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Is There an L.C. Sex Tape?

4/6/2007 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren ConradLauren Conrad is denying she made a sex tape with one of her co-stars, but sources are telling TMZ a different tale.

A rep for tells TMZ that they were approached by a third party claiming to have the tape -- allegedly featuring Conrad with her "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" co-star Jason Wahler. The rep says the company offered $500,000 for the latest star skin flick -- sight unseen. reportedly called Wahler's manager and made him the same offer. According to the SugarDVD source, Wahler's manager would neither confirm nor deny the that there was a tape. News of the tape's possible existence was first reported by Perez Hilton.

Mike Esterman, who reps several "Laguna Beach" stars, confirmed to TMZ that he was contacted, but passed the offer on to Wahler's camp.

A rep from Vivid Entertainment, the company that just released the Kim Kardashian sex tape, tells TMZ his company has not been contacted, but would certainly consider making an offer.

Conrad fired back today with a blog on her website that reads, "Jason and I would like to make it clear that we did not make a tape with us having sex. Jason and I are both shocked and hurt that people would say such horrible things about us. I can't believe that somebody would go to such great lengths to try to damage my reputation."

Reps for Conrad could not be reached. We couldn't find Wahler.


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Honestly, I think that this may be Heidi and Spencer's way of getting revenge on LC. Those two are so stupid and conniving. Spencer is a creep and Heidi is an idiot for staying with him.

2754 days ago

tired of cry baby    

Jason is a loser, he is living off of daddy with out having the ability to earn his own income, so he is going to screw over someone close to him, real classy!!, maybe when he is in prison, he'll learn how to do laundry and make plates, and if karama comes true,he'll fine someone in prison that will screw him over!! hey jason meet bubba!!

2754 days ago


Looks like Spencer and Heidi are at it again.

2754 days ago


Having watched Lauren on all of the Hills episodes, I absolutely cannot believe she would consent to making a sex tape. She can be affectionate with guys (Brody Jenner), but it seems like she has her limits.

That said, Jailbird Jason Wahler had some kind of a hold on Lauren - and Jessica before her. It seemed they both were absolutely mesmerized by him and would do anything he wanted. I am sure he was one of those "do it or I will leave you" scum bags.

Anyway, I may have been fooled. Lauren seems like a nice young lady to me, and she has high ambitions. If you will look back through thr episodes. she is the only one who actually had a job, and it seems she was the only one (besides Heidi) who had a job after graduating and moving to LA....and going to school at the same time.

I am not going to be believing any of these rumors. I tend to agree with the writer who suggested that Spencer and Heidi ..... mainly Spencer.....are behind this. I think Spencer was interested in Lauren and despises her because she blew him off. She saw right through him, and he was pissed about that. Secondly, the next step in his plan was to pull Heidi completely away fro her best riend, Lauren. I honestly don't see that relationship lasting very long. In reality, Jessica was Laguna Beach's "fool" and Heidi has taken that part on The Hills.

My kids tell me I am too old to be watching MTV. LOLOLOL I only watch The Hills and thatis because of Lauren. I really like the person she is, and I hope I see good things ahead for her.

2754 days ago


I think everyone should leave lauren alone. i love her show. and im glad she got away from heidi!! and that weirdo she goes out with. doesant everyone see that he wants to have a camera on him all the time he is so ugly!! on the inside to. lauren is great not to be like these other girls out drinking every nite. she is working and being a young responsible adult. look at her other co stars from luguna beach!! theres always someone getting into trouble and on the news. leave lauren alone. she is a good soul!!! love maryellen from belmar n.j.

2754 days ago


I am sure she will be as boring in the tapes as she is on the show..I am surprised Daddy hasn't tried to buy them for her!!!!!!! Or Teen Vogue..Karma is a BITCH

2754 days ago


Oh are acting like she is an you remember when she went after Steven when he was Kristin's boyfriend??? She needs do something to hold on to a guy..(they really all seem to use or or be bored by her)...she was not nice to Kristin when she was dating Stephen C....LC remember ...What goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hpoe that this will be the last we hear of her!

2754 days ago


Okay, do you guys have a slow news day or are you guys just trying to keep up with the rumors? Lauren is NOT the kind of girl to make a sex tape. Lauren and her sister both said it was false but obviously you just as bad as Perez Hilton when it comes to this.

2754 days ago

another girl abused by Jason    

Jason's fake chritsian daddy who;s genetic defects probably encouraged him to set up LC with a tape she didn't know about. It is getting more known down here in Laguna that his whole family are a bunch of drug addicts and alcoholics and are more famous in rehabs than TV. Jason told me stories one night about his family that was hard to believe but now I am finding out they are as sick as rich.

2753 days ago


Dude if LC has beef curtains i am becoming a window cleaner

2753 days ago

Joe Nutter    

Lauren sex tape? Sure hope not. I'd look down at her.

2753 days ago


Even if there is a sex tape, it dosen't make her any less of an amazing person. It just means that the person the leaked the tape is jealous because she is everything they will never be.

2753 days ago


IF there is a tape, Spencer is probably behind it. The little weasel very easily could have planted a camera in her apartment and duheidi wouldn't have said boo about it. duheidi showed what a lousy friend she is so why would she protect LC by either saying no, or at the very least, telling LC about it.

Jason - he's a POS who needs to dry up. Literally. And if he is behind it, I hope LC goes after him big.

2752 days ago

nee nee    

Yeah like I hope if she has one it is put away somewhere!!! But seriously I like think if she does have one like it is nobodys business but her and her partner ,like couples do this in THE REAL WORLD all the time and no big deal. But i guess people try to tear down people who are doing good for themselves so in saying that I hope Lauren is right and there is none but in another case if so find or get it an get rid of it!!! There will always be someone in your world, trying to start some controversey!!

2752 days ago


You can't find Wahler for comment???Check the local jail!!!!

2751 days ago
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