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Starving for Sanjaya Chick Lives On!

3/30/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya MalakarCall off the search -- "J" is still with us.

When "J" -- the MySpace girl who is on a hunger strike until Sanjaya is off "American Idol" -- didn't update her blog, we feared the worst. But alas, she's still alive and still going strong.

"I first want to say thanks to TMZ and the rest of you guys for worrying so much about me since then, that really means a lot," she wrote. "It's helping to get me through a rough time. Don't worry though, I'm still alive." Whew!

"J" has gone without food for 13 days now, sustaining her protest with water, vitamins and an undying love for "American Idol."

Just remember "J," if you ever need someone to lean on -- or a sandwich -- we're here for you.


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I have come to wonder about this J person. I have come to conclude either of the following; both of which definitely indicate that he or she is truly starving for attention:

1) J is mentally unbalanced, desparately wants attention, has little or no self-esteem, and has found a way to gain attention from a small part of the public. There will never be any true accomplishments for his/her ambitions other than to bring attention to his/her suicidal tendancies. Starving ones self is an indicator of mental illness. J is starving for attention and he/she is getting it. Those who are paying attention to J are enabling his/her suicidal tendancies. Resorting to this tactic over a silly television show also indicates stupidity and a lack of intelligence.

2) J is an individual who has no doubt in many ways attempted to gain attention whether in anonymity, or in public. He or she has found an interesting way (in his or her own mind) to gain limited attention by utilizing a suicidal technique. J wanted attention, even if it's just a hoax, and he/she is getting it. J is probably giggling at all the attention, but doesn't realize that he or she can actually cause someone harm.

Conclusion, for those that have known someone who has committed suicide, whether intentional or accidental, this is not funny. To this 'J' person; you are not funny, you are getting attention the wrong way. I suggest a more healthier way to get attention because if you get the attention of a copycat, you could be the reason why someone ends up dead.

2708 days ago


PLease....who cares if she is starving herself....this kid is buying his own bull thinking he is the best thing since bo bice....I say we hire a weak small girl to beat the crap out of a 6 year old or something.....

2708 days ago


the girl weighs like 200 pounds, i think she's just doing this as an excuse to lose weight.

2708 days ago


J-You are as nutty as a fruit cake.You had your moment now come back to reality.

2708 days ago


Please people, let's look at this from the truthful side; first of all "J" cannot get a job and be productive like the rest of the world because she is probably 500lbs and cannot move. If my hunch is correct starving yourself would only help you not harm you.

Sanjaya, enjoy what ever it is you are getting out of this because somewhere down the road you will have to put your resume out there for a job and will be rejected from any and every place of employment. The only place that will hire you is the Helen Keller School for Kids and the only reason you will get that job is because they need the cheap labor.


2708 days ago



2708 days ago


I would have to agree this girl is a joke and she wants just as much attention as Sanjaya and I think its very funny that people is buying into her , but I guess she is getting what she wants, it certainly has brought attention which is a sick way to get attention if you ask me, very desprete...

2708 days ago


People... it's a joke! She was practically laughing on her youtube video explaining the hunger strike. It's just a dumb kid doing a prank. The funniest thing about it is that people are actually taking her seriously.

2708 days ago


I admire what this girl is doing......Sanjaya doesn't deserve to be on the show. He should have been voted off weeks ago and it makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry!!!=/

2708 days ago


please, this girl is nuts to starve herself for something sooo insignificant. j or whoever you are, please spend your energies and resources on bettering the community or for others. the world is so much bigger than american idol.

2708 days ago


wow he's got nice teeth

2708 days ago


When I was young and in choir we had to audition to be in there. I have read that Sanjaya is or has been in high school choir so with all the stage fright he's got he's not projecting his voice like he should and comes across shy. Once he gains more confidence he will show his true colors that he does have a voice. When you are onstage and your scared your voice cracks and comes across weak. Get the confidence now to stay in this. Project your voice like you should!!!

2708 days ago


It makes me laughed when someone does this stupid thing to their self... Like this girl "J" whatever the heck her name is, in my opinion she doesn't need to starve herself to keep off SanJaya on AI. I saw her on the news what she look like... "I was shocked " She need to lost some weight......

2707 days ago


What a stupid b***h! As if any of the Idol or Sanjaya fans could care if she lives or dies. She is just getting in more votes for Sanjaya. Get a life!

2707 days ago


Seriously what a DUMBASS CHICK who really needs a life! It's a damn TV show....get over it!!

2707 days ago
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