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"Laguna Beach" Star Charged with DUI

3/29/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to ReadTMZ has learned that wayward "Laguna Beach" star Jessica Smith has just been released from an Orange County jail, after being charged with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence.

Smith,19, who spent almost three full days behind bars, was arrested Monday on suspicion of felony driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and of causing "great bodily injury" during a crash on the Santa Ana Freeway near Los Angeles. We're told that Smith had a blood alcohol level of .12.

Sources tell TMZ that because Smith wasn't charged with a felony, her bail was reduced from $100,000 to $5,000. Although her bail was reduced yesterday, Smith was apparently unable to come up with the bail until today. Under the terms of her release, Smith has been ordered not to drink alcohol and to attend one AA meeting per week until her arraignment on April 25.


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What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Nancy -

I am not jealous of this woman that I don't know. I do know that it's against the law and unethical and foolish to drive after drinking.

How would you feel if your family member was killed in a car accident and others were cheering the person on that caused the accident.

This actress (I don't even recognize her) made a foolish judgement call and could have killed herself or someone else. As part of a "victim's" can't imagine the after affects of going through the loss, the trial, the pictures, etc. This person (regardless of what she does for a living) needs to be appropriately punished so that she won't drive intoxicated again.

It's to save someone's life.

Don't feed into this celebrity stuff.

2734 days ago

wake up!    

Hey Turtle...Maybe you should focus less on being a racist and more on learning how to spell.

2734 days ago


I can't believe that her family couldn't come up with the money to bail the girl out. Besides her choice of boyfriends, I thought Jessica was the smart one. Hope she gets it together...glad no one was seriously injured in the accident. If this is her one wake-up call, hope she hears it.

2734 days ago


Carl said: "Why was she ordered to attend AA meetings? She has not been convicted, the court has no right to sentence her before a trial."

Is this even correct? How can law enforcement make someone attend a program with religious overtones? Separation of church and state. There are so many alternatives to AA that they most likely gave her a choice of rehabilitation programs and that was the one she chose.

2734 days ago

reality TV is lame    

ok....i can't believe no one has brought this up yet.....

little miss jessica is being charged with "two misdemeanor counts," one being driving under the infulence causing bodily injury, and the other being driving with a BAC over 0.08.....

that being said...SHE IS 19 YEARS OLD!!!!!!

legally an adult, but not old enough to drink alcohol...she gets no charge for drinking underage?? someone please explain, if not for the simple fact that she is wealthy or a "reality tv star"...

pathetic...that is all...

2734 days ago


I remember when a relative of mine hit a person walking on the street a couple of years ago. The humiliation our family had to endure while the courts wasted valuable time on a trial. We spent thousands of dollars on attorney teams to help him. His parents even sold his boat. Thank god the investigation showed the other man walk crossing at the wrong place in the road, so no real damage done except that my cousin could not drive for like 6 months.

Then the other man tried to sue him by saying his back was hurt or something but it probably wasn't. So the guy that she hit needed to be more careful so innocent peolple don't get hurt.

2734 days ago


she couldnt come up with bail money because unlike her peers from Laguna, Jessica was never as wealthy as her friends. remember her car? (it was a normal car, but compared to Kristins` BMW it was far simpler, same with her house, it was a regular house, but compared to LCs, or Kristins, it was much smaller)...In addition ti that, Jessica was the only one to stay in Laguna attending college, comunity college I guess, while all the rest went up to LA or attendes schools back east. So she sisnt have the extravagant life style her friends did.

2734 days ago


dumb bitch, i think its hilarious she spent three days in the slammer, hey jessica whos bitch are you???

2734 days ago

get a grip    

Question for Annie A.........was your relative drinking and driving when this happened??? There is a huge difference between being hit by a drunk driver and an accident. You know the second you step behind the wheel of a car drunk it's no longer an accident and that person should have to pay the price for being so selfish.

2734 days ago


Ok DUI's aren't just for celebrities. A lot of people, normal people have them so I don't know how you can say fame went to her head. She's not like Kristin whose fame did go to her head, while managing to get invited to every single party just to have her pic on the red carpet. Ok and Jessica was the least spoiled out of her friends. She drove like a Toyota on the show and never claimed to have a lot of money.

DUI's aren't fun so if you're gonna drink and drive, be safe about it. Keep your eye out for cops, and for God's sake stay off major highways. I learned so many backroads in highschool just trying to stay off highways. Ok and I'm not promoting Drinking and Driving, but it happens all the time and people need to be aware.

2734 days ago


it's all fun and games till you spill your drink and hit an illegal

2733 days ago


Turtle you really are a dumbass.

2733 days ago


bdizz your a dumass too!

2733 days ago


Actually, Jessica is not that rich and many of the homes are not that nice, like many say. Breanna Conrad's manor was truly a nice home, Kristin's several homes were nice. Jessica lived in an okay home, which her parents probably purchased back in the early '90s, when homes in Laguna were quite cheap.

2733 days ago


oh wah!!!! rich girl in jail!! oh well drinkin and driving is stupid!

2729 days ago
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