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Sligh: I Didn't Want to Win "Idol" Anyway

3/30/2007 8:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Sligh-tly sore loser, are we?

Mop-topped "American Idol" hopeful Chris Sligh, who just got the axe on Wednesday, now says he thought about quitting the show after getting excoriated for his maverick arrangement of "Endless Love," and that he really just stayed in to get paid as one of the Top Ten, who will go on tour this summer.

In an interview with his hometown paper, the Greenville, S.C. News, Sligh says he never really wanted to be the American Idol. "I never came into this wanting to win it. I made the Top Ten. That was my goal," says the big-haired Sligh, who many observers pointed out bears a striking resemblance to "The Simpsons'" Sideshow Bob.

But when he was told that he wouldn't be able to go on tour with the Top Ten if he pulled out, Sligh grudgingly stayed in, getting his final walking papers two weeks later.


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i thought chris was actually good . get rid of that freak show sanjiera thing . i thought this was a compitition for great singers and recording artist. what a disappointment,good luck chris

2743 days ago


Mean MJ,

What the F are you talking about???????????????? Chris stand for Chris???????

2743 days ago

Real Love    

Boy Ellie, you REALLY need to get laid...

2743 days ago


Did anyone ever think too that one of Chris' reasons for leaving might be that the show is a mockery and he wanted out of it? The judges want you to be original, yet when he tries to do Endless Love differently, he's told it stinks and yet every week Blake does his own thing and is praised and loved. Yeah, Blake's choices have worked some, but there are a few that I just sat there and waited for it to finally be over. Plus who would want to be on a show where the worst singer (Sanjaya) isn't even in the bottom 3 multiple weeks in a row, keeps wearing ridiculous hairstyles, can't sing a note to save his life, and everyone yet keeps voting for him. If I was Chris, I'd want out too so people wouldn't affiliate me with AI or should I say Sanjaya TV.

2743 days ago


Chris S made a bet with Phil for $50 that he was going home, thats why you heard him say YOU OWE ME $50 when they hugged. Chris S. said in the Fox Idol aftershow that he called his wife at 2 pm that day and said he was going home. He said he missed his wife too. My impression of him was that he did better until he got to the top 10, then he just was blase, he didnt care as long as he made the tour and that means big bucks.

I think this guy is the homeliest looking person Idol ever had. I cant see how Simon, Randy and Paula even put him through, he's not that good. And he said he majored in VOICE in college and theatre. He probably didnt attend a very good school. Look at the difference between Chris and Constantine singing Every Little Thing... Constantine sang it better than the original and never missed a beat. I wont be buying tickets for this tour, there is NO ONE I'd want to see, Jordin is the best they have, I cant stand the rest of the crew....except Sanjaya he will bring in tickets, he's young and will attract the young girls.
This what Randy Simon and Paula chose as their BEST out of 100s of thousands..they get what they deserve...
oh so obvious, Jordin wins, Blake is runner up.

2743 days ago


I liked Chris Sligh and am sorry they made him tone down his sarcastic remarks. He was quick, smart, and funny--and that's one of the things the judges liked about him. Then came the "terrible" response to Simon Cowell about "Teletubbies," and the snark stopped. Too bad. I also liked "Endless Love." These judges contradict themselves all the time: "Make it your own." "You don't change a classic." WhaEVER! I'll be interested to see if we see more of Chris Sligh over the years. At least he got great exposure.

2743 days ago


I didn't care for Chris, I didn't think he sang all that well although he had a nice enough voice. I'm sorry he couldn't be a gentleman such as Elliott Yamin was when he was voted off in 3rd place, that's the way to go out. Elliott is doing well now and released a cd this month that is doing well, that is not going to happen for Chris because of his attitude. As for Sanjaya, AI needs to have another show, American teen Idol, this way you separate the teeny bopper magnets from the regular AI show and create a new teen senstation for the bubble gum crowd, they can stomach anything. His voice is just unbelievable, like chalk on blackboard to me.

2743 days ago



I, for one,was sorry to see Chris go. I thought he had an absolutely fabulous voice.
His biggest problem is when he talks; he sounds ungracious and like sour grapes- he should stick to singing.

Our 17 year old male who is still in the "race" is unpopular with many but I think he is adorable. The teeny boppers really seem to love him and He has great teeth If the lad gets a vocal coach to help him with his vocals he just might come back in 4 years and kick butt. Then we can all say we "knew him when". Wouldn't THAT be something ?

2743 days ago


He didn't want to win it anyway? Who is he kidding? Why the hell is he there?
Get to packin' fat boy...I see a big mac in your future---at work...want fries with that?

2743 days ago


Chris looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Only older, fatter and with a worse hairday.

2743 days ago


I thought he was really good. No, he doesn't have the "look" that people are
voting for, but he did have the voice talent. Nothing against Taylor Hicks, but I think Chris has more talent than Taylor Hicks when it comes to vocals.

2743 days ago


song selection!!!!!!

2743 days ago


Having to watch a young guy with a big belly and disgusting hair every week made me sick. He is lucky to have been given a shot on AI. His lack of charisma, in addition to his lack of a great voice, got him knocked off early. Good riddance, loser.

2743 days ago


I watch AI every week, and felt so bad that Chris got the boot. One has to admire the fact that he doesn't fit the "model" image of what is acceptable to society, he still had the courage to try out for this stupid show. In his audition, I originally thought omggg what a loser, and he must think he sounds great, but I bet he really sucks. Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Sanjaya needs to go, hes fuggin horrible, if my teenager daughter would vote for him, Id have a physciatric evaluation done on her.
I think Gina should win she would be my next favorite......... and I agree with some of the other comments on lakisha and melinda They just appear to be all innocent, and demuring, like they cant believe they can sing, When I bet off camera and in their rooms, while theyre slugging down fried chicken and watermelon, they be talkin smack on their white trash competition.

2743 days ago


Chris: I spent a lot of time voting for you. Hearing this from you is a real kick in the ass and a slap in the face to those who tried to help you. Not cool.

2743 days ago
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