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"Idol" Ratings Down, Sanjaya to Blame?

4/6/2007 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Viewership of "American Idol" has slipped compared to last season, and each episode has been watched by less people than the one before it. Is the lack of talent, embodied by Internet fav Sanjaya Malakar, the cause? Or maybe, as the show's EP would have us believe, it's the sun's fault.
American Idol
Nielsen stats show that the Tuesday performance shows are down about 10 percent compared to last season (from roughly 31 million viewers to 28). This past Wednesday night's results episode, which saw tongue-studded shrieker Gina Glocksen get the boot, was the least watched episode of the season, according to TV Week.

Idols on vacation: Click to launch galleryBut if you ask "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe what is causing the problem, he'll blame daylight saving time, which started three weeks earlier this year. Ratings tend to dip every year whenever the time change kicks in. "Even if we lost 50 percent of our audience, we'd still be in the top three shows in the country," Lythgoe said at a press conference on Monday. It's good to be king.


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I only tune in now to see if Sanjaya got booted! I loved Gina and she is much stronger than Haley. Love 4-5 of them and this fool is getting the play that they deserve

2757 days ago


Hye Oregon- I totally agree about that cute little blonde girl- I was so shocked when they booted her. They have done a poor job choosing finalists this year. Hopefully Jordin will win, she deserves to.

2757 days ago


If the ratings are lower now wait until sanjaya leaves! No one will watch anymore! And what will do to fill up their website pages? And what will the bashers and haters do with so much free time? I think the world will end!!!

2757 days ago


you got to get rid of Sanjaya man. what the hell? the judges should have the power to boot him out. it is not fair other taleneted contesters are getting booted off and sanjaya is still there. maybe american idol is loosing its credibility.
if one more talented person gets booted off and sanjaya, haley and the other bold untalented guy are still on, then I will stop watching the show too. the judges should have their word into sho gets booted off up until they are like 5 left.

2757 days ago

Diane from Long Island    

Daylight Savings Time? That's a joke. It's almost as funny as the show this season.

Last year, the judges put the best of the best through. This year they let talent go (mostly for flubbing the words in Hollywood week) and kept those who could remember. Isn't it funny, though, that there was no mention the week that Sanjiya forgot the words to the No Doubt song.

The public votes (or really doesn't this season), it's not Sanjiya's fault. But the judges do have to take some responsibility for the talent they chose this season. After last season, it's almost painful to watch.

2757 days ago


I have watched American Idol since it began, This year was the worst for talent, And while i'm sure Sanjaya is a nice enough kid, Watching him stay on as others with talent are taken off has turned me off of the show. I stopped watching it as of last week and have no desire to follow it any more.

2757 days ago


This is the WORST year ever for A.I. Who really cares who wins this year? Dancing with the Stars, ESPECIALLY APOLO, has my undivided attention.

AMERICAN IDOL HAS JUMPED THE SHARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2757 days ago


This is crazy we stop watching American Idol when Gina was kicked off it has nothing to do with the Idols it is the people voting i think they need to let judges vote. This show is not about talent anymore it is about looks. and Howard Stern is the Anti Christ can you beleive all those people that do everything he says i think Howard Stern needs to have an exorcism. He needs to leave all the other shows alone and stay out of there business. Just take the voting away from the people and we will have a good show again.

2757 days ago


It is not the change of time it is the bad singing. Why keep Sanjaya on and vote off the ones that can sing? It will be awful if people continue to play with the votes.
You know Sanjava can't sing and he doesn't look like Halle Berry that was a mistake to start that lie

2757 days ago

Pearly Whites    

Ratings are DOWN because:

1. Motley group.
2. Mediocre talent.
3. No beautiful, talented BLONDES.
4. Sanjaya actually increases ratings. (freak factor)
5. People don't CARE about any of them.
6. Forgettable.

Melinda SHOULD win for singing on key. (Can't LOOK at her, though.)
Jordin is VERY talented. (Is she really only 17? BIG girl.)
Haley has a lovely, sweet voice. (Legs.)
Lakeeeesha sang OFF key last week. (Unattractive, not as good as Mandesa was.)

Blake, I like him. (Not an opera singer, but, quirkily different and cute.)
Phil, uh, sorry, I mute the TV when he is on. (I cover my eyes, too.)
Chris is pretty good, sings in tune. (Teeny bopper looks.)
Oh, yeah. Sanjaya. Sings off key. (He did hit one note correctly last week, I heard it.)

Truthfully, I had to look up the guys bacause I could NOT remember them which is why I added #6 at the top!

2757 days ago


This is totally unfair to the other contestants -- I no longer watch AI.

2757 days ago


Yes! Sanjaya is to blame for me not watching.

Next year (if there is a next year) I hope the judges are more selective with who they send through. They can't be sending repulsive people on if they're not prepared to look at them week after week.

2757 days ago


None of the contestants have "the look" today that they will have if they win the title. Give Melinda a break -- she is darn good!!!

2756 days ago


We all know it's not Sanjaya's Fault . It's America They Voted!!! and they voted for all the wrong reasons because they liked them, because they hated them, because they wanted to get back a simon ! because they are of their same race. Not because they could sing!!!

2756 days ago


it bites this year. no one is interesting enough to bring me back each week. chris daughtry, taylor, katharine: last year's people forced me to watch even if I didn't want to. this year, I can barely even pick someone that I remotely "root" for. i don't know what's up with the vibe this season, but it's WAY off. I can't wait for it to end and for new people next year.

and p.s. the way they are exploiting this Sanjaya kid is shamless, pathetic and so blatant. it's sad that's the best this year has to offer because it's truly god awful.

2756 days ago
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