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Did Don's "Ho" Remark Screw Wife Deirdre's Book?

4/10/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today was supposed to be a big day for Don Imus' wife Deirdre: Her first book about her pet cause -- environmentally safe cleaning -- comes out today. But now that her husband's racist remark is burning up the airwaves, could her promo tour for "Greening Your Cleaning," which includes high-profile appearances on "The View" and Martha Stewart's show, go up in toxic vapors?

A source tells TMZ that Don was supposed to appear on "The View" with Deirdre next Monday, but a "View" rep says that he won't be on the show with her (though he declined to say whether Don's appearance was scheduled). No word yet on whether the Martha Stewart booking still stands, and several bookstores where Deirdre is meant to appear tell us that there's no change of plans.

Despite his two-week suspension from CBS Radio which was announced this morning, Imus will still be able to broadcast for a charity fundraiser this Thursday and Friday, where his wife is supposed to appear to hawk her book.


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What is the difference from what Don said and what Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey says during thier radio shows. They are constantly down grading white people and making racist remarks. What makes what they say Okay and what Don Imus says Not Okay????????Aren't they all in the wrong. If it is a national thing I think they should all be held accountable.

2697 days ago


This is to be expected but one wonders when is the last time Mrs. Imus cleaned her house let alone preach to others about what products to use? This is not a book too many people will care about anyway. Also the public and Don Imus should be asking Al Sharpton to apologize for the many racist things he has done, like the Tayana Brawley mess, but no he gets a free pass and loves to condemn others. The same is true of Reverand Jackson who has a few skeletons in his closet as well.

2697 days ago

fair is fair    

Did the Reverend Al Sharpton, that paragon of virtue ever aplogize for his part in the Tawana Brawley case in addition to apy the judgement against him, or did The Reverend Jesse Jackson apologize for the child he had out of wedlock while he was "happily" married to another woman. "Let he without sin cast the first stone"

2696 days ago

Dean of OK    

I've been a big fan of the Imus Show; however, there have been aspects that I've disapproved of but overlooked, i.e., the comedy skits, the making fun of people's appearances, the criticism of the people on the Today show, the total disregard for people's feelings when making negative remarks about them. I've loved the guests from the politicians to the editors, commentators, etc. I know now that it is time for this type of treatment of others to be stopped. I think he thought he was untouchable and he nearly was. We all let him get by with it.

2696 days ago

kaare host    

I'll tell you one thing, guys: Santa Claus better watch his greetings next Christmas!

2696 days ago


Don Imus was a big enough man to apologize.

Will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be big enough men to apologize to these innocent Duke boys for the false accusations and presumptions they stirred up in Durham, NC?

Don't hold your breath!!

African Americans are just way too sensitive. They always want excessive punishment for any misdeeds towards the black community by white celebrity offenders.

On the other hand, white americans in this country are too tolerant when black celebrities make missteps in our society

His tv show in the morning was informative and entertaining, and I'll miss it.


2696 days ago


I think Don hurt his wife book show and family around him. I think that he made a remark in a time a white person should be careful. Anyone for that matter. As a professonal he should have known better. He just screwed himself over and his wife. Another thought is Imus and his wife helping ethic kids to feel better about themselves. Again, I might be wrong. Jsut to feel better about themselves they help ethic kids and use that as a front. Just like every rich person there who uses people as a PR. There is a hospital in San Francisco who uses eithic kids when they need a brown face. I know I'm not wrong about this situation. Just making a point as to what rich white people do and treat people.

2695 days ago


Imus is an fool. He didn't even finish high school but he's out there insulting college educated women. Only in America does a man who is as stupid and uneducated as Imus gets a beautiful, 25 years younger wife and a job on the airwaves and people think that's something to aspire to. Ever notice how all these big mouthed idiots on the air are uneducated boobs who stay on the airwaves because they cause controversy? I know I'm going to hear if for this one but..... ever notice they are always men? Believe me I'm not a man-hater, quite the opposite, but what's up with that?! (Of course on the female side you can't overlook Rosie who is always saying something insulting or stupid) Who is listening to these shows? Who is giving Imus, Howard Stern, and Rush the time of day? Come on men and women listeners of America, demand more from these people! I wonder if people listen to them because there isn't much else out there that grabs your attention. Can't someone come up with a decent radio show that people want to listen to that doesn't insult people and is entertaining? I listen to Car Talk on NPR and I know nothing about cars but I laugh every time I hear those guys and they never offend anyone. Shows like Prairie Home Companion I guess are too "square" for daily listening because they don't insult people or say things that shock everyone. I think Americans deserve more.
Thanks for reading my comments!

2694 days ago

Linda R    

If you believe the firing of Don Imus was about race ask yourself the following:

1. - Why Don Imus? There are many shock jocks, rappers, etc far more offensive than Don Imus so why single out Imus?

2. - Why Now? You can't say because he crossed the line, Don Imus has been crossing the line for more than 30 years and often to a greater degress than this.

3. - Why Kill the Cash Cow? - Controversy does not turn off the type of people that listen to this type of material. Just like Hollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

4. - Corporate America developed a Social Conscience? - Only possible if you believe in the "Enlightenment Fairy?"

5. - Why did the ntetwork people invite Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to wiegh in on this issue? That makes as much sence as a bank robber going home after a heist and call 911 to ask their opinion on whether it was an armed robbery because he held a gun on the teller.

Anyone who has followed the Imus show knows that Deidre Imus has become a more frequent and outspoken guest on Don's show. Do you think it is a co-incidence that Don Imus' firing came within two weeks of Diedre's appearance on the Today Show promoting her new book on cleaning product that you make out of ordinary household products that are not only inexpensive but free of toxins that are dangerous to your health. Deidre's rebuttal to the industry's statement that these products have been proven safe was unequivical, just not true she said. I had two thoughts at the time: 1. This woman has cast-iron gonads! - 2. There is going to be fallout! Take a look at a list of the sponcors and tell me this is all coincidence.
The cleaning industry's statements that the ingredients in their products are safe is the 21st century equivalency to the tobacco industry touting there is no scientific evidence that smoking is injurous to your health.
I am not alone in this stance, needless to say, however, it's pretty difficult to get any time on the airwaves. Instead of " a word from our sponcors." it's "..NOT A WORD" say the sponcors.

2687 days ago
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