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Britney: The Dental Detective

3/29/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A begoggled Britney Spears wreaked havoc with Hollywood paparazzi yesterday when she was transported to Century City ... with another toothache.

Actually, it appears that Britney is being treated by celebrity dentist to the stars, Dr. Bill Dorfman, whom you may remember from his dental prowess on ABC's "Extreme Makeover."

Spears, seen here in her best Angela Lansbury "Murder, She Wrote" detective garb, found her way into the dentist's office and was treated for a pesky molar. The earth remained on its axis.


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This girl has gone down hill REALLY fast! She's going to the dentist, so she can get a prescription for her Vicodin habit.

She's a mess and I wish she would go away! She needs to learn how to be a parent, never mind all the other madness! Those poor kids! She should never have had them if she didn't want them. They are with their father because she obviously has NO CLUE. Everyone thought her mother would get the kids - NOT. She will never be able to make a comeback, there is too much talent out there and her bubblegum chewing fans need to get over it.

2661 days ago

Land Shark    

All meth heads lose their teeth. It's practically the first thing to go.

2661 days ago


BRITINEY get a stylist !

2661 days ago


Brittney, Brittney, Brittney.... We are on to you! All you want is some pain killers! "Oh I have a tooth ache!" "Can I have something for the pain!" Please it takes more than a month to get clean!

2661 days ago


it could be a factor of the (1) pregnancy as someone said earlier...i know i had a couple of abcessed teeth while and immediately following both of my daughters' births...(2) the prescriptions that tend to go with the abcesses, in my case unually Lortab, Tylenol 3, ect....(3) possibly bulimia but that would be a news flash for all interested, and (4) tooth decay is a "side effect" of meth addiction, which by the way could be HOW she lost the weight soooo fast. I was on a STRICT diet and it still took me 6 months for both daughters to lose 40 pounds.
Just something to chew on!

2661 days ago


Not everyone is perfect. Atleast she is trying to get better for herself and kids!! You know the whole eating disorder thing that does not make you white trash or a whore!! Everyone acts like they are perfect and no one is, my god people leave her alone. Best of luck Britney!! Can't wait to hear your music again!!

2661 days ago


Sorry guys...I don't hate Brit and I don't love Brit. I just know she will never be like she ever was. She looks like a dunce most of the time. She isn't as sexy anymore either. I think most of the people saying she looks fab are just really big fans and good for you for sticking to what you like, but the truth is the truth. If she looks this.....unkept and has a fortune, you better believe she would be a rag wearing mess if all she made was 30K per year. She used to be cool. She used to seem in control. She used to seem interesting without the drama. Now if not for the drama, there would be nothing to say about her. I hope she comes back to the music and I hope she hits us with something good. I don't need to nor do I dislike Brit. I hope she can polish herself up and start looking like a star again ON STAGE. As for how she looks doing normal day to day stuff like going to a liquor store, a dentist, a dance rehearsal.....come on people, ease up. My only dig for her is that she really should spend more time with the kids. She will realize when they are in their teens that she missed out on the best memories ever. They stay big longer than they stay little. And all little guys and girls are adorable, even if their looks aren't great, they are little people and just too cute to me...ALL OF YOU BLOGGERS BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. TALK ABOUT THE STARS NOT EACH OTHER. WE ARE ONLY SPECTATORS AND IT MAKES NO SENSE TO BE SO MEAN....GOTTA GO...I'M HUNGRY!

2661 days ago


Why do we give a rat's ass about her or her teeth? You reep what you sow!

2661 days ago


Jesus Chr*st, can't Britney have a simple tooth problem without all of your low-life specualtion as to why? Could it be possible that, wait, she really has a problem with one of her teeth? Man, for so many people on here saying it's such a waste of time reading and writing about Britney, you're all still doing it! BTW, "Jan" and "the who", they have medication for people like you. Why don't you take some pain killers to control your anger...

2661 days ago
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