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Sligh: I Didn't Want to Win "Idol" Anyway

3/30/2007 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Sligh-tly sore loser, are we?

Mop-topped "American Idol" hopeful Chris Sligh, who just got the axe on Wednesday, now says he thought about quitting the show after getting excoriated for his maverick arrangement of "Endless Love," and that he really just stayed in to get paid as one of the Top Ten, who will go on tour this summer.

In an interview with his hometown paper, the Greenville, S.C. News, Sligh says he never really wanted to be the American Idol. "I never came into this wanting to win it. I made the Top Ten. That was my goal," says the big-haired Sligh, who many observers pointed out bears a striking resemblance to "The Simpsons'" Sideshow Bob.

But when he was told that he wouldn't be able to go on tour with the Top Ten if he pulled out, Sligh grudgingly stayed in, getting his final walking papers two weeks later.


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I refuse to believe that he did not want to win. Then why go on American Idol in the first place? If he wanted to go home than why did he look shocked when he was voted off. He has the voice but not the looks to be an American Idol. He needs to do something with that God awful hair of his. He desperately needs a make-over.

2763 days ago

What tha hell eva!    

Whateva! He wasn't going to win anyway so he had to comeback with somethin more stupid that he looked after they picked his *!% to go home. This whole show has gotten so lame. None of these people have any real star quality EXCEPT, Melinda Doolittle and Phil Stacey (which he needs to tone up his stomach area a bit). They are the real contestants with true talent. The rest of them lame #$^ wannabees, need to go sit the hell down

2763 days ago


Chris Sligh was insulted that Sanjaya's still in. I would be too. I am fully disgusted that excellent singers have left the show and he is still there. American Idol needs to sue those sites and radio stations urging people to vote for the worse. This program is such a break for people who do have talent to make it big. Now the other networks, radio stations, etc. want to try to ruin the show. They are succeeding. They have taken the chance away for contestants who can sing to win, and AI eventually will loose ratings because of their imput. What a shame!! The season has been awlful. Chris, along with some others, should have been off after Sanjaya. If I was Chris, I would be disgruntled too. What a lousy season. I really couldn't blame Simon either. This show makes money, but it's for the good of unknowns trying to win fame. Americans you need to vote for the winner and show these people that we will not accept their deception of voting for the worse.

2763 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

I'm with 'For the Best' .. I think that American Idol has 'Jumped the Shark' this season.

I do believe Chris' comments. He was assured a once in a lifetime chance to play in front of thousands with the Top 10 Idol Tour this summer. I'm sure it's decent money for a few months work which will give him the 'luxury' of looking for something else. Maybe a Christian music venue?

2763 days ago


i liked Chris, but each week he just seemed bored with the entire thing. i like Gina's enthusiasm. Melinda and LaKisha are like old women.

2763 days ago


If AI wants to solve the Sangaya problem, they need to make it so that you can only vote ONCE. It would be possible for them to set it up so each phone number can only put in ONE vote. That would improve things a lot and make the voting a lot more legit.

Also #33, Beamer, Simon Cowell said that comment WEEKS ago, but anyone with a BRAIN would know that Simon was joking, because he CANNOT quit - he just signed a new 5 year contract with AI. So if people are voting for Sangaya hoping to see Simon quit, they will be sorely disappointed.

2763 days ago


I am glad he got booted. There is no way in hell that I would have purchased a CD with this big fat slobs mug on it. I have two words: Trimspa baby!

2763 days ago

Mean MJ    

From an article on FOX News ....

But Greene said she still has worries over Sligh's long-term spiritual journey.
"Is he going to stand strong by his true Christian morals?" Greene said. "Christianity is a lifestyle ... and there are things in your life that you do need to stand for."

Does this answer your question?

It seems Chris Sligh stands for Chris Sligh.

2763 days ago


#14 Chris Daughtry is the perfect example of why you don't want to win. He is not obligated to Idol. I believe Sligh is telling the truth. Your better off not winning because otherwise Idol owns you.
Why would you want to win?

2763 days ago


Chris Sligh got screwed by the sound man who put heavy echo on the verses instead of jus on the chorus.

The echo time didn't match and thru Sligh off time. Sligh wasn' going to win,but got a raw deal.

They corrected the echo on elimination night and Sligh sang it fine

2763 days ago

Real Love    

For all you morons who think AI should sue over Sanjaya ... who put Sanjaya in the top 24 in the first place? And you don't think that AI isn't LOVING the press and attention their show is getting over this? Please. Not to mention,this isn't a new phenomenon... it happens every season... remember the outrage over that red-headed Sinatra wannabe that one year, or the fat fugly guy who allegedly beat his girlfriend? Maybe you should wonder why you're taking a tv show/talent competition so seriously.

Meanwhile, this fat fug Chris Sligh is full of it.

2763 days ago


The Idol tour salaries are about $250,000 per Idol for the summer tour. It's a really big deal to get in the top ten.

2763 days ago


Idol producers gave him the axe for pandering to on TV.... thats a big no no on AI, you don't buddy up with people trying to determine the outcome of the show - they got rid of him for it..... same with Antonella, she became too controversial, too much of a PR nightmare so they got rid of her, though all of the vote tracking sources had her in the top 3.... this show is decided on by the producers, the thought that america "votes" the winner is a joke and I can't believe anyone still honestly believes that.

2763 days ago

Sexi Lexi    

Yea he looks more like Hurley from Lost.. Hes a loser and I really liked him until now. Perez Hilton rocksssssssssssss love you guys sooooo much.............

2763 days ago


Chris has a really nice voice...and with his personality...sense of al...I can see him having some opportunities out there. He's a character type....could do Broadway type shows....TV....and become more than just a voice. I hope this happens. Maybe he can follow Bruce Valanch (spelling ?)...and John Travolta in Hairspray. I can see it happening.....

As for Idol....and must all be kidding!! Chris Daughtery was madder than hell when he didn't get to the top....he was not a charmer by any means....was terribly ungracious....the personality just isn't there....and his ego...made it even worse. Yes, he's a hit now...but for his kind of doesn't have to be a fits right in with a bunch of others who preceded him in this business.

LaKisha has an extraordinary voice.....close your eyes and listen....she has the power of Jennifer Hudson...but there's a sweeter tone there also. She's a find...hidden out in a bank in Maryland. Melinda is great....but...more typical.....and Jordin....who has a really nice voice...and seems able to pull off many different types of songs with a flair..needs an attitude adjustment as part of the equation. Her sarcasm toward Simon this week...was a no-no...according to several critics. And for all those who think this teen-ager just popped out of nowhere...a real find/discovery...check out her past...and find she's been doing this since she was a young child...she's been around the block many numerous aspects of this business. Only bad part is...that she's got the precocious...child star schtick going on. Blake is good...charming...cute and the girls will take him far with their votes. Sanjaya should be shipped off to Siberia...he's contemptuous...and his attitude and that of his family and friends...tells us that Idol is becoming a cartoon due to their inability to comprehend ..or blatantly ignore...the workings-seriousness of this contest for the truly talented. There are futures out there for the others....and their dreams and hopes...rightfully deserve that this clown....and the rest of his circus ...take their foolish show on the road....permanently. Howard Stern...well...he's another story. What he has incited a slap in the face to American culture.. ..this phenomenon of Idol being something that for once was a family type experience...for all to crazily get involved in ...not to be intercepted by a sleazy mouthpiece such as his.

I guess America will just have to wait and see what the Sanjaya Syndrome will do to the future of this well-received show. In this world of seemed it was an outlet for normalcy in times where getting lost in the light-heartened is becoming increasingly difficult.

2763 days ago
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