyfriend kudos for putting up with me. The medication can cause imbalances which is why you have to keep such an eye on it. Good job, take care of yourself, but next time call a doctor before you burn everything he owns lol.

2764 days ago


#32 is right and the only one here who I truly believe knows this disease. And she didn't use it as an excuse. They made restitution to the hotel (by the way, the pics were not that bad at all and on that thread, everyone was saying how lame of a "trashing" it was). They got the kids out of the way and they are staying with family members. She isn't saying she is "okay." Quite the opposite. She said Scott is supporting her as she is getting her meds adjusted to get her out of this cycle. Mania does manifest itself in often uninitiated rage. If it makes you feel a big person to call someone crazy with a mental disease, go ahead. I have this, and I have cycled into rages when I either didn't take my meds at the right time or my doc added a new med to help with insomnia. There are many elements to this disease, and those of you who are simplifying it by saying "that's just an excuse" really know nothing about it or you would see very clearly how this could happen.

2764 days ago


If she is newly diagnosed with bi-polar it can take awhile to get meds worked out to regulate the illness. If she cycled into an episode she could have been halluciating or mixed-up as to what was and wasn't real. Her actions can very much be caused by out-of-control bi-polar. It can take awhile to get used to monitoring oneself or your loved one for the small signs that can be treated before they rage into something worse. It's a very complex disease.

Bi-polar isn't a hollywood disease caused by a mix of ego-fueled partying. It's a physical defect in the brain, as real and in need of treatment as diabetes, cancer or heart disease. There's no blame in having bi-polar, though, there is a responsibility to take meds that sometimes have distressing side effects. The side effects can be so numbing that some people become discouraged in taking their meds. It takes a good doctor to find the right balance of meds to minimize side effects, while keeping the brain from cycling out of control.

There's been a lot of hollywood freak-outs lately by spoiled, immature, drug/drink soaked idiots. A lot of running off to rehab to get cover and to better their image -most of it is probably not a sincere attempt to better themselves or to deal with a disease or addiction. Many of these people may not be addicts, but only have frat disease. Mary attributes her actions to bi-polar, and if she really has this disease she's in a totally different category and should be given understanding and help.

2764 days ago


SAD, I don't know her- never heard of her. I know that Scott is younger than me and now, he looks much older! Sad is the word. Here I am wishing I had more money and maybe I am better off without it. Scott has had a ton of money, and without the nice clothes he could very easily be scrounging change on the street. Shew.

2763 days ago


I appreciate her honesty. Scott's lucky to have her.

2763 days ago


I knew Scott's younger brother, Michael, and only recently heard of Michael's recent death. I am sure this loss is having an impact on both Scott and Mary. Can anyone tell me more about Michael? He was a really neat guy.

2763 days ago
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