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See Through Britney

4/5/2007 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney went to her mother's birthday party, she wore a lace dress with a pink bra. Now it's her sister's birthday, and Brit's wearing a see-through top and no bra. Classy!
Britney Spears
Brit put on her best Cleopatra makeup, popped on an apple cap with what appears to be a built-in Dynel wig, velveteen hot pants, her always-there cowgirl boots and what looks like a plastic, salmon colored purse... the perfect ensemble to celebrate lil' sis Jamie's 16th birthday at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Meaty!

Britney stayed at the restaurant just long enough to stain her blouse.


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That's extremely whoreish especially since she KNOWS there are gonna be teenagers there and horny ass teenage boys. She's just trying to get attention... duh!. She's a spotlight whore just like her friend paris-ite. Seems like she's even willing to take the spotlight away from her little sister and mother to put herself back in and get a little camera time. Being the talk of hollywood isnt enough, now she has to be the talk of her little sister's highschool too haha. I crack myself up.

2755 days ago


Seems like she is seeking negative attention. And you say she was in rehab? Not a class act.

2755 days ago

what in the world ???    

okay people stop dogging Brit, something is not right with her, and yes someone is always leading her and holding her up and she has this blank stare in her eyes like she's out of it mentally, like when she smiles that blank wierd stare in her eyes like a mental person

hell i don't know i can't call it... something's not right i think she's losing control of reality
so it seems

2755 days ago


Britney needs the following and not necessarily in this order:

- A good wig;
- A bra;
- A bib;
- A clue!

2755 days ago


99 how can yo compar Victoria who is always very smart to Britney who is disturb dirtty and vulgar!!!???
Britney is bipolar and she once again is prroving that their is somth wrong in her behaviour.
She is asking for negativ attention wich isn't logical with what she is trying to do.Briteny for my point of you took to much druggs wich damaged her brun and now she is completly insane and mental and will stay like this if she doesn't fallow therapy for years.

2755 days ago

fame ho    

Aren't thier 2 homeless kids?

2754 days ago


#101 The dad still has coustody of the kids.

2754 days ago


Too bad Britney couldn't give Jamie-Lynn one evening in the spotlight to celebrate her b-day. Instead she had to try and make waves and get more attention.

She's messed up in the head.

2754 days ago

britneys hair    

thats no stain!!thats her drool!!!

2754 days ago


~ And the downward spiral continues............

2754 days ago


Whatever happened to her "Thank God for Victoria Secret's new undergarment line" thing??? Sure as heck doesn't seem like she's shopping for a bra...let alone underwear. Gross.

2754 days ago


First it was no underwear.
Then it was no bra.

By now we've all seen Britney completely naked just on photos of this sort.

And not to mention that picture she took
that was banned in Japan or something like that. This girl needs to get it together.

2754 days ago


I think she looks good myself, ok i wouldn't dress without a bra under a sheer top,but thousands have, so what? go to any club in your town and you will see some right skanks dressing in less.....Thats if anyone here is old enough to go out past 9pm???? And alot of the people posting here are female too, saying such awful stuff all because of a see through top? would not be jealousy rearing its ugly head would it???

2754 days ago


this is REALLY old. it was on perez hilton like 3 months ago.

2754 days ago


I think K-Fed needs to go for full custody. We all thought he was the loser. Looks like she didn't learn a damn thing in treatment. I really felt bad for her and criticized those who judged her...but I was wrong. Brit you belong with Paris & Nicole...they are whores too

2754 days ago
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