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Opri to Birkhead -- I'll Hit Play, You Pay

4/2/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri was rollin' on dubs, and now she expects Larry Birkhead to pay.

TMZ broke the story over the weekend that Opri sent Birkhead a legal bill totaling more than $620,000 for charges that include fees for Opri's personal publicist, time spent at Anna's funeral and wildly expensive dinners.

But wait, there's more. TMZ has learned there are a number of charges in the bill for dubbing copies of Opri's TV appearances. For example, on October 4, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $435 for getting dubs of seven appearances on Los Angeles television, including the 11 PM newscast on KCBS.

Were these dubs necessary for the case, or were they part of Opri's resume reel? You be the judge.


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All that money and she got NOWHERE w/Larry's claim!!!!! For that much money, Dannielynn should be w/Larry by now. What a waste of Larry's time and money. Larry owes any success thus far to his Bahamian lawyer, not deadbeat Deb.

2763 days ago

Just me??    

If you've ever watched cnn, fox, msnbc, you know Deb Opri is very outspoken,,but she comes with a price tag,,A VERY BIG PRICE TAG..if Larry didn't realize what she would charge he is a bigger idiot then most think...Then look at the attorneys he thanks on his website..does he think they won't charge???????????? He going after money folks why can't you see that??? Anna did not want him because his bank accout was not big enough for her.

2763 days ago


O.K. Debra,thanks for letting everyone see what a cheat you are by that bill.Wouldn't hire you if I were a billionaire!!!!!You overcharge and you are inneffective.

2763 days ago


Husband was in an accident in 89, his lawyer hired an accident recreationist, we later found out he and the reconstrctionist co owned the comapny and the money we were charged was what they used as start up money for this company, once it was done and we paid for it we were then told we did not own the tape they did... some of the things he billed for we contested but lost, it was obvious he ripped us off out of a 300,000 settlement we got less than 100,000.00 he got the rest some what more that 1/3 plus reasonable expenses... We hired a high profile lawyer friend who had fun taking him on that lawyer enjoyed seeing him crap his pants as it went along... a year later we agreed to settle for the lawyer fees and we let him keep all teh money , teh 2nd lawyer was willing to cut his fees but we figured we had fun taking the 1st lawyer on... plus word was out on what lawyer # 1 had done to us, so in the end pay back is hell. Lawyer 1 did threaten to sue us if we spread teh word on him, but we were careful on what we said as not to be open to a slander suite. He retired shortly thereafter... pay backs a bitch sometime...

2763 days ago


Deborah Opri should lose her license to practice law---and go to jail---she is a thief. If they can establish rightful legal fees, Coward K. $tern should have to pay, if Dannielynn turns out to be Larry's baby. He has forced all this legal action.

2763 days ago


Deb Opri charges more fees then a LOAN SHARK! Yes, there is a fee Larry should pay
but this is outrageous! Debbie, you got alot of publicity out of this. Try to clean up the
image of Phil Spector out in LA ! Deb, you could charge all you want there!
Lighten up on Larry!!!!

2763 days ago


I recall her saying she was doing this for for no fee right? or was I just dreaming when I heard her say this.... Maybe Larry is the dad and Larry can go after the lawyer fees, pad the bill and barter down from there.. makes sence...

2763 days ago

Just me??    

Fraud. guardianship, custody hearing probably tomorrow. Filed by Birkie, against Anna and Howard.

2763 days ago

Just Guessing    

Debra Oprie - who I have always respected

Is upset that she was dumped and couldn't make it to the finish line where all the money is..
She took the long way around via California --because she can only practice in California.
At best her charges should only be for what she did in California.

Oh, I no longer respect her for this overblown and ridiculous bill sent even though Opri indicated that this case was pro bono. I am sure she had Larry sign paperwork so she will get her money. But she lost respect from a lot of people including those in the media. .

2763 days ago


Finally some good news for Larry & Dannielynn ,but I
won't believe
anything til I see Larry carrying her to the
airport...............Debra Opri you should be "ASHAMED",always
running your mouth how much you cared about this case,and all you
want is to see justice for Larry,to send Larry a bill for over
$600k,is absolutely insane,your now on the level with HK$,and thats
pretty darn low,charging for high priced dinners when Larry's not
even there,your husbands dry cleaning,can't wait for Larry to take
you in front of the "BAR ASSOCIATION" for fraudulent over charging
your client. Now your the laughing stock on all the talk
shows..........maybe Michael Jackson never paid you,so now you think
Larry can make up for that !I hope the courts adds a lot more
"SANCTIONS' on HK$ for wasting the courts time over the inquest,he's
made a mockery of every court hearing he's been in,giving the
Bahama's a bad name,as he sits in Horizon laughing at every one,we'll
see who gets the last laugh,when this is all over ! "LOSER" "LOSER"
"LOSER"Did anyone hear how Dr.P gave a little CHUCKLE on Greta,when

2763 days ago

Just me??    

Don't forget Deb Opri is good..I'm sure she will go after anyone who slanders her.

2763 days ago


You know she knew Larry had no money and did not make the money to pay what she would charge. She should not have taken the case knowing he could not pay or have reduced her fees to fit his pocket book. I go back to what Garaldo said she took the case for free and I believe that. Maybe she agreed to money from any book deal but I can't believe Larry had any ideal she would be charging this kind of money. People keep saying he should have read the contract. Attorneys do not always have you sign an agreement/contract. I deal with them on a regular basis and I have never signed an agreement/contract. I have only paid a retainer once and that was in a divorce case and it was my ideal to pay him up front.

2763 days ago


Opri, I hope you read some of these comments because you are as much of a criminal as Howard Stern. You cannot begin to say that your charges are fair and reasonable when you figure it to be about $33,000 a DAY! for your services over the past 5-6 months. Truly pathetic. Its no wonder you were fired because your services were not that impressive!

2763 days ago


SORRY OPRI FAN'S. YOU ARE FULL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2763 days ago


I can't believe this woman! Larry has all along just been trying to get his little girl back! All you parents out there know how he must be feeling and when he finally does get his little girl safely in his arms (and he will!) how will he have any money to take care of her, if he has to pay for Debra Opri's high priced meals and her husbands maid services and other totally off the wall stuff! She says she wishes all the best to Larry and Dannilynn, all the while she's trying to rob him!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be ashamed Debra Opri!!!!!!!!!! I hope people out there will not seek out your services YOUR NOT WORTH IT!

2763 days ago
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