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No Talent, No Problem for Sanjaya

4/1/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sanjaya MalakarJust because "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malakar isn't the strongest singer on the show, it doesn't mean he won't have a career ... so says a music insider to TMZ.

Stuart Meyer is an A&R rep for Sub Pop Records -- home to early Nirvana and The Shins, and just happens to be based in Sanjaya's hometown, Seattle. Meyer says that actually being able to sing is just one quality a pop star needs to have. "He has a charm about him that is key to being a pop star," Meyer says. "Some of the biggest pop stars, like Madonna and Britney, aren't exactly the best singers." Word.

Meyer added that he thinks Sanjaya has "a bright future ahead," saying, "I'm sure someone will sign him, he has personality."

No matter what you think of Sanjaya's so-called voice, Meyer says he does have a leg-up on a lot of other pop stars. "You have to give him credit for getting out there and singing live; a lot of the biggest pop stars out there today rarely do that." Um, Ashlee Simpson anyone?


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I think I will watch the show now.

2729 days ago

justice for daniel    

No wonder the world is in the condition it is in. Soooo many hateful people out there. You hate him because he is BROWN? Wow, unbelievable. You hate him because he is gay? You actually know that for a fact? You hate him because you think he is ugly? Or are most of the posters on this sight the ones who are so ugly and hateful they need to slam everyone else to make themselves feel better. Why is it so easy to be cruel and so hard to have a little decency and compassion? I have no pity for Sanyaya, I've saved it all for you hurtful bloggers. I'm sure you would just love him if he had a bunch of half nude girls dancing behind him and three out of four words in his songs started with an F. So much hate, so little love.

2729 days ago


The talentless Sanjaya is a compendium of the ills in our society, which has continued to be on the decline for over twenty years. Too many people raise their children without disciplining them and giving them proper guidance and direction; many aren't very bright themselves, and so, aren't equipped to teach their children well, either. Instead they raise their little brats to think they're special, beautiful/handsome, smart and entitled to whatever they want without working for it or earning it or deserving it. Then they grow up to be homely, sub-mediocre, not very bright, not talented, a poor work ethic, not wanting to work hard and earn anything, and definitely not special adults.

2729 days ago


please people leave sanjaya alone already!! how would you like it if someone you loved and cared for was being treated so horribly? you don't even know this boy or anything about him so how can you judge? it's so easy to hate(and fun too)isn't it? what's wrong with you? i only hope he has a successful career and becomes very rich! my mother taught me never to hate anyone. is this "hate talk" how your mothers' or guardians raised you? how sad all you bashers and haters are! very pathetic! to sanjaya: don't listen to the garbage! just know that for every one of them there are hundreds of us who love and support you!!

2729 days ago


Let's all hope Sanjaya wins so it can prove once and for all that Idol is based more on popularity and so much less on talent. It is hard to remember any Idol winner except Kelly Clarkson, and that certainly says a lot about the pathetic, johnny-come-lately nature of the show.

2729 days ago


Whoa! Pissing on Madonna after all these years! but I agree- she can't sing. Health regimens be damned, she still sucks.

2729 days ago


That's exactly right. A pop star needs 3 things. A good voice, good looks and a personality that attracts people. Sanjaya has all three. Anyone who listens to his mp3's, watches his audition and swing low on you tube or watches his progression from his audition to Bathwater and says he can't sing is just saying it because they think it's popular to say. Sanjaya can sing much better than most pop stars today. He can sing better than Maddonna, Gwen, Britney, Ashlee, Lindsey, I don't even think half of N'Sync could sing and that's why they put Justin up front all the time. So Sanjaya will be fine and he will get a record deal. He's a marketing department's dream.

2729 days ago


Talk about somebody looking like a freak - Howard Stern, anybody?

2729 days ago


#59: ever hear of chris daughtry, carrie underwood, jennifer hudson, clay aiken and elliott yamin just to name a few of the multi-talented individuals to stem from american idol? you don't have a clue what you are talking about! american idol is a great show !!!!!

2729 days ago


Sanjaya.....actually does have CHARISMA and that is what makes a star imo......Melinda & Lakisha have great voices but lack charisma......

If you go to a show you want to be entertained not bored !

If all you want is a voice... then stick with the radio.....

For TV and live shows.....its CHARISMA.................

Go for it this week Sanjaya.....Good Luck...

2729 days ago


So easy a 3 year old knows what to do:

2729 days ago


So easy a 3 year old knows what to do:

2729 days ago


right, because so many pop singers out there right now REALLY CAN SING...not.

Sanj has what it takes to become a celeb and I'm pretty sure even if he does get voted off, he will still be around the entertainment world, so good for him!

2729 days ago

mountain grandma    

i quit viewing 'idol' 3 weeks ago...when real talent is shot down and a young man, who, i feel is making and being made a mockery of (the show)..keeps getting a pass...the show has lost all creditibilty....i do feel sorry for this young boy...he won't last in the real world of the very tough showbiz..

2729 days ago


Woah WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! dont even put sinjin in the britney category. britney has talent. britney is one of THE BEST performers. sinjin cant even sing or perform! so lets stop right there. this dude just needs to go!!! he sucks in all categories and he barely speaks anyways so u cant even see his personality!

2729 days ago
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