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Birkhead and Stern Hug it Out

4/10/2007 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a remarkable twist, the onetime arch rivals Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead hugged each other outside the courtroom.

Before hugging, Stern said Birkhead was welcome to come to the house and spend as much time with baby Dannielynn as he wanted.


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diana c    

ALRIGHT LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got chills sooooooooo happy for you and Danielyn!!!!!!!!!! Way to go I always knew she was yours.. Diana Currier

2752 days ago


The shame of this chapter, is that it didn't have to happen. Howard and Anna knew that Larry was the Father, and the whole thing was a sham. NOW Howard, is being magnanomous! He could have saved everyone this debaucle, and stage show.

2752 days ago


39. I know everyone thinks Howard Stern is this awful person, but people lets give the poor guy a break~He has lost everyone that he was closest to~~He lost Daniel, Anna and now biological or not his daughter~~I just pray that he stays a part of her life and doesn't let the negative energy get to him!!~~His world has been turned upside down in less then a year~~I think now everyone should leave him alone and let him mourn like he should've been allowed to~~I'll be praying for everyone involved in this mess!!~~~~

Posted at 4:05PM on Apr 10th 2007 by Bitter Sweet
kiss our collective asses he lost his cash cow BY HIS OWN HANDS and drugs and now you want us to feel sorry for that slimy asshole???? get real

2752 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

How soon before Daniellyn dies of a methadone OD?

2752 days ago


Howard perjured himself in court in Fla.
When he said that he was the biological father.
He knew that was a lie. He also lied when he said that
ans had not taken methadone in the last 5 months of her life.
Giving up the baby when all appeals and blocks had run out
He had no choice.

2752 days ago


Now be for real! HKS had no choice at this point but to give in and give up. He did not think that the Bahamas was going to do a DNA. I agree with him working with LB to ensure that Virgie does not get custody, but moving to the Bahamas and everything else was an evil planned all based on $$$....I am happy for LB, because that beautiful baby will have a real father in her life. He has been honest from the beginning and has been called everything in the book that is not good, when the culprit were the other people. HKS called us the devil and crazy at first, but where are they now. Larry get your beautiful daughter who looks just like you! You GO Daddy GO!

2752 days ago


Howard/Larry - this couple will make it!

2752 days ago


Yes I am so so happy for Larry Birkhead it is ashame that Anna and him could not have been together....

2752 days ago

A mommy of a little girl    

Way to go Larry...Your a good seed planter.....To bad Howard couldnt lie about the DNA test.....he lies about everthing else...Take care of her and raise her out of the spotlight......congrats

2752 days ago

searching for truth    

38. If Howard were a real man and had the best interest of the baby at heart, he would not have spent 7 months denying Larry the chance to prove that he is the dad. Howard knew he was lying every time he said that he was the father and caused the baby to loose 7 months of bonding with her real dad. That is not how a real man acts. He is a coward and a money-grubbing jerk. He cares not one thing about this child.

Posted at 4:05PM on Apr 10th 2007 by nancyk

I agree - Howard acted very selfishly and in his own best interests. A nice speech does not repair the damage he has done during the past few months. He knew he was not the father. If not for the Bahamas courts, Howard would have denied Larry his daughter forever.

2752 days ago


Who said Howard is a man!!!

He fed that baby drugs while Anna was pregnant, now all of a sudden he cares about the transition!!!!!!!!! HOW FUNNY!!!! I can't take ignorant comments of people who have no idea how this Howard harmed this baby while Anna was pregnant, Larry tried to protect the baby, and Howard swayed this drug addict Anna to go to the Bahamas so she could continue to poisen this baby indirectly

2752 days ago


I appreciated Stern's behavior after the results. I don't know his motivations, and don't feel it is my place to guess as to what they may be, but he is doing the right thing for that little girl. Regardless of his motivations, that little girl is going home where she belongs!

2752 days ago


This is great for Larry and Dannilyn. I think Howard did a great job babysitting . Geez I thought for a moment there he really did care for Anna and Dannilyn. Hope the rest of this (show) turns out favourable. Posted by L. Marshall

2752 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Classy guys!

Did anyone else notice that Larry seemed to have eyebrow pencil on? His eyebrows were very dark in comparison to other appearances and photos.

2752 days ago


Stern is a good man!!!!

2752 days ago
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