Lohan Flees, Larter Nixes Sanjaya

3/30/2007 1:43 PM PDT
Hot blondes Lindsay Lohan and "Heroes" star Ali Larter got their hair perked at the same place -- and both left as if their hair were on fire.

The two were spotted leaving Neil George salon in Beverly Hills, just 10 minutes apart. While Larter chatted it up as she exited, an alumnium-clad Lohan whooshed out of the place faster than an Easter bunny hopping away from a tainted egg hunt.

After La Lohan sped off in her Mercedes, and most of the paps took off, Larter and her adorable Wheaton terrier exited to little fanfare, saying, "I was like, there's no way anybody's here for me!" The lone remaining photog asked if she voted for hair-raising "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar this week -- eliciting a strong "No!" from the starlet.