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"Idol" Ratings Down, Sanjaya to Blame?

4/6/2007 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Viewership of "American Idol" has slipped compared to last season, and each episode has been watched by less people than the one before it. Is the lack of talent, embodied by Internet fav Sanjaya Malakar, the cause? Or maybe, as the show's EP would have us believe, it's the sun's fault.
American Idol
Nielsen stats show that the Tuesday performance shows are down about 10 percent compared to last season (from roughly 31 million viewers to 28). This past Wednesday night's results episode, which saw tongue-studded shrieker Gina Glocksen get the boot, was the least watched episode of the season, according to TV Week.

Idols on vacation: Click to launch galleryBut if you ask "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe what is causing the problem, he'll blame daylight saving time, which started three weeks earlier this year. Ratings tend to dip every year whenever the time change kicks in. "Even if we lost 50 percent of our audience, we'd still be in the top three shows in the country," Lythgoe said at a press conference on Monday. It's good to be king.


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I enjoyed watching the show when there was actually talented people. Last season there was tremendous talent, and I watched every show feasible and even voted. I think the young man who does not have the talent is causing ratings to drop. I no longer watch because the individuals with some real talent are leaving while an individual with no talent continues to stay. He is a sweet young man who should have never made it to LA in the first place. I suppose everyone thought it would be entertaining, however, it has now backfired. The show is no longer about talent, it is about who can get the most votes for a boy who never should have made it in the first place.

2755 days ago

Esther Hoffman    

Ratings are down because it's a bad crop of singers. Case closed. There isn't anyone I think could be a serious star. I love Melinda, and find her to be the only one with real talent but could she survive in the real entertainment playground filled with Gwens and Beyonces? Doubt it.

2755 days ago


Here's a suggestion: Blake takes off his shirt.

2755 days ago


The show sucks this year period. . . and it's not Sanjaya's fault; He is at least causing people to talk about the show because there is NOTHING else to talk about; I have watched from the beginning and usually couldn't wait for the show every week, but now I could care less; there are always bad singers like Sanjaya on the show but this year they are ALL bad, including the ones that are good! That is why ratings are down. The judges should be blamed because they picked all these contestants. They need to stop looking for a "type" of pick the truly talented singers. I feel sorry for the contestants because its not their fault this is happening; I hope Jordin Sparks wins but truly there is no competition this year and its BORES ME TO TEARS. I also hate the "mentoring" from the celebrities; it is so obvious that they don't want to be a part of the show and are only there because they got a big check and then they come on the show itself and SUCK; (most of them anyway); I just hope AI producers learn a lesson from this year and pick better contestants next year; or I won't watch the show ever again---and I am not going to finish this year until maybe the finale (which I tape so I can fast forward through the crap).

2755 days ago


you know when you can't stand to look at some one let alone hear them sing. well i state my case . get him out of there now!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2755 days ago


This season is just not as good as the past ones. I just do not think the judges did as good of a job picking the top 12. Sanjaya is NOT the reason. I hate to break it to you, but he will get a record deal and will likely outsell some of the past Idol winners. The kid may not be awesome when it comes to singing, but he is not hideous (and if you think he is then blame Idol for letting him in the top 12). Sanjaya has got the younger crowd who are the ones buying and influencing the purchase of CD's and concert tickets. Teens and pre-teens dominate the sales in our recording industry and they think this guy is hot! Many adults would not go be the first in the store to get a new release from anyone, but these kids will! We will miss shows and not bother voting, but these kids will stand behind him and vote over and over week after week! Look at Zac Efron.....not exactly a pop superstar but when he sang in High School Musical the teens and pre-teens fell in love and now his face is available on everything and the kids are buying it right and left. Look at the current charts...singing is NOT what sells! Even Pickler knew what she had to do to have a shot in this industry! Looks will take you much farther in the recording industry than a good voice! The teens and pre-teens dump the money into the industry and they are going to get what they want and that is lots of their dreamy Sanjaya!!

2755 days ago


#57 All American Girl-

That is a great idea. Call for who you want gone. Because this year has turned into such a mess. While I agree that Sanjaya should have been gone long ago, I feel so bad for him facing all of this scrutiny at the young age of 16 or 17. He's just a kid that entered a singing contest.

2755 days ago


There is just no one to like this year, no one has a personality. They are all boring, even the ones who can sing. I think show is over, as all the people who are on it think they are automatic stars and don't try hard to win.

2755 days ago


And speaking of Kelly Clarkston... she is probably happy she disassociated herself from AI, its ridiculous that this kid is still in the competition.... I haven't watched since the second season, it went downhill after that as far as I'm concerned....

2755 days ago


First off, SANJAYA sucks! All the ones with talent are being sent packing while an IDIOT for an excuse of an entertainer is allowed to stay. We can't change that but we CAN choose whether to watch it or not. It has been said that Simon said if SANJAYA wins he is quitting the show. How can SANJAYA be so happy knowing that he is only still there because people think he is the WORST?! That would be way to embarrassing for me! Sick of Randy saying, "dawg pound, it was a bit pitchy and it was just "alright" for me". Basically I think this season will pretty much destroy Idols reputation for the general public and that is a shame because I really used to love it, now I watch just to vote for my favorite. Sad Sad Season for Idol!

2755 days ago


Hey one think the Judges always forget,


2755 days ago


Idol knows they have a bad year. Why do you think they are bringing in all the pros to mentor and sing on the result show? The contestants can't carry the show anymore. It's stopped being about the contestants and turned into promotion of singers who have albums coming out. I like Sanjaya and Jordin because they are what this show used to be about. Taking a raw talent and watching them grow.

2755 days ago

someone in cincinnati    

Sanjaya is a big part of the reason. I totally believe that he is still there because of Howard Stern's fan following. If you don't believe this you are disillusioned. I am a huge fan of AI but I have watched less and less of every show since he has remained every week. The show has become a joke. I'll admit that the contestants do leave a lot to be desired this year (no Chris Daughtry this year!) but the stupidity of Sanjaya remaining has made a mockery of the show. Blame it on the voting process. It's obvious that the most talented person doesn't win every year. Just look at Taylor Hicks beating out Chris Daughtry. Last year proved that. Chris is selling records like crazy and Taylor had to resort to going on Dr. Phil to basically beg for people to buy his record. It's insane. AI is losing its appeal because they just didn't pick the right contestants this year. And they certainly screwed up by advancing Sanjaya to Hollywood. Good lord! Enough already.

2755 days ago


I have always enjoyed the show...this year is a disappointment. I watch on Tuesdays, not on Wednedays. Until Sanyaja is gone I am not interested. Can't he step up to the situation and not let next weeks loser leave? He go home instead? I mean he knows that he has become a joke, right? I do believe that Howard Stern and his herd of sheep must have some impotence problems, why else would they get pleasure in ruining a show of any kind?

2755 days ago


Stern is a moron who is not happy unless he is jacking something up. I hope Idol squashes him like the maggot he is! Sanjaya will NEVER step up and be a man!

2755 days ago
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