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The Z List - This Week's Biggest Losers 03/31/07

3/31/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel SadekDon't cry for K-Fed; rounding off his divorce settlement at $1 million for 25 months of matrimony, that means he got paid $17,857.14 a week for his husbandly chores. No, if you do anything this weekend, shed a crocodile tear for the following K-Oed bunch.

Daniel Sadek: The real-estate-investor-turned-film-producer willingly crashed a couple of his Porsche Carrera GTs during the making of "Redline," a $26 million action flick he is personally financing. But Monday's charity race rehearsal business with co-star Eddie Griffin and a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo was entirely unscripted, a sort of weird anniversary celebration of last year's similar Malibu Enzo dust-up involving Swedish swindler Bo Stefan Eriksson. To his credit, Sadek was able to put the loss in the proper materialistic perspective during a brief, 15-minute private trailer mourning. But for Griffin, forget about "Undercover Brother," the film he jokingly referenced afterwards. This is more like that brief one-year marriage the class clown engaged in while still in high school.

Chris RockChris Rock: It's official; the American public knows it likes you better as a razor-sharp observational comedian. After two weekends of miserably unprofitable theatrical release and a 19% rating from critics on RottenTomatoes, "I Think I Love My Wife" is down to 595 theaters this weekend, with that Viagra tail of Rock's character, Richard Cooper, dragging firmly between the multi-hyphenate's legs. In retrospect, maybe actor-writer-director-producer Rock should have said yes instead -- to that big high-concept Hollywood gig that would have cast him as a car chase criminal taking over for a NASCAR driver. As it is, we can't help but think that you may have fought Jude Law, but for now at least, Jude Law has won.

Elisha CuthbertElisha Cuthbert: Maybe this delectable 24-year-old should get together with producer Brian Grazer to commiserate over coffee. In another case of an innocent Hollywood bystander getting caught up in horrific stupidity, Lionsgate and After Dark Films were reprimanded Thursday by the MPAA for their tasteless and very short-lived recent L.A.-New York ad campaign on behalf of the upcoming Cuthbert horror flick, "Captivity." Among other things, the companies must now wait a month before submitting the film for ratings approval, thereby throwing the May 18th release date into question. Coming on the heels of reports that the Justin Timberlake ditty, "What Goes Around... Comes Around" was all about Cuthbert's one-time relationship with Trace Ayala, it's enough to make any Calgary cowgirl go boo hoo.

David RussellDavid "Oh" Russell: We got news this week that the filmmaker is working on an adaptation "Sammy's Hill," the comedic Washington D.C. novel by Kristin Gore, daughter of global warming guru, Al. But Russell remains strangely -- and we think, mistakenly -- silent about the whole "I Heart Huckabees" dust-up, which has inspired a global cooling of his reputation. Sure, the F-bomb doesn't quite rate these days the way the N-bomb or even Mel's J-bomb did.

American IdolDave Della Terza: OK dude, it's not funny anymore. With Sanjaya surviving another round of "American Idol," thanks in part, to your endeavors, FOX might as well replace Ryan Seacrest with John Walsh and call it "America's Least Wanted." It's not all fun and games now either; a civil litigation attorney told Bill O'Reilly this week that you could logically be sued for interfering with a business, and yesterday, someone hit your site with a DOS (denial of service) attack. Quick, somebody Photoshop some scandalous threesome photos of Della Terza, Alaina Alexander and Antonella Barba, so we can get rid of this mishuggeneh.


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I don't know. I still think he willingly had his car wrecked for the publicity. It seemed to have worked. It was all over web and TV. I mean, if he did it for the movies, why not for this?

2730 days ago

Howard K Stern Supporter    

Who cares. If he could afford a car like that he get zero pity from me.

2730 days ago

Dr. Greg    

Where are the air bags in this head-on collision?? They must have been disabled ahead of time in anticipation of the crash. Which is why I say "hoax".

2730 days ago


I work for this guy. he deserved it.

2730 days ago


You do realize that Dave Della Terza is gay don't you? He even told Stern that he'd backdoor his boyfriend for the first time if Sanjaya stayed on last week.

Maybe a chop of Dave with Chris Sligh and Sanjaya would be more appropriate.....although Dave with women WOULD be both shocking and scandalous!!

2730 days ago


Seriously, could you be less informed, less relevant, and more clueless? Dave and are having their best week ever ! I guess you weren't watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading the internet/magazines/newspapers. has made practically every news program, talk show, and radio program. Howard Stern (the good one, not the one who killed Anna Nicole Smith) has joined the cause and thrown his support behind the effort. Baseless lawsuits have been threatened. Internet sites promising hunger strikes against Sanjaya's continued reign are filled with mocking VFTW-esque mocking. VFTW's own site has more registered members and viewers than ever before. Someone was so threatened by the power of VFTW that a denial of service attack was made, but subsequently thwarted. Lame websites, like TMZ, are making up sources for stories suggesting that Sanjaya doesn't want or need our support. You are so lame!

