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Sean Stewart is a Little Nuts

4/2/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sons of Hollywood" star Sean Stewart dropped his suit ... his bathing suit that is, and went for a press-generating dip in Malibu.

Stewart, son of Rod, bared his own rod in a seaside romp for paparazzi. His A&E show debuted last night, causing Variety's Brian Lowry to quip, "Thanks for nothing, bro."

Sean and his co-stars, Randy Spelling and David Weintraub, inspired widespread lunging for remotes.


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big murph    

could they have used a smaller star while censoring this pic? seriously...if it were me in the picture, i'd be all "hey guys...can't we TRY to make me not look like a 6 year old?"

2763 days ago


Well RANDY..... YOUR GAY AND WE ALL KNOW IT NOW!!!!! If that wasn't the most akward groping ever. He touched that girl LIKE THE GAY MAN HE IS!!! This show is really pathetic way too much money and not enough morals. Iloved how they said they were helping their buddy Sean with his addictions so..... LET'S GO TO VEGAS!!! GREAT JOB GUYS WILL YOU BE MY FRIENDS? I GUESS IF YOUR AN ADDICT IN HOLLYWOOD VEGAS IS REHAB. The only one who seems sensible if the agent can't remember his name so that's the kind of impression he made. This is a very bad show for them not for us cna they say 15min. of coat tail fame. WHO'S YOUR DADDY??? RANDY YOU ARE SO GAY EMBRACE IT CAUSE YOUR NOT GOOD AT ACTING STRAIGHT. OH BY THE WAY FIND ANOTHER CAREER CUZ YOU CERTAINLY CANNOT ACT!! HOW OLD ARE THESE GUYS 12!!

2763 days ago


by the looks of that "little" star , it would have been better to keep his shorts on!!!!!

2763 days ago


I think you messed up the should've read Sean Stewart HAS little nuts

2763 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

This kid > Sean Stewart < has not one brain cell left !

He is crazier than Angelina Jolie ! another priviledged Hollyweird brat !!

Next he'll be collecting orphans -

2763 days ago


Worst TV I have ever seen! Their parents must be SO proud!

2763 days ago


I could have sworn that public nudity was against the law...even in Mailbu.

2762 days ago

Janice in Chicago    


I don't think your dad could appreciate your exposure--exposing the Stewart asset or would you preference to call it heirloom. LOL

2762 days ago

Tracy H    

Show sucks but even worse is the hair!! You would think with all papa's cash they would have decent hair. Sean's hair is a throw back to the 80's & not in a good way. And was he pulling a Colin Farrell with the hat and jacket?? Too bad he's such a wannabe....

2762 days ago


If ever there was someone who deserved a hard slap upside the head it's Rod's semi-retarded spoiled brat kid.

2762 days ago

what is it about?    

I watched this show's premiere.. and I just dont get what the whole point of it is.. Did they just make a show so that they could show the world that they were rich? Cuz it definately has nothing to offer.

2762 days ago


So many celeb pics!!! if I could just get a fraction of them up on

2762 days ago


So many celeb pics!!! if I could just get a fraction of them up on

2762 days ago


well here is my opinion. I am a huge fan of Rod...however he has been rapidly losing his looks over many years...still...something about him ( I am only 35). Now...I watched the show the other night and got to see the son I never knew

he is one hot hot man. Who the hell cares how spoiled he is???I am never going to meet him. However...eye candy ...thank you very much. and at his young age...many more years of good looks.

2761 days ago


I think Sean Stewart is adorable but he is such a mean spirited, crazy, immature brat. My best friend and daughter live in L.A. I called my BFF to ask her if her daughter knew this crazy guy. I knew she would, she is part of the "in crowd". BFF said "She used to go out with him. He is crazy. He is usually really high and everytime she sees him out somewhere he tries to hit on her so she runs the other way." He reminds me of the boy toy I had years ago. Chris was his name. He was 19, I was 44, something like that. Those were the days my friend.

2761 days ago
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