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Jenna Does Some Damage

4/4/2007 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's left of Jenna Jameson went to Beverly Center mall yesterday, and was nearly toppled by her purchases.

The evaporating porn star, seen here in a t-shirt with her caricature on it, required an assistant to help her slog her way through the West Hollywood shopspot.

Completing her ensemble: a sequined beret last seen in 1975 on Rhoda Morgenstern.


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I think Jenna is pretty. And I think she is just skinny because of stress... Damn let's stick to the story instead of fighting - you all talk like you know her. I like her and I respect her in a weird way for making herself a millionaire porn star, and not just a sleazy porn-star who doesn't get paid much. This girl is not stupid... ;-)

2725 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Hey #15 - spoken like a true gold-digging slut!

2725 days ago


I agree HIV .... Noone can screw a ton of guys and be that safe.

2725 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

I hope this is not a case of AIDS. While I totally disagree with choices she's made and how she obviously thinks porno is socially acceptable, no one deserves to have AIDS. No matter what you think of her, or what she's done, no one should wish that plague on anyone else.

2725 days ago


Ms. R what the hell is a "red cent" and you must be a slut to stick up for a slut.

2725 days ago


Does she not realize how UGLY she is!

2725 days ago


Gosh, I hope she doesn't have AIDS, that would be horrible. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

But as far as porn stars goes, Jenna is one smart cookie! Ever heard of "Club Jenna?" She's got her own enterprise, she's an entrepenuer! She also has her own TV channel.

She's made millions in both porn and business ventures.

2725 days ago


LOL Porn star with Aids . . . that is one industry that takes testing seriously. You all just pick on women around here eh? Funny none of you go off on Ron Jeremy when his mug gets posted here. I hope once her divorce is settled we see the old curvy Jenna back.

2725 days ago


OMG she sux. Am I crazy or is she hideous now. Shes all plastic and taount looking. When will wemon in hollywood age gracefully. YUCK.

To Ms R:
FYI we ALL know Jenna Jameson. She puts it out there for us all to see. Movies, TV, interviews and myspace. I know more then a few people that have been molested and raped and physically abused and they didn't become raging drug addicted, porno whores. You come to a certain age and you know right from wrong. She chooses the wrong path. So she must suffer with a junkie body.

2725 days ago


#44 Webgirl

Okay, those in the industry may take precautions but the odds are against them by virtue of the number of partners they have. So, yes, they are at a greater risk than the average person. There is nothing "safe" about that.

2725 days ago


she looks infected and with something for which there is no cure. she doesn't look good to me.

2725 days ago

Mrs. R    

"Haha" lame name by the way......anyway, you are obviousley pretty damn stupid if you don't know what a red cent it! Has your little worthless brain ever heard that term used for a penny? I guess not. Ya know, I don't call myself a slut, I am a wife, mother of 2 gorgeous children, and an accountant so therefore I don't have much time to whore around. People are people and what they choose to do with themselves is their business and who are we to judge and say what is right........ Small minded little people like you are the problem in today's society, you think you know EVERYTHING when you don't know jack. I have read about Ms. Jameson and her very sad childhood and I don't judge her for what she does. Would I do it?? Hell no, there are too many risk involved but am I going to judge her and people like her? NO!!! If she wants to make the money the way she does then so be it, that is her business and not mine nor is it yours.

And to you "Julianna" the lady has done alot more than spread her legs. She has actually stopped spreading her legs and she still makes millions. Research before you spat off at the mouth moron!

2725 days ago


#13 Ms. R

You act as if there are no other options than to be a slut. Like, be a slut and get paid because you have to be one. But you don't have to be one. It is a choice.

It doesn't matter if she had a messed up childhood, she is at the age where she knows better and can now make her own decisions. And if she had an ounce of self-worth, she wouldn't be involved in such trash.

And you mentioned we don't know her. No, we don't, but do you really have to know a porn star to know that she is dirty? It's called common sense. And you obviously lack that.

2725 days ago

Mrs. R    

"Tick" I am glad that you are so educated and that you know every victim of rape, molestation., etc.... I know some myself and they have mostly all turned out to be strippers and such. Some people NEVER get past it and they get completely sucked in and they don't know how to get out. AND PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL and stop using gay crap like "omg".....this isn't myspace hun!

2725 days ago

Mrs. R    

Em....who are you to judge??? I am sure you have done some messed up stuff in your life. Why are you and all these other losers so worried about her?? I bet if she reads this stuff she probably laughs her ass off and fans herself with her millions that she has. Stop being a shallow, closed minded idiot and please YOU need to get some sense.

2725 days ago
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