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Hayden Panettiere: Don't Call Me Lindsay!

4/4/2007 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Heroes" cheerleader Hayden Panettiere was mistaken for Lindsay Lohan last night -- and was she ever pissed!

TMZ spotted Hayden leaving Hollywood hotspot L Scorpion last night with co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Leonard Roberts, when a confused onlooker shouted out, "Give 'em hell Lindsay!" When one of the paps reiterated the fan's mistake, a huffy Hayden yelled back, "Don't ever call me that again!"

Somehow, the Lilo fan didn't hear Hayden clearly and called her Lindsay again! Before Hayden could fire up her vocal chords to respond a second time, a paparazzo screamed a string of choice obscenities to the confused Lilo fan.


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6 mil a picture? YA RIGHT! That junkie pig doesn't make half that much. Directors, producers, the public ALL think she's a JOKE. She takes nothing serious but her drug addiction. She's a washed up loser hag who should thank her lucky stars that paparazzi r still interested in catching her drunk and stoned EVERY night.

2726 days ago


Hohan never even graduated from High School - loser junkie

2726 days ago


Um...Lindsay's fat
She's got no 'career'
she only gets offered roles like ahem - stripper - cuz she's greay lookin' as hell
she's a used - up, std-infested junkie
she doesn't like kids ( I mean..who doesn't like kids?)
she is retarded (literally)
no high school education
barely a middle school education
she does meth. Enough said.

2726 days ago


I like Hayden and the HOTTIE Milo!! I wouldn't want to be mistaken for Ho-Han, either!

2726 days ago


WTF???????? If that's the worst thing that ever happens to you, you dizzy bitch; then you're laughing!! GROW UP!!!!!!!!

2726 days ago


panty-less-she's hairy? Doesn't have half the talent of Lilo's left hand - she should be flattered

2726 days ago


i dont blame her for being pissed. i would be too! she's trying to get HER name out there and some idiot confuses her with a washed-up alcoholic.....not cool @ all!

2726 days ago


Wow such anger coming from you Haydenh8er... wHAT HAS THE GIRL EVER DONE TO YOU!!
I have always loved this young lady, and by the way the girl can act, did you not see the movie REMEMBER THE TITANS, well guess what? Her scenes were some of the best parts of the movie, she also was in Ally Mcbeal, and Raising Helen, and I am pretty positive she will have a long career ahead of her! She is Beautiful and Talented, and as long as she does not get caught up in the Party Scene, she has a Bright Future Ahead... KEEP YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT HAYDEN....

2726 days ago


Huh, WOW. Lindsay wishes, okay? She does. She had potential once, now she's a punchline.

And Hayden is a very pretty girl, looks NOTHING like that dried-up skank.

And what would Milo Ventimiglia be doing hanging out with a walking STD like "Hohan" anyway? He's got more class and brains than that.

All in all, that person had to be a total idiot.

2726 days ago


OK come on ...would u want to be mistaken for that skank?

2726 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Can't blame her for getting angry about such a low blow... but its better than somone thinking your PH.

2725 days ago


if i was lindsay, i would be extremely insulted. hayden panietierre is probably one of the worst upcoming actresses. and shes ugly. enough said.

2725 days ago

Blah, Blah    

According to a video on the e! website (and Milo as well), they were attending something for Feed the if that could be why another reason why a 17 was allowed in, not just because she's famous or whatever.

2725 days ago


Haha damn that's funny. Lindsay is beautiful though so i dont think of it as that much of an insult, even though i dont like her. That's the only reason I would be insulted. Hayden is prettier though to me. I think it's funny how the papparazi are always sticking up for celebrities and trying to be their protectors even though they're the ones who stalk them 24/7... they're such suckups. Just like that other stalkeratzo who tried to cuss out another stalkeratzo when he called Lindsay Lohan Lindsay BROKEhand, after she broke her hand or something a while ago. I'm like dude, you're stalking her, so i doubt she cares that you're standing up for her right about now lol.

2725 days ago

James Orr    

Unbelievable, are you people incapable of listening to tone of voice? She was laughing for God's sake! It was very obvious she found the mis-identification amusing and responded with feigned offence.

There is absolutely nothing in her body language to indicate true offence or that she was "mad".

Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

2724 days ago
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