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Stern's Girl Rocks On

4/8/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern's fiancée Beth Ostrosky waited a long time to get engaged to the shock jock, so she's flaunting her engagement ring big time. The model girlfriend and riotous radio host got engaged this past Valentine's Day, and Howard treated Beth to a beautiful 5.2-carat diamond ring.

According to OK! Magazine, Ostrosky's ring recently made a list of biggest celebrity engagement rings, coming in at #2, behind Rebecca Romijn's 6-carat sparkler, given to her by actor Jerry O'Connell.

When Ostrosky found out about her silver medal finish she joked to OK! staffers that she should have been given a first place standing because, "mine is worth more. Rebecca's ring is only a yellow diamond."


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2719 days ago


WHOA, HORSEY! despite her looks, why on earth would she wait for a long time for him?

at any rate, we will be hearing about the break up before, or shortly after the wedding.

rebecca might not have a yellow diamond, but she has LOOKS, AND JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is the winner, hands down!

2719 days ago


BIMBO all the way....

2719 days ago


She looks crossed eyed......

2719 days ago


# 13 hit it on the button!!! i was sadden to hear of his divorce & lost anykind of respect for him way back as he used to get on the air & talk with his wife & talked about his children.he seemed ok then but now YUCK!!!! he is only coming out trying to draw attention to himself because of all the media with howard k. stern.

2719 days ago


QUOTE #30"Beth is also not a gold digger. If she was, she would have demanded equal value in stock in lieu of the diamond. As most know, the market price of a diamond ring is only about 30% of what you paid for it. In fact, diamonds are fairly common - it's a well known scam that only a few are released each year to give the illusion of scarcity. They are quite common. (Look all this up if you don't believe me).

In summary, if Howard paid $1 million for the ring, Beth will be able to resell it for $300,000 "END QUOTE
You are obviously uneducated about the jewelry industry. In the size that we are discussing here, diamonds of gem quality are exceedingly rare, and the markup on the higher priced gems is exceedingly low. If Howard paid 650k for the ring, you can bet that they will be able to get 650k for it in 5 years' time, if not more. True gem quality diamonds are not what you can get at the mall, they are few and far between, and they hold their value far more than any other luxury item. 5 1/2 carat diamonds, even in lower qualities, like what's on most women's fingers, are still always able to command a premium, regardless of low color or inclusions, that size is almost unheard of in higher qualities, and has a VERY HIGH permanent value attached. Like most everything else, the wealthy get a better deal, overall.

2719 days ago


stern made her strip naked before he gave her the diamond. how disgusting of him. how disgusting of her to get naked because some guy tells you that is the only way you can have your valentine's gift.

2719 days ago

Bry Bry    

What a frickin snot she sounds like at the end of the artical. All rich chicks are low life chicks in my book.

2719 days ago


She looks like Chewbacca

2719 days ago


Forget the size of the ring---I just can't understand anyone wanting to spend their life with Howard Stern--he is so disgusting in every way.

2719 days ago


Scottitude--you're pathetic.

2719 days ago

Lenn K.    

#61 do you realize how much of suck ass that you are? I told you to get a life but I guess the only life that you have is on your knee sucking up to Howard. By the way, Howard is getting married so I guess you lose out. Maybe he'll spit on you when he walks by!!!

2719 days ago


FYI- Beth if you knew anything about Diamonds, you would know that a 6-Carat Yellow canary diamond is rare and therefore costs way more than any Tiffany white diamond you could have. Heidi Klum has a yellow diamonds. These diamonds are harder to find and more expensive. You're just jealous!! Rock envy...

2719 days ago

Linda Davis    

Money buys young ignorant girls, who don't wake up until it is too late & realize they gave up their youth, pseudo fame. H S is sickening & greasy. He has made satan dollars off females & will pay big time.

2719 days ago

Linda Davis    

Agreed anybody with any sense at all knows that a canary yellow diamond is way more expensive,just ask Elizabeth Taylor. (even tho she sells White Diamonds, she buys yellow ones.)

2719 days ago
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