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Virgie Arthur's "Texas" Lawyer Has Checkered Past

3/31/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John O'QuinnJohn O'Quinn, the larger-than-life, big-mouthed attorney representing Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, has some legal skeletons in his closet that don't jibe with the law-and-order image he tried to portray during the Judge Larry portion of the Anna Nicole legal proceedings, where O'Quinn memorably fainted.

TMZ did some digging, and it turns out that O'Quinn was punished back in 1994 for practicing law without a license in South Carolina, where he was disciplined for his methods in signing-up clients after a USAir jetliner crash. And then, in 1998, O'Quinn went through disbarment proceedings with the Texas state bar, which accused him of funneling more than $100,000 to two men who helped him recruit non-attorneys to solicit families of crash victims.

O'Quinn did plead guilty to the charges in South Carolina and ended up paying a $300,000 fine. In Texas, he was let off without punishment.


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You guys are so one sided kissing up to the Stern camp it is a
joke!!!!!!! There's probably not one lawyer or journalist out there
that doesn't have a skelton in their closet. Someone should check
out you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I'm all for O'Quinn and hope he kicks
some ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Virgie GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stern
should be very afraid of O'Quinn, he's coming after you sooner or
later. Hopefully sooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2698 days ago


well acording to john o quin has more sketons in his closet now with possible having to give up some of the millions of dollars that he has over some breast inplants that he took way too much of his clint money. I hope to heck they nail him and he can nail virigie for her legeal bills that she seems to think she doesn't have to pay.

2685 days ago


BIG WHOOP! I would put his reputation up against that of fellow-attorney Howard K. Stern any day!

2763 days ago


I knew there was something sleazy about him (O'Quinn)!!!!! I didn't like how he told one of the news shows that if Larry was the father, Virgie would get custody and Larry would have "ample visitation". What a joke! However, you're right, it's NOTHING compared to Barth, Monroe, and Sanchez--- or Howard the Coward who, I have to tell you, I don't think is smart enough to pass the bar, anyhow. He must have paid someone off. And then it didn't do him much good- he's not supporting himself- he's just a hanger-on.

2763 days ago


0 posts so far!!!! Everyone's so busy Howard bashing...they don't have time to read all the latest scoops! Figures this guy is a slime...just like the white trash he represents. How Virgie...with her 5 marriages....her daughter molested as a child by one of them...destroying her life....has the gall to ask that she be the one to care for and raise Anna's baby beyond comprehension. They might as well put the child out on a Texas highway and leave her there...her chances of survival in both cases would be about the same. Virgie says this baby needs a stable home?????!!!!! flash....Miss Piggy...that would not be with the likes of you! Stomping across Anna's piece of garbage!!!??? There's a special place in hell for you...and hopefully Splash will continue to videotape you as you burn...we're out here waiting for the breaking news flash on Fox................

2763 days ago


Alrighty Then.... don't hold back ...give us the ENTIRE lawyer laundry list...

2763 days ago


That's not all. No wonder Stern is concerned about the jury in the Bahamas. O"Quinn is a mega millionaire, one who could pay off anyone he wants in the Bahamas and one who has been caught doing it before. He was found to have paid a witness in a court case just to disappear and not testify which would have helped his opponent.

2763 days ago

Stern Supporter    

They deserve one another.

2763 days ago


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2763 days ago


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2763 days ago

Another Comment    

Isn't this lovely - painting Ron Rale as a hard azz and O'Quinn as the bad azz. Gee Harvey, I thought TMZ could do better than this!

Kudos tho .. at least you found a place for the Stern minions to congregate.

2763 days ago


When Stern get his 6 % of 474 million O'quinn will pluck it right out of his pocket guarenteed even before teh check is cut from the estate

2763 days ago

Another Comment    

11. When Stern get his 6 % of 474 million O'quinn will pluck it right out of his pocket guarenteed even before teh check is cut from the estate

Posted at 3:58AM on Mar 31st 2007 by For your information

Well that's one way to get Stern out of the Bahamas .. show him the $$$$$$$$!

2763 days ago


Sterns will be deported when this is all over guarenteed also He is DONE they dont want him there

2763 days ago


one sociopath up against another sociopath!

2763 days ago
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