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O'Reilly to ABC -- Fire "Nutty" Rosie!

3/30/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnd you thought Rosie-Trump got nasty? FOX News' designated flamethrower, Bill O'Reilly, slammed Rosie on "The O'Reilly Factor" last night, calling her "nutty" and "irresponsible," and suggesting that ABC should fire O'Donnell for her provocative remarks about Iran and the war in Iraq. Look out below.

Rosie, who was not a guest on O'Reilly's show, has been anything but gentle in expressing her feelings toward U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, going so far as to suggest on her blog that the recent kidnapping of British sailors was designed by the U.S. and Britain to help escalate hostilities against Iran. On "The View" this week, Rosie also challenged viewers to Google "Gulf of Tonkin," a reference to the controversial naval attacks in Southeast Asia that led to the U.S.'s increased involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

Now, O'Reilly is calling for ABC to be "held accountable" for Rosie's remarks, especially after the network axed Bill Maher post-9/11 for suggesting that the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center were "courageous." ABC, for its part, had no comment this morning.

On today's "View," Rosie was mute about O'Reilly's broadside, but the show was taped before last night's "Factor."


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Its like calling the kettle black huh. O'Reilly needs to keep his VIEWS to himself. cant stand him. SRosie is a big mouth but Bill has her beat!!!!!!!!!!

2734 days ago


i tried to email barbara walters earlier about this very thing--it didn't go through--so good i get this chance to speak.

i used to think she was okay back when she had her talk show--rarely watched but when i did it seemed that she was funny, nice and pretty good at an interview.

actually, it seems that about the time she came out of the closet (not like we didn't know already) she brought with her this angry, loud mouthed attitude. if people don't agree with her then she just overpowers the conversation. and, on the view we need more than one view--actually it would take a conservative strong like o'reilly, rush, or boortz to even stand up to her.

what she's said lately is stupid, outrageous and foul!! she should really just move to another country. and, absolutely, she should be fired!!

2734 days ago

Sterns an ASSHOLE!    

FREAKS (and she has proven herself to be one) like Rosie O'Donnell need to be chastised for their rude, hatful, inappropriate comments regarding the United States and their allies. These are innocent soldiers that were simply doing their duty. For Rosie to use them to suit he own sick agenda is twisted. She should not be afforded such a forum to spew her warped opinion. She is breeding hatred, enabling our enemies by supporting their positions, she is borderline treason (adhering to the enemies of the US, giving them aid or comfort) and causing chaos! ABC should consider their reputation and not only ratings! I will never watch the View again until she has been fired!

2734 days ago

Left Coaster    

Bill O blows. Rosie, don't listen to the haters!

2734 days ago


Absolutely agree with Mr. O'Reilly. This woman is obviously illiterate and a whack job.

2734 days ago


Rosie is a complete blowhard whose knowledge about current events (and history) is superficial and at times appears delusional. At least O'Reilly usually has a solid grasp on reality, even if he is opinionated and sometimes judges things before all of the facts are known. Rosie said that terrorists are "just mothers and fathers", for crying out loud. She's also a 9/11 conspiracy nutbag who wants the government to take my right to self defense away while her body guard packs heat. O'Reilly calls out conservatives and people like Dobson, too when they say things that are outrageous. He makes me want to slap the left as well as the right. Rosie, Sean Penn, and company just give him ammo more often.

2734 days ago


What's interesting is right after 9/11 Rosie was 100% supportive of President Bush. She went out and bought guns (remember her diatribe against Tom Selleck on her old show over guns) and cheered the President when he threw out the first baseball at Yankee Stadium that year.

Now she's turned a 180.

Rosie is not stable - nor does she back up her arguments with reasonable, thought-out facts. It's all emotion, it's all hysteria, it's all alarmist -- and it's all to upset people who won't go out and do their own homework to see what the truth is.

She's also rude, and she has no idea what civil discourse means. Yes, it's all about Rosie's View -- which is skewed, and insane, and full of anger and hate. Her anger and hate are her problems. And she sure isn't a good role model for others.

2734 days ago


I agree with Bill. Rosie blamed the media and her own network for misleading the public in their views. ABC is owned by Disney. Is this the way Disney thinks by having Rosie as their spokesperson. If that is true, maybe we should boycot Disney.

2734 days ago

Cindy K    

You Go Girl .... I love how you posted "real humans listen to both sides of the story" then I guess your little hero Rosie isn't a real human because she never listens to anyone's side ... she is concerned about her OPINION. I also find it amusing that just because someone doesn't agree with you or doesn't have the same opinion you just assume they are uneducated about the situation or is a puppet. You're as funny as old Rosie LOL

2734 days ago


PLEASE dump that loudmouth! Her political theories do not belong on this show. That is NOT entertainment.

2734 days ago


Rosie has the right to free speech, if you don't like it, then don't watch.

2734 days ago


While O'Lielly's calling for accountability, perhaps he can pass on that suggestion to his friends in the Bush junta.

Does the truth hurt THAT bad for these chickenhawks that they actually devote airtime to opinions expressed on The View? Billy the sex pervert (who needed to pay off the woman accusing him of improper conduct. That's being real "accountable") needs to realize people are allowed to air opinions different from his. It's really American of him to suggest firing somebody for disagreeing with his point of view (why doesn't he call for Elizabeth Hasselback's firing? Or she okay because she likes this oil war like him?)

Billy the draft dodger and the rest of the chickenhawk warmongers need to shut the gas pocket called their mouths and get their asses to the nearest recruiting office, go to Iraq and fight their hero's oil war.

You can talk big when you're sitting behind a desk at right-wing wacky Faux News.

The truth always hurts.

2734 days ago


jay--if you are an american--then you need to leave--NOW!!

2734 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

sorry bill I could give a rat's ass what you think. and I am a LOYAL ABC watcher (lost and grey's anatomy baby!).....

2734 days ago


It worries me those of you who believe her. She is counting on it. I defend her right to free speech, but along with that comes responsibility.

2734 days ago
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