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Hewitt Pissed Off at Three 6 Mafia?

4/4/2007 4:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the rap group Three 6 Mafia was booted from their home after a member of their entourage peed on Jennifer Love Hewitt's lawn.

The Oscar-winning rap group recently moved into the same Toluca Lake neighborhood of the busty "Ghost Whisperer," and marked their new territory by having one of their assistants relieve himself on Hewitt's front yard. The group's new reality show, "Adventures in HollyHood," premieres tomorrow night on MTV. While handing out invitations to the Three 6 Mafia housewarming party, you can actually see the assistant peeing on a lawn they claim belongs to the actress. Must pee TV!

Instead of offering the group gifts, Hewitt and other neighbors forced them to move out of the Toluca Lake 'hood, and they're now living in Bel Air. Sounds like an upgrade, minus the view of Hewitt's spectacular cleavage.


No Avatar


Juvenile, good riddance BOYS!

2761 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

It figures I guess!

2761 days ago

Ms. Pinky    

What a pig. Really.

2761 days ago


POST #1 YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

2761 days ago

Only in    

Posting 40 or 41 Enough-What are you talking about?

2760 days ago

Beautiful women    

I think that it's rude to go to the bathroom on someones lawn. But I make them cut and water my grass. There's no way I'd petition for them to move unless, I didn't like the idea of them being my neighbors in the first place. And for those that made remarks about them winning an Oscar, why shouldn't they have won? There's a lot no talented folks out here that gets props for nothing. So let them do them. Race shouldn't be an issue. But at the end of the day I guess racism still exists.

2760 days ago


I say "Jennifer.....get over it already!! It's just urine!" Please...I'm so sick of her fake cleavage everywhere!

2760 days ago

not a racist    

You all sound like a bunch of racist idiots! Everyone seems to be dwelling on the fact that they are "from the hood" so to speak. Try to focus more on the fact that the actual problem here is not where these young men come from, but the actual action itself is was wrong. Nobody says anything about the dumb ass things that the fools on jackass does. And while we are talking about disbelief, how did they get not one but two jackass films in theatres. Not to mention they still have a show on mtv. Sometimes people need to think before they speak.

2756 days ago


Actually urine kills fungus so Patriece may have saved her lovely garden. Don't hate on Three 6. They have worked so hard to be where they are today, and continue to work day in and day out. They didn't have a lot growing up, and now they do, yet still remain humble, which is a term many of you may have to look up in the's some If you have never urinated in a public place in your whole life, then speak your mind. Otherwise do not a be a hypocrite. Pee happens. Hoity toity foity foity, pull your wedgie out J Hew.

2744 days ago


U people are sooo boogie and stuck up your aristocrat asses. You people do not even know Three Six Mafia. They are grown, but they are also silly and have really retarded assistants. But, they are good people and they are on TV, they are filthy rich and they have an Oscar, which is more than I can say about any of you losers on here flappin' yo lips off with that fakery and hatred. Ughhh... honestly, I'd rather live in my hood anyday than live around a bunch of filthy, bigoted, boogie, stuck-up people with their fancy lawns and hedonistic ways.

2743 days ago

joe mili    

when u gotta go u gotta go who cares its just a little pee its not like he took a dump on her front porch

2739 days ago
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