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Brandy's Got No "Talent"

4/9/2007 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandy and Sharon OsbourneTMZ has learned that Brandy has been replaced by Sharon Osbourne as a judge on the upcoming season of "America's Got Talent."

While rumors have swirled that Osbourne was in talks with NBC, a well-placed source tells TMZ that the embattled R&B star is officially out -- and the rock and roll chatter queen is in. There was wide speculation over Brandy's role on the talent show following her involvement in a December freeway crash that claimed a woman's life. The City Attorney has yet to file charges against the "Moesha" star.

Previously, NBC announced that Jerry Springer would take over for Regis Philbin as the show's host. Regis is recuperating from bypass surgery.

A rep for "America's Got Talent," could not be reached.


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I think the producers of America's Got Talent did the right thing by removing Brandy. Sharon Osbourne's a good choice. She's very outspoken. Though she can get crazy, like she did on her short lived talk show, she's impressed me a lot the past 4-5 years. As for Brandy, I didn't think she would continue. That accident is which she's accused of is too weighty an issue for those TV people. I'll still support Brandy with her music, TV and movie projects.

2717 days ago

Only in    

Many unanswered questions that day on the 405.What was Brandy's frame of mind and what was she thinking just before the crash that killed that innocent woman. A accident most times is preventable,keeping your distance and being alert to your surroundings will keep you out of trouble most times.. As the DA I would be searching into the events that lead up to the crash. #1 Did she notice brake lights in front of her which signals a driver to slow down,if so at what distance did she apply her brakes, if any? #2 Was she on her cell phone while driving? #3 Was she texting on her blackberry while driving? #4 Was she eating while driving? #5 Was she drinking something while driving? #6 Was she putting on make-up while driving? #7 Was she adjusting her I-pod while driving. #8 Was she distracted looking into the rear view mirror while driving. The District Atty will be looking into these and many more possible violations. If any of these violations are found to be the reason for the crash,Brandy could face Manslaughter charges. Ohh.. this is so serious.

2717 days ago


#35 Justice

You seem very angry. I agree that his is a serious situation. However, to call someone a murderer and automatically demand the death penalty is outrageous. Was it intentional or utterly reckless behavior that caused the fatal crash? I've seen no evidence to indicate that.

Should Brandy have to pay? We carry insurance for accidents, and I'm confident her carrier has already offered the limits (which are probably high). And should she have to contribute to the settlement. Yes, I think she should because there is a mother who died and left her children and family and Brandy is finanically able to do so. And I know this won't bring the lady back, but no one can bring her back.

The question with regard to criminal charges is a different arena. And law enforcement must decide whether Brandy's action warrant charges.

I have driven for a number of years, and I have never caused an accident. I have only had two speeding tickets in 20 years. So I'm considered a safe driver. If I caused an accident (and that is possible), should I be sent to prison? If it was truly an accident and I was not under the influence or driving recklessly? "Justice" aren't you capable of making a mistake or accident or are you incapable? Hmmm.

2717 days ago


Sharon is a much better addition then Brandy she was so freakin' annoying last year!! 2nd the show sucked (hello Hasselhoff is on it) and 3rd Brandy killed someone people, a person is dead because she was yapping on a cell phone driving over the limit. If you or I did this we would be seeing jail time for reckless vehiclular manslaughter. Losing her "job" should be the last thing we are concerned about. Make an example of her and maybe more people will understand the dangers of being on a cell phone, speeding.

2717 days ago


The show is going to suck now! havent they heard "if it aint broke, dont fix it" ?

2717 days ago

Only in    

Judgment day is coming real soon, isn't that right Moranda?

2715 days ago


Brandy is a no-talent hack! I'm glad she's out. Sharon Osbourne may not be the best selection but anyone's better than Brandy.

2713 days ago


If it wasn't an accident , then it was intentional. Now how silly does that sound.? And Mr. Poppa, be careful living in that glass house. Someone's probably looking at you and saying the same thing or worst.

2713 days ago

aubrey crosby 3rd    

If brandy is not on america's got telent i will not be looking at it because sharon osbourne do not hav a life,and brandy is the best judge on the show.

2710 days ago
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