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Another Britney Relationship on the Rocks

4/6/2007 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThere is indeed a rift in the relationship between Britney Spears and her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph. -- which always gets Britney stuff right -- is now reporting the relationship has been "strained" since Spears left rehab. Rudolph is trying to repair the damage, but if he can't, that would leave Britney home alone -- she has no other real representation.


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I don't think she wanted to be in the public eye when she was married to k-fed and actually taking care of her babies. she sure didn't like all that unjustified scrutiny of how she was a bad mother.

22. 8. Just maybe she doesn't want to be in the public's eye anymore. Rehab does show you what really is important to you.

Posted at 4:54PM on Apr 6th 2007 by Dawn

Are you serious??? She is NEVER OUT OF the public eye! What's important to Brit? Shopping, attending Laker games and family parties WITHOUT her kids, and hooking up with LOSERs like this one!

Posted at 5:27PM on Apr 6th 2007 by Degenerates!

2734 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.................THAT STUPID SONG, "Oh Baby Baby."....Nails on a chalk board!!!!!!!!!, She sounded like "The Chipmunks" on helium.....From "Chipmunks on Helium to A Full Blown SLUT....In such a short amount of time.....Must have been burning the wicks at both ends....GOSH you make me sick.....Go away already!!!!!!!!

2734 days ago


48 I agree with you ----------------Shawna

take care

2734 days ago


BRITNEY, go back to college, get an education. Live life as a child, enjoy your friends, watch t.v., kick a ball, take tennis lessons, learn to play an instrument, fly a kite, read a book. visit a library or a museum, work in a homeless shelter, volunteer in a food pantry.
You need to do things you were never allowed to do as a child, activities that all kids do
in their early years and participate in events that keep people grounded.
MOST OF ALL......... LEAVE CALIFORNIA. It's hurting you. Only go back to Hollywood when it's required to attend an event. It's your ONLY chance of turning your life around. Don't become the next Anna Nicole Smith and destroy your life and your sons.

2734 days ago


Who cares !!!!!!! ??????

2734 days ago


#12, do you know what the hell you are saying. I didn't think so. First of all the manager is not always by there clients side. That is obvious to people with a a bit of sense. It is not the managers job to keep her from going out with out panties on. He is doing the best he can with what he has. Britney will work this out, she isn't stupid. But # 12, you dufus, you don't blame the manager. That dude has been working over time. Where have you been hiding, under a rock you idiot. It is best to look at what is going on, and use a little commen sense, which it looks like you are not doing.

2734 days ago


who really cares who or what she is doing????? this why she does what she does so that everyone focuses on her..........hello ignore her and she will go

2734 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

Britney isn't well. That stint in rehab wasn't near long enuf or tough enuf. There are rumors floating around that Britney's behavior at rehab, including the fact they caught her and another patient in the bushes getting jiggy...yes...twice at least, I think she left bcz they wanted her out of there. Clearly she was disrupting their program. I think she has serious mental health problems and she needs to go into a hospital environment not some plush, spa-like hotel.I think she may end up like Anna Nicole.

2734 days ago


This should be an example to all parents of little girls: DON'T LET THEM DRESS OR ACT AS WOMEN. They are not women. They are not emotionally equiped to deal with the pressure, and the wrong kind of attention that it will attract. You will cheat them out of a childhood, and they will end up making terrible choices and allowing themselves to be further exploited!

2734 days ago


She won't be young and cute forever, so clean up your act, sister. Another thing, when things come too easy, they get tossed. Focus on sobriety first , then career. Use your life to help others Britt.

2734 days ago



2734 days ago


So I've thought long and hard about this and have come to the conclusion that I don't care!

2734 days ago


WHO CARES? She lost her own career and fame by not listening to anybody.

2734 days ago


Maybe she has a good reason for not liking her manager, whatever the reason is I haven't heard it yet.

2734 days ago

big joe    

let's all leave her alone back off.

2734 days ago
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