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Drugs That Killed Anna Rx'ed to Howard K., Others

3/31/2007 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithThe Broward County Medical Examiner confirmed that none of the 11 drugs that were found in Anna Nicole Smith's hotel room were prescribed to Smith.

FOX News anchor Greta Van Susteren obtained documents from Dr. Joshua Perper's office which shows that of the 11 drugs, eight were prescribed to Howard K. Stern, two were prescribed to Alex Katz and one was prescribed to Anna's personal shrink, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich. We don't know who Katz is, but Perper acknowledged one thing that was clear -- Dr. Eroshevich wrote all 11 prescriptions.

Perhaps most interesting, the chloral hydrate that was the major cause of Anna's death (and was prescribed to Stern) was in a duffel bag in the hotel room. As Greta said, Anna was too weak to even get out of bed to go to the bathroom, so how did she get out of bed to rummage through the duffle bag and get the chloral hydrate? Van Susteren pressed Perper for an answer; the doctor said he asked Stern, Eroshevich and the bodyguard if they gave her the drugs and they all said they didn't.

Perper also acknowledged it was a bad idea for Anna to take sedatives in the morning, given she was already too weak to get out of bed. Perper said even if someone else gave her the drugs, "It's not wise for sure, but it's not homicide."


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62. What is that Florida Law that says if you provide drugs, rx or not, to an individual, and that individual dies, you are held responsible for their death? Does somebody out there know the wording of the law? Help me out here, please. Thank you.

Posted at 1:23PM on Mar 31st 2007 by CE

I live in Florida and the law is that you do not give anyone rx meds that are prescribed to you. BUT these rx's where not written out in Florida so I don't know if that makes a difference. It shouldn't--but they are so strict with some laws and yet they let this important stuff just go by---go figure!!

2763 days ago


OK Now I`m concerned too! Why does he still have the baby with all new info? If anything happens to her he should get the death penilty. That duffle bag again. Why did they not look at who the meds were for before they closed the case. Maybe they never really closed the case and they just wanted the press to think they did, A see what came up while they were secretly still all over it.

2763 days ago

Just me??    

Greta is not in a position to try this case on her show...I have already complained to Fox News..must be ratings week..she knows how to draw all the Stern Haters

2763 days ago


6. Now correct me if I am wrong, but if I give you my car, (and I know you drunk,) or I give you, my drugs (and I know you are an addict) and something bad happens, aren't I liable??

Posted at 12:49PM on Mar 31st 2007 by janedoe


2763 days ago


Don't forget - Dr. Perper also holds a law degree... (no, I am not making this up)

2763 days ago

The point is    

Stern could join the Scientologists, they are good at protecting Hollywoods' secrets.

2763 days ago



You say: Why don't they check the finger prints on chloryl hydrate?

BRILLIANT! WHY wasn't that done already?

2763 days ago

Sunni Brock    

I remeber when John Belushi Died from a heroin overdose and the woman who supplied those drugs went too prison? So what makes Howard Stern above the law??

2763 days ago

Just me??    

I blame all the doctors for many, many years prescribing all these drugs..I think everyone should be charged with malpractice and lose their license..and the so-called SHRINK friend is no exception

2763 days ago


"Alex Katz (born July 24, 1927) is an American figural artist associated with the Pop art movement"

So...who in this scenario is into artwork?

2763 days ago

Daniel deserves Justice    

I agree both Anna and Daniel should be exhumed. Something fishy stinks in both cases. I saw Greta last night and I have never seen him lose his cool but he did? He isn't a detective period competant dectectives need to get in there and do a good through job. The Indians are protecting their best interests. Bad publicity for the casnio if murder was commited at their resort.

2763 days ago


Another thing I thought of:

Chloral Hydrate is rarely used these days and it is NOT routinely checked in a toxicology screen.

Did WECHT test for Chloral Hydrate when he did the autopsy for Daniel?????

2763 days ago


I don't believe ANS was given any more or less of the prescription meds that she lived under the influence of..and I'm sure HKS handed her whatever she asked for, that may not be homicide but it is absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE....and this Dr. E shrink..what will it take to have her investigated? Why have I not heard any ounce of remorse from these people?? Just because she was the Queen Bee and it was her wish to be medicated it makes it ok? (yikes)

2763 days ago


83. Greta is not in a position to try this case on her show...I have already complained to Fox News..must be ratings week..she knows how to draw all the Stern Haters

Posted at 1:34PM on Mar 31st 2007 by do da do da

I disagree with you on this one. I think that she has an excellent show! I think she shows the truth. I never hated Howard nor did I ever accuse him f murder. I watch her show because she tells it like it is. Howard in my eyes is the one who has made himself look as bad as he is. He has caused all this speculation of himself by his actions or should I say from stopping all actions.

2763 days ago


why is that when a person is a drug addict it because of an enabler or someone is feeding them drugs they have no control of their lives but when it comes too getting off drugs they have to do it themselves?

2763 days ago
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