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Drugs That Killed Anna Rx'ed to Howard K., Others

3/31/2007 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithThe Broward County Medical Examiner confirmed that none of the 11 drugs that were found in Anna Nicole Smith's hotel room were prescribed to Smith.

FOX News anchor Greta Van Susteren obtained documents from Dr. Joshua Perper's office which shows that of the 11 drugs, eight were prescribed to Howard K. Stern, two were prescribed to Alex Katz and one was prescribed to Anna's personal shrink, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich. We don't know who Katz is, but Perper acknowledged one thing that was clear -- Dr. Eroshevich wrote all 11 prescriptions.

Perhaps most interesting, the chloral hydrate that was the major cause of Anna's death (and was prescribed to Stern) was in a duffel bag in the hotel room. As Greta said, Anna was too weak to even get out of bed to go to the bathroom, so how did she get out of bed to rummage through the duffle bag and get the chloral hydrate? Van Susteren pressed Perper for an answer; the doctor said he asked Stern, Eroshevich and the bodyguard if they gave her the drugs and they all said they didn't.

Perper also acknowledged it was a bad idea for Anna to take sedatives in the morning, given she was already too weak to get out of bed. Perper said even if someone else gave her the drugs, "It's not wise for sure, but it's not homicide."


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my opinion    

i get the feeling dr perper is one of THEM. imo he is being paid by THEM.
i dont care what his reputation is, he sure is looking like a fool to me. how can he possibly say there wasnt any foul play in her death?????
i believe daniel and anna were both murdered.

2730 days ago


I think ALEX KATZ is an alias used by Howard K. Stern.

Lasix, a diuretic, is on the list and it is always given with potassium since so much potassium is lost in the urine when Lasix is taken... In fact, Lasix will kill a person quickly if not given with potassium. (Hmmm, I wonder if ANS's potassium level was checked?)

The funny thing about these Rx for Lasix and potassium is that Eroshevich prescribed the Lasix for herself and the potassium for Stern (or vice versa)... on the same day. WHY all the aliases???

I am sure that Eroshevich has been Anna's personal Dr. Feelgood for years... and she had Dr. Kapoor as well.

2730 days ago

who cares?    

do da do da ---looks like you love stern--is your nose brown?

2730 days ago


If Dr. E had difficulty getting these varied prescriptions filled, where and how did she obtain the drugs?

2730 days ago

my own damn opinion    


2730 days ago


Does anyone know where I can find footage, soundbytes,transcripts of interviews, etc. where the Scheme Team states they will comply with Bahamian law, that the issues need to be heard there, etc.

2730 days ago

Go Home to Zsa Zsa Fraud    

Post # 6 - You are absoluetly right.

My mother owned a bar and a drunk girl left her bar, got into an accident and killed someone. They tried to hold my mother liable for serving the girl when she was intoxicated and shouldn't have been served, however they found out the girl stopped at another bar before the accident. The other bar owner was liable. That's why bar owners have liquor liability insurance.

2730 days ago

HKS is a Sociopath    

HKS = Sociopath

Common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

Glibness and Superficial Charm

Manipulative and Conning
They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

Grandiose Sense of Self
Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."

Pathological Lying
Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

Shallow Emotions
When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

Incapacity for Love

Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

2730 days ago

Mrs. Laughing So Hard    


2730 days ago


People I am so worried about Dannielynn drowning in that pool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Howard will be able to blame it on the nanny!

Bahamma courts stop letting Stern and his morons delaying the hearings! Get the baby away and give her to Larry or Virgie!!! I would like to know how your people are responding to a US citizen in your country being able to change your laws??????????

2730 days ago


go to and under search put anna nicole smith

2730 days ago


Isn't this PROOF that Howard K. Stern should have the baby removed from his care IMMEDIATELY?

Did they say 12 drugs prescribed to Stern? Take that baby to a shelter now.

2730 days ago


Why didn't they just write the prescription's in ANS name?

2730 days ago


Don't type in CAPS. Keep your posts to 2 sentences. I am having trouble following.

2730 days ago


11. I'm not a fan of HKS, but I think it is Dr. Eroshevich who should be investigated and held liable before anyone else!! It was she who wrote ALL 11 prescriptions!

Posted at 12:52PM on Mar 31st 2007 by S. Kimo

At who's request????

2730 days ago
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