2730 days ago


Alright, lets go through this again. Votefortheworst will not have a lawsuit pressed against them. I'm sure you in your propagandish, biased way took that quote out of context with Bill O'Reily, assuming of course this was an actual interview. If it was, any record of it on the internet is hard to find. Back to the point. Anyone can be sued and logical arguments can be made for cases that don't hold legal merit. Its true, you can sue anyone for any reason. Do all cases have merit? Of course not. Furthermore, had you done your research, you would know that the FCC is, "not likely to investigate Idol because it would probably ''consider American Idol to be entertainment, like World Wide Wrestling, rather than an actual competition.'' In other words, the show is deemed to be entertainment rather than an actual competition, so therefore VFTW is not interferring with the business. It is making the show more entertaining for millions of viewers.,,1059972,00.html

Lets explore real lawsuits now and see if there is any precedent to make a lawsuit to sue VTFW. This past week a federal judge struck down a law that limited online pornography citing that to restrict the sites on the internet was to limit others rights to free speech. If the federal court says that it is unconstitutional (infringing on adult's right to free speech) to put up more restrictions to block pornography from children, a far greater crime than an entertainment show, I sincerely doubt that anyone will be pressing a legitimate lawsuit against VFTW, which would infringe millions of their rights to express themselves.

That's right boys and girls, we have something called free speech in this country. A lawsuit would never succeed because of a little something called Freedom of Speech protected in our constitutional rights.

2730 days ago


re: - negative publicity is still publicity. If TMZ was against this cause, they'd probably be more constructive by not talking about it.

2729 days ago

Satisfied and then some    

VFTW will only *GAIN* fans as quality singers leave (Brandon, Chris S) while others are kept for $imon's little fantasies (Blake, Gina, Haley). Who believes AI is straight with the votes anyway?

2729 days ago


Dave and VFTW losers? Think you got that one they've had more hits than this lamer site this week. Vote Sanjaya!

2729 days ago

Cyan Anoah    

How in God's name can VFTW be "sued for interfering with a business" when said business relies on public opinion and voting for its success. VFTW and Howard Stern are merely pointing out the inherent FLAW in a system that relies on public opinion. They're not HIRING all their people and paying them to sabotage the show. They're just voicing their opinion - a right granted to them by the FIRST AMENDMENT, maybe you've heard of it.

Besides, t's not as if the best singer won every previous year and that was without VFTW's involvement. I mean, look how many GOOD singers never even made it to Hollywood in the first place. Maybe, just MAYBE, the general public is actually getting tired of this farcical "talent show" and are joining in the movement to make their voices heard. I mean look at the facts: For the last 2 weeks, at least, Sanjaya has not been in the bottom tier, so there must be enough people who believe in this cause.

Oh, and one last thing, don't forget that the omnipotent trio of judges had PLENTY of opportunities to get rid of Sanjaya prior to the final 24. Why did they keep Sanjaya around? Because they thought he would make for good television. Well, guess what, they were right. If you ask me, they and the American Idol producers brought this on themselves.

2729 days ago

Bababooey Dancer #3 and all of the Howard Stern fans know our voices can be heard, and if we get sued for expressing ourselves we have truly been overrun by lawyers. I never before watched American Idol, and now I do for the train wreck. Whether people watch to enjoy or poke fun at a show it is still ratings, obviously AI does not mind the attention that Sanjaya is giving them since it increases their ratings and then also increases ad money they can charge. DUH! TMZ just shut up and sit back and enjoy it, just like a rainstorm, you cannot do anything about it so just sit back and watch!!

2729 days ago


Why should you go after If Sanjaya was good enough to make it to top 24, I do not think you should have problem with him marching ahead!

And if he was not good enough for Top 24, then there is someone else you should be going after!!

And if is making this obvious, the good for public - Come on now and join the bandwagon - Vote for Sanjaya.

2729 days ago


Stern is delusional. he has no audience and for him to think he has some kind of influence on AI is a testament to his ego.

Sanjai knows exactly what he's doing in order to compensate for a staggering lack of talent. Stop giving Stern and that idiotic site more credit than it really has.

2728 days ago

d schmidt ballin    

I just think it is hilarious that websites like TMZ act like is the worst thing to have ever hit America. American Idol is a joke and it has always been one. Paula is drunk off her ass on half of the shows and always mumbles/slurs her comments worse then a retard. Honestly, a judge of a talent show should atleast have the verbal capabilities higher then a 2 year old. Randy says the same retarted thing when commenting on a contestant's performance, "Yo DAWG that was good for me dawg" or "YO DAWG i wasn't feeling that one dawg". Simon just wears the same god damn outfit on every show and looks as if he hasn't bathed in years. All in all American Idol sucks. It always has and always will. It is NOT a talent competition for all of you American Idol fanatics. It is a show that wants $$$. I say we all vote for that guy Sanjaya (if he is really a guy) and get American Idol off the air.

2728 days ago
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