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Ron Jeremy

Allegedly Cops a Feel;

Cops Called

4/3/2007 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron JeremyTMZ has learned legendary porn star Ron Jeremy could face battery charges after a woman filed a police report claiming Ron acted like a boob by grabbing hers, and then signing it without permission.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday during the Exotica porn convention in Miami Beach. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Leslie Sanchez approached Jeremy for an autograph, with her husband in tow.

Sanchez and her husband claim Jeremy was happy to oblige, but then he allegedly "reached towards the victim and stuck his hands under victim's blouse." Sanchez then claims Jeremy "reached inside her bra and grabbed her nipple. He pulled the nipple up and took out victim's breast and signed his name on it."

According to the police report, Sanchez "never gave Ron Jeremy permission to touch her." Sanchez also claims she has photos of the alleged incident.

TMZ spoke with Ron Jeremy who vigorously denied any wrongdoing, saying, "First of all, there was security around me at all times. If they had a problem, why wouldn't they have said something at that point? I probably signed about 150 boobs that weekend, all of which I sign 'RJ with a heart' and if i would've touched a breast, i might have cupped it while i signed. Rules of the convention were that you can not expose a breast, so I never did. And if this was a couple, I always ask permission of the male to sign the breast before I do it. Some people waited an hour for me to sign their breast. My line was second only to Jenna Jameson's."

So far, no charges have been filed against Jeremy.


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this woman is whack. it was a porn convention ans we´re talking about Ron Jeremy here so ofcourse something like that is gonna happen. she knew. she is just playing stupid.

2726 days ago


I smell a setup AND a lawsuit.....and yeah she asked for it.

2726 days ago


I wasn't there so I can't say what happened but I did have a run in with him as well. I was friends with an adult star and we went to Atlantic City every year for the East Coast Video Show. At a club one night he was giving an interview I happened to walk by, he grabbed me and stuck his toung down my throat. Gross, he stinks and was sweaty but no harm done and we laughed about it the next day, only thing is, I'm not sure if the pic was ever printed, I hope not!!!

2726 days ago


That dirty Sanchez...

2726 days ago


Sounds like a set up... She is just looking for her 15 minuts of fame
and some cash...

2726 days ago


So, at what point was she offended? When he reached under her shirt? Or when he stuck his hand in her bra? Or was it when he pulled on her nipple? If she was uncomfortable she did have power to make it stop.....or he husband could have. But it's hard to look at her as much of a victim.

2726 days ago


As long as it must have taken to pull her breast out and sign it, while SOMEONE takes pictures, she could have made her objections known. As much as Ron gets, I'm sure he would have turned his attention elsewhere. This man is sort out by women and I'm sure if he were a person that forces himself on females, we would have heard about it long before now.

2726 days ago

Morbidly obscene?    

Dragonwolf, consider the amount of time it would take for him to reach under her shirt, grab her nipple and if she was wearing a brak, get her nipple out and then stand there and sign it. And she stood still all that time - long enough to conveniently get a picture for her law suit and the fast buck she hopes to make that is.

I can tell you that if someone reached under my shirt theycertainly would not have time to take my nipple out, much less to sign it while someone snaps a picture, before I jerk away and slap the crap out of them.

This whole thing reeks of someone trying to make a quick buck.

2726 days ago


Leslie Sanchez is trying to be a scam artist. She goes to a porn convention, asks the king of all porn stars for an autograph who everyone knows is his signature breast signage, and manages to get pictures taken of the incident... how convenient for her. This is obviously a scam; gold-diggin, triflin, filth to the end.

2726 days ago

Insert comical name here    

He is so creepy but how did he manage to sign his name if this supposed victim was struggling to get away? Please. And the husband was snapping pics instead of defending his injured wife?

2726 days ago

the wise old owl    

HELLO ??? She's at an erotica convention. No.....she isn't asking for it just because she's there but if Ron EVEN TRIED to reach inside my top I would have slapped his hand and SHOVED him if I had to. WTF her husband was right there. HE MUST OF LOVED IT ....or else he would have belted the guy for assalting his wife. I'm no fan of Ron's .........but this is a " no brainer "

2726 days ago


Right on Ron -- That's why when chicks say NO, they really mean YES !!!

2726 days ago


Sanchez sounds just like a whore who died rencently -- ANS

2726 days ago

Laurie R    

uh??? the woman was at the EXOTICA PORN CONVENTION!! ...and while that doesn't mean she was asking for it, i agree w/some other posts on here...she had ample time to protest the treatment. come on lady!! it's not as if you were in the front pew of your local church!! sounds as if you were trying to make your own porno w/a camera ready and all.

2726 days ago


SNCHEZ?!?!? -- If they are not drinking and driving or smoking crack when they are supposed to be cutting grass, they are setting up a scam !! Swim home !!

2726 days ago
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