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Opri to Birkhead -- I'll Hit Play, You Pay

4/2/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri was rollin' on dubs, and now she expects Larry Birkhead to pay.

TMZ broke the story over the weekend that Opri sent Birkhead a legal bill totaling more than $620,000 for charges that include fees for Opri's personal publicist, time spent at Anna's funeral and wildly expensive dinners.

But wait, there's more. TMZ has learned there are a number of charges in the bill for dubbing copies of Opri's TV appearances. For example, on October 4, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $435 for getting dubs of seven appearances on Los Angeles television, including the 11 PM newscast on KCBS.

Were these dubs necessary for the case, or were they part of Opri's resume reel? You be the judge.


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Loser O'Quinn    

Did that TMZ clip have anything to do with the situation right now? We all know that Debra Opri is a thief and I think the IRS should be on her and check her books...

That is a good idea, I just might suggest an audit to be completed on Opri's frm....

2760 days ago

ms. anonymous    

51. Im sure ,unless Larry is a complete moron, which is possible, that he knew the bill wasnt going to be a few thousand dollars. Come on, the woman is a high paid attorney. Of course when a high paid attorney is on a case of several weeks flying here there and everywhere devoting herself to one person that its going to be a substantial bill in the end. I have no problem with her charging a huge bill but where she crosses the line is when shes charging him for her meals and laundry bills. I mean she would have to buy that stuff no matter where she was so making him pay for her husbands dirty laundry as well as expensive meals....thats crossing the line. And I am saying that not being a Larry Birkhead "fan" like some of you

Posted at 12:42PM on Apr 2nd 2007 by Bless you Anna Nicole

Well said!!

2760 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

There again why we are very suspicous of LAWYERS!! GREED, GREED, GREED!! The
whole world knows Larry is just a average guy (not a millionaire) we all watch the court hearing. OPRI ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! STOP THIS!! He's gone through so much.


2760 days ago

Sincere Fan of Anna    

I work for attorneys and know that this is how they bill. Insane and padded! Everyone involved in this mess is involved because of money. I am a fan of Anna Nicole. While she may not have always made the best decisions, she dealt with what she had and tried to make a better life for herself. We are all human and make mistakes. I dont understand how Larry can blame Howard for Anna's issues. Anna kept Howard around because he was her bestfriend and he made her laugh. You can see that thru out her show. I do think Howard loved Anna. I dont really believe Anna had a monogamous relationship with either Howard or Larry. The whole situation is just sad. I hope Howard and Larry can reach an agreement and do what is best for Dannielynn.

2760 days ago


Opri's mama needs a beating and some Chinese water torture for raising such a thing.

2760 days ago


She is only hurting herself with future clients. You know even if I could afford her I would look for someone else first then if I used her the contract between us would be very detailed and reviewed by my accountant and possibly another attorney. I noticed she has an attorney, what a world an attorney has to have an attorney.

2760 days ago

who cares?    

remember- she was standing between Larry and Howard during the funeral and she kept on touching those two--as if saying I AM SO CONCERNED FOR THESE TWO AND I AM A GOOD PERSON----NOW PAY ME!!

2760 days ago

Just me??    

Should have hired yourself an attorney after you looked at your bank account....not before...

2760 days ago

Enough Already!    

I dont know about you people but I dont buy something unless I can afford it. With that being said, shes not within her rights to charge this man for her extra expenses and definately not her husbands.

2760 days ago


she is trying to provoke him.....she cant talk about the case,simply because cl. att. priv.

2760 days ago


I don't like Opri but Larry made a deal with her to represent him so he should have to pay her fee's.

2760 days ago


Mr. Truth

She is the best?? I haven't seen anything she has done to give her that reputation. Michael Jackson fired her. I do not know what she did for James brown, sure didn't get him buried. I agree she is very smart but the best Don't think so.

2760 days ago


What a scumbag!!! Is it too late for Dr. Perper to conduct an autoposy on her?

2760 days ago


Opri is sending the message to Birkhead and he must pay. She is doing her job. Birkhead might be going "broke". He should stop buying the baby things in the first place before he recieved the biil from Opri. If he is not the father of Dannileynn, he have to have big yard sale back in California and sell the baby things. This is my opinion.

2760 days ago


LB should go directly to the CA Bar and request a fee arbitration. There is no way this idiot should get even 1/10 of what she billed. She did not even file her paternity action in the right court, or even the right country. What a hack.

2760 days ago
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