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Did Sanjaya's Singing Finally Kill Someone?

3/29/2007 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya MalakarThe loyal "American Idol" fan who has been on a hunger strike until Sanjaya is voted off of "Idol," didn't update her daily blog last night after Sanjaya survived another round of cuts, prompting us to wonder: Has Sanjaya's "singing" claimed its first victim?

The MySpacer, who only goes by the name of "J," has been at this for nearly two weeks. After Tuesday night's episode, she wrote, "Tomorrow is Wednesday, hopefully the day that will save my life." Cryptic.

"J," if you're out there, let us know you're ok. And have a steak or something -- Sanjaya isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


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go home sanjaya! see what's happening.please phone home you ET looking boy

2768 days ago


That mohawk was something.
This kid ain't going nowhere. His fan base is unbelievable.
"J" go get a sandwich.

2768 days ago


Yeah, but if you look at the date of last login, the person has logged on TODAY (Thursday, March 29th). The person is not dead. This is just for publicity.

2768 days ago

carol ard    

You gotta be kidding this guy was not voted off..What is wrong with this country..This guy stinks as a singer..he is horrible!

2768 days ago


WELL HE'S KILLING ME! Is this a hair contest or a singing contest? I forget these days? I haven't heard many coments on the contestants' voices lately!

2768 days ago


If you look at her myspace page - it appears she has logged in today (Thursday, May 29) so she's still among the living....apparently just too weak to type. Or maybe she tried to give herself a ponytail mohawk and her fingers are trapped in the rubberbands.

2768 days ago


Has Sanjaya's "singing" claimed its first victim? LET'S HOPE SO!

2768 days ago


She needs to leave!!! That Sanjaya

2768 days ago

still lost    

I think after this year AI should be put to bed!!!! It has obviously gotten way out of control-when a no talent can stay in the competion-and good talents are booted off. I think the whole thing is rigged-just for shock apeal... I'm finished with the show!!!!

2768 days ago


a.i. has lost all credibility the joke is on the people who keep watching it ,cause this is no longer a singing competition so if you keep watching ,no one to blame but yourselves,american idol is NO LONGER A LEGIT SHOW

2768 days ago

Moe had it one last time    

"J" you need to follow Sajayas lead and swallow

2768 days ago


Well,that girl needed to lose some weight anyway. The judges knew what they were getting when they chose him to be the punching bag of the show. Sanjaya has said flat out during auditions that his sister has the better voice..evidently the boy could sing enough that the judges liked it enough to send him through to Hollywood and on to the top 24.
He's already a very timid,shy kid with no stage experience and I truly believe with age he will improve. his voice may not be as strong and belting as everyone but he do alright. he's very reserved and laid back you can just tell.
People (especially adults)need to lay up off of that Lakeisha jones need to stop being so hyped up because she's boring and a mandisa wannabe..Melinda has the better voice anyway.

Everyone really needs to stop blaming votefortheworst for everything and understand that Sanjaya has people that really likes him enough to vote for him.

2768 days ago


I saw this chicks myspace page... If she is dumb enough to starve herself for the sake of a stupid tv show.... well..... she gets what shes asking for... did she really think America would vote to save her? Shoot.. I'd almost vote for this guy just to see how long she goes... tard..

2768 days ago


Sanjaya is a blatant homosexual....and clearly a bottom! I mean, Can he BE MORE QUEENY?!?!

2768 days ago

Leah C    

AI lost credibility over that whole William Hung thing. The guy couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag, his English and diction were terrible! Yet, some idiot record producer gave him a record deal! There are people who are genuinely talented and struggle for years to be recognized for it, and yet, these tone-deaf people get a huge fanbase! And, frankly, I stopped watching after Clay Aiken was robbed. By the way, where IS Ruben lately? How many hits has he had?

2768 days ago
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