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Opri Fires Back

4/2/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriDebra Opri has just issued the following statement regarding the legal fees she charged Larry Birkhead:

"One can only imagine from whom and for what purposes these stories were started. I cannot comment on unauthenticated documents which were disseminated to the media under suspicious circumstances, and which are covered by the attorney-client privilege. I can assure you, however, that all of the fees and expenses incurred on behalf of Mr. Birkhead were reasonable, necessary, and appropriate, given the complexity and magnitude of this very high profile case that was litigated in two different states and a foreign country. Out of respect for Mr. Birkhead, I cannot comment further at this time."


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All I hear is blah blah blah . . . quit stealing from clients and working for a living.

2768 days ago


She has NO respect for Larry Birkhead or she would not have sent such an inflated bill, particulary when he is probably at his wit's end with the paternity matters.

2768 days ago



2768 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Larry said on national television that he expected anna to pay for his attorney as he said it was only fair. Welllll, that indicates that Opri was not Pro bono.

Opri is not going to take a case this big that had the potential of 500 million and not get her share. She was not doing this out of the goodness of her heart. She was not going to put her firm in jeapordy of representing him and using all the other attorneys and investigators etc and possibly go bankrupt.

No attorney is going to take on a client like him and not want a piece of the pie. By birkies own admission he chose a very expensive legal professional and he felt Anna should be reponsible.

See birkie loves to bring law suits, its a game to him and makes him famous (at least in his eyes).

If he proves not to be the daddy, what happens - well he will be known for the rest of his life.

Sleeze, he is a kiss and tell type of slime. Where I am from a gentleman never kisses and tells and birkie is a kiss and tell. He would have made a good spy. He could sleep his way around getting dirt on people then going to the media to sell it.

2768 days ago

Just Guessing    

Did you lose your brains ---

Your quote, "One can only imagine from whom and for what purpose these how these stories got started"

The story got started from YOU because you billed him ( ridiculous charges )and
your Purpose was to get money.(when you said pro bono.)

2768 days ago

Trash Deserves Shit! Not a Dime!    

AAAAAAAhhhhhhh !!! I LOVE IT!!!!! He wanted to look like the high powered pimp, which is what he was if he let all these guys bang her. He doesn't deserve a damn thing, but late fee's for the lawyers bill. LOL

2768 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY!! You and those like HKS and Lawyers who can justify your discusting GREED!!

2768 days ago


I have no clue why she did MORE work for him beginning February with ANS death when at that time (according to her) he hadn't made his account current with them from the end of October. Why would you embark on the expense of taking a case involving 2 states and a foreign country if a client hadn't paid his bills from October? This makes no sense!

My daughter babysits the little girl next door...she babysat for a week with the expectation that she would be paid at the end of the week. Friday came and went and the lady was avoiding my on Monday my daughter didn't go over to babysit...and she was only owed about $30 !! She's 12 and had the common sense not to keep "working" if she's not getting paid. Think about many of you would continue to go to work if you didn't get paid? We're expected to believe that he had an outstanding balance from October, yet she continued to take on a more expensive case? Is Larry Birkhead brilliant or is this woman really that out of touch with accounting? Seriously...this circus couldn't be over soon enough.

2768 days ago


Good for Opri, well said! If Larry wants to scrimp on legal fees, he should call Ronnie Deutsch.

2768 days ago

dare to keep dummies off drugs    

This is for the one calling herself or himself "VIRGIE"
Do you have a mental problem? Thats what the hell Drs are for go seek one im sure they can give you the help you need or better yet give yourself SHOCK treatments the old fashion way. GROW THE HELL UP!

2768 days ago


Her comments are hysterical!!

Karma, baby.

How do you like it now?

2768 days ago


you go larry,that greedy letcherous bitch af an atty. should hook up with howard,seems they are both bottomfeeding leeches who just want the $$$$

2768 days ago

keeping tabs    

My Oh My Oh My!!! Comment #15 is soooooooooo darn funny! I love it! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it! I'm rootin for ya Larry! Dannielynn needs you.....and you need her.

2768 days ago

Just me??    

But you Birkies LOVED her when she became his attorney and some even complained he should have kept her...Think you just like to bitch about something...anything that does not go along with tiny little minds...GET OVER IT

2768 days ago

Janice in Chicago    

Debri Opri-- you should have paid Larry Birkhead for all the free publicity you received for high profile, complex case. I guess Larry Birkhead forgot to send you his bill for travelling to Bahama, Florida and then jumping in front of the camera telling the press to make demand on the Bahamian government to request DNA from Howard K. Stein.

Larry is a member of the Press and did not need you to solicit the media for coverage.

I imagine you have an invoice for Howard K. Stein because you seemed to working for everyone.

I would suggest that you subtract or pay LB money that you would have paid an advertising agency to develop a print and electronic media campaign. I got more than One Million dollars of free publicity.

2768 days ago
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