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Heather Mills: Out on a Limb

3/29/2007 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Armed with two artificial legs in hand, prosthetic pirouetter Heather Mills ankled away from her busy "Dancing with the Stars" training to visit a Beverly Hills clinic, although it's unknown who's footing the bill.

It's nice to see that if the pedestrian soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Paul McCartney happens to lose her fake appendage while doing the Cha Cha, she has ample backup.

Break a leg, girl!


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Marty Columbus OHIO    



2742 days ago


Does Britian produce FUGLY or what?

2742 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.....Now......... there are "Hand Bags" correct?!?!?!......Shouldn't there be "Leg/Foot bags"???
Come on, not everyone wants to see your "legs"..............

2742 days ago


Derek -- oooooohhhhh..... she went on Larry King and cleared everything up? Well then, its settled..............SHE IS A B*TCH
She admitted to spreading horrible things about Paul and tried to retract (probably because she realized that would not help her get her money-grubbing hands on more millions - that that of course if just my opion -- opions are still legal, right?)
Friends? U think so? I think it probably has more to do with the child than friendship.
But thank you for your insight and for setting us straight on the 'facts'

2742 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Heather doesn't get my sympathy, she gets my respect.
I loved it when she said she'd probably perform on DWTS the very same as if she'd had both legs. In other words, no excuses.
I don't even think if her leg flew off while dancing she'd make an excuse.

Paul sent her a bouquet of flowers her opening night on the show. I thought that was classy. I hope the best for both of them.

2742 days ago

For Justice and the American Way    

I didn't like her before she was on "Dancing With the Stars", but now I think she has a sense of humor, is down to earth, and a hell of a dancer. I have two legs and wish I could move like she does with one! Good for her!

2742 days ago


I a man in recovery, & clean for 17yrs, and so Proud of Ms. Heather Mills, i in my life had to leave my family for christmas & new years, being Italian Canadian, there was nothing but booze & gambling from the "EVE'S", TO MASS THE NEXT DAY, SO I & 2-FEMALE FRIENDS IN THE SAME PROGRAM WENT TO ACAPULCO FOR OUR CLEAN & SOBER CHRISTMAS FOR THE FIRST TIMES IN OUR LIVES, & ONE OF THE LADIES HAD ONE ARM & ONLY ONE LEG, BUT HAD THE SUB'S FOR SWIMMING, & I BEGAN TO NEVER EVEN FOCUS ON THE OUTSIDE JUST THE SPIRIT WITHIN, WELL SEEING HER TO NOT LIVE HER PAST BUT STEPPING FORWARD FOE A HAPPY LIFE, & STILL LOVE THE DADDY OF HER CHILD. To me She is this years "Mario Lopez" & i loved her dancing, it is so proud to see her happy..................I HOPE PAUL FINALLY DOES TOO.

2742 days ago


Paul sent her a bouguet of flowers on her opening show. He's so distraught he would probably take the WHORE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! He appears to be one of those men that has to have a woman. Get a couple of dogs!!!! They are great company!!!!!

2742 days ago


I like Heather. Paul is no saint, it takes two to tango.

2742 days ago

My Two Cents    

She happens to dance really well. I used to feel the same way that most of you do until I watched her. She really is amazing and my hat is off to her. Paul McCartney has nothing to do with this and neither does her divorce. She is competing in a dance show and she is one of the better dancers and she only has 1 leg. So to the rest of you - get a life.

2742 days ago


I agree with all the negative comments about Heather. She looks under weight too. Who is watching her daughter? Does she not miss her daughter? I would not take a lot of time away from my daughter no matter what.

2742 days ago


i mad as helll that when mario lopez and the other dancers last year did the same flips as heather they were literally ripped apart ..the dance rulesare that there are to be one foot on the ground and no flying in the air...come on judges you are pulling a double standard for ratings..heather should of had points deducted like last year ..heather once again does not play by the rules.........

2742 days ago

Marty Columbus OHIO    




2742 days ago


Here's a woman who says her husband stabbed her, threw her in the bathtub while she was pregnant, called her ungrateful at a party, wouldn't let her have a potty pan under the bed, stopped her from nursing Bea, because those boobies were his!!!!!! The McCartney clan and friends are out to get her, it goes on and on. I suppose her and Stella are best buddies now!!!!!

2742 days ago


If you've actually watched "Dancing With The Stars" then you know that she is an excellent dancer. Factor in the leg issue, and she is a fantastic dancer. I think she is an inspiration to people with disabilties. The money from DWTS is going to charity, as does a great portion of her money.
I also think it's great that she is open about her disability. The picture shows her on the way to a Drs. appointment regarding her leg. Why shouldn't she bring her prosthesis(sp?) along with her?
If she were such a horrible person I don't believe Paul would have married her in the first place.
We are all intitled to our opinions, but some on here sound truly ignorant.

2742 days ago
